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Jamiels Law

JamielsLaw-Deport gangs in USA illegally


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On March 2, 2008, while his Mother was serving overseas, Jamiel "Jas" Shaw II (17), was killed by a gangbanger in USA illegally. Jas was just 17 years young & a Football Super-Star when his life was taken. According to Former LA County Sheriff Baca, jas was murdered because he was black. Jas (known to classmates as Jamiel & to teammates as "Wilshire"), was a Junior at Los Angeles High School & was already being looked at by Rutgers, Stanford & other Universities. Jas lost his life just three doors from his home. Jamiel's Law was written in 2008 by former mayoral candidate Walter Moore. Jamiel's Law is supported by Americans all across the country and all around the world. Jamiel's Law is a bipartisan law. It is supported by democrats and republican politicians in the USA. We are supported by some law enforcement, some Military and many people of all races. For detailed information about what happened to Jas: http://tinyurl.com/jmc6kas; https://youtu.be/f8nAveziGKY and at www.JamielsLaw.com. Thank you for supporting us. God bless you, God Bless us and God Bless the United States of America!!

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I though the Republicans were going to grow a pai

Why are we putting up with our elected officals not representing us properly. We must vote them out. They are the reasons Black men are not working in Los Angeles. It is time for those illegal alien loving a holes to do what we want!

This is America, there should not be any illegal alien gangs in this. How did this happen? who is to blame? The left wing nut jobs that's who!

Why are acting like we are not in charge. Pass Immigration Bills, stop sanctuary cities and build the Damn wall

Robert Sticht was in court vs. the Federal Government, he will tell us what happened

Illegal alien dreamer with three gun charges murdered my son one day out of the county jail. People defend dreamers everyday but do they support the bad hombres too!

Illegal alien gangbanger on his third gun charge was released from the LA county jail instead of calling ICE!

Illegal alien on his third gun charge and in the Gang Database. Murdered my Son. He was three time MVP in Football and All City, he was a documented Athlete.

An Illegal alien with three gun charges is released from the county jail instead of calling ICE. He murdered Jamiel Shaw II the same damn day he got out.

Jamiel Shaw II was murdered by a Dreamer with three gun charges, and gang banging. No one called ICE, released him and the same day he got out he murdered my Son.
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