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Welcome. We have been on sabbatical, brewing up luscious new things ~ including fab new shows (coming soon). For now, stoke your Mojo with the inspiring shows in the archives here, Jamie's Sophia's Children blog, and the Feminine Mojo Mystery School audio program collection at Ivy Sea Online (www.ivysea.com) ~ find the links right here on the Feminine Mojo Show page. We're in a time of a great shift in consciousness, and we're called to reclaim and embody the re-emerging Feminine. On the Feminine Mojo Show, we explore topics such as the re-emerging Feminine, Goddess archetypes and symbolism, intuition and energy management, sacred relationship, conscious communication, women as 'energy alchemists', and more. To learn more about Jamie, host of the Feminine Mojo Show and creatrix & founder of Ivy Sea, Sophia's Children, and The Academy of the Divine Feminine, visit her award-winning web site, Ivy Sea Online at http://www.ivysea.com.

On-Demand Episodes

SHOW TIME: February 21, 2010 - 1:00 p.m. EST Can something that happened in a past life (or an ancestor's life) surface in this life? Can your dreams offer insight and healing for past life traumas -- and the recovery of the lost and... more

Kindred spirit Laura Bruno joins Jamie for a conversation on some of their favorite topics: Energy, Psychic (& Energy) Vampires (Oh My!), intuition, the magic and synchronicity of Life, and other such Mysteries. If you're an empath or... more

Transformation. Change. Uncertainty. Heightened sensitivity. And let's not forget the fear that gets stirred up! If this sounds familiar, you'll want to listen in on this Feminine Mojo Show. Join Jamie and Katrina Martin Davenport (aka Katrina... more

Many of us have been called to a very different way of being and living in the world -- a way that is in sharp contrast to the way we lived and worked for a long time. Katrina Martin Davenport joins Jamie in conversation about this path of... more

Carla Sanders joins Jamie for a spirited conversation about orgasmic alchemy, prosperity, sensuality, womb wisdom, and Sacred Second Chakra Mojo as Jamie calls it. What do a troubled relationship and lack of money have to do with one... more

Hari Bhajan of Catalyst Yogi joins Jamie on The Feminine Mojo Show (11/2/11 at 2:00 p.m. Eastern) to share a spiritual (and quite practical!) perspective on 2012, the shift from the Piscean age to the Age of Aquarius, the emerging Divine... more

Shonagh Home joins Jamie on the Feminine Mojo Show (9/21/11) for what's sure to be an inspired, Shakti-full conversation about the path of the Divine Feminine, energy & shamanic work, and Ix Chel Mother Goddess Mysteries and teachings... more

Jeannie Zandi joins Jamie for an indepth conversation about the Wild & Sacred Feminine, Living as Love, journeying the Dark Night of the Soul, and sweet surrender into the great Unknown. Yee ha! Jeannie is a revolutionary of the... more

John Lamb Lash returns to the Feminine Mojo Show to continue with some of the most popular Feminine Mojo Shows so far - the Sophia Series dialogues with FeMojo Show host, Jamie Walters. This segment picks up where the previous... more

Join Jamie for another inspired dialogue with Melissa Gayle West, as they delve into these times of radical-transformation and initiation. So many people are affected by the world-events and large-scale archetypal changes underway, yet... more