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Jamiel's Law in 2011 #30 - Earl Jordan, Partners In Struggle

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Jamiels Law

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Thank you for visiting!  Jamiel's Law targets illegal alien gangs.  This week we have Mr. Earl Jordan joining us.  Earl Jordan is the Founder, President and CEO of Partners In The Struggle Inc., organization located in Nashville, Tennessee.  His organization speaks out against the murders and gun-violence in Nashville, Tennessee and nationally.  Partners In The Struggle is also a support mechanism for murdered loved ones families as well.  When Jas was murdered, Earl was one of the first people to reach out to our family with love, understanding and support!   He will give the Jamiel's Law audience firsthand information on the situation in Nashville.  We will also discuss the impact on illegal immigration and our Soldiers who lost their lives protecting America.  If you can, tune in.

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