The Living Path

The Living Path


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All of life is a path. The path we walk is based on our thoughts, beliefs, expectations and the stories we tell. Get ideas for your spiritual toolkit.

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This show is not about physical sight, but about spiritual insight. Last week we used the visioning process to gain clarity about what we want and what we need to do, be, become and release in order to facilitate that vision. This... more

Today we will talk about how we find our way out of the shell that confines us to the Way Things Are to grow into the magnificence of How Things Can Be. We'll learn techniques for pushing through as we grow, affirmations to tell... more

Today we'll talk more about change, new growth, the cycle and circle of life and how we can more gracefully go with the flow. We'll do a meditation on accepting the cycle of flow into your life and learning from your journey. You'll leave this... more

Today we'll learn about that place we call the growing edge -- that place that sometimes looks like the edge of a cliff! We'll talk about some techniques to lead you to your next great expression with courage, willingness and grace.... more

Today we'll talk about change -- going with the flow, not going with the flow, opening to change and weathering change. We will also do a meditation during the show to help you deal with change in your life -- changes you want to see,... more

Today we'll learn about the power of three deep breaths, and how our breath can lead us to a place of powerful stillness. Meditation doesn't have to be in a cold place on a hard cushion. Meditation can be in your car at the stoplight, at the... more