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On March 2, 2008, while his Mother was serving; Jamiel Shaw ll (17), was executed by an illegal alien gangbanger negligently released from jail on March 1, 2008! Jamiel was just 17 years young & a Football Super-Star when he was gunned down. According to LA County Sheriff Baca, shot callers from jail give orders to illegal alien gangs too kill black males. The evidence at trial proved that Jamiel, (known to family as "Jas"; to friends as Jamiel & to teammates as "Wilshire"), was executed because of the color of his skin & the color of his Spiderman backpack. Jas was a Junior at Los Angeles High School & already being looked at by Rutgers, Stanford & other Universities. The American Dream came to a tragic end for Jas. He was gunned down three doors from his home and left for dead. Jas had just hung up the phone, ("be right home Dad, I'm right around the corner") & was talking on the phone with his girlfriend when he was shot in the stomach. The killer walked around Jas & shot him in the head. According to the Coroner, Jas was on the ground wounded from the gun shot to his stomach & his hands were covering his head; when the killer shot him in the head. The illegal alien charged with his execution was in Custody in November, 2007 on prior gun charges. He was Released BACK into the community on March 1, 2008 (a Saturday Night) & Executed Jas on March 2, 2008. He Reported to his Parole Officer on March 3, 2008, as if nothing happened. The trial finally started April 24, 2012. He was found Guilty May 9, 2012. The Jury recommended the Death Penalty on May 23, 2012 & The Judge upheld the Jury's recommendation. He was sentenced to death on November 2, 2012. Jamiel's Mother is a Sergeant in the Army & is currently serving in Texas. She attended the trial everyday in uniform. Jamiel's Law was written by Lawyer, Walter Moore. Jamiel's Law will Deport illegal alien gangs.
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