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Hodgepodge Horizon is a combination of the host's last name and the title of his novel WAR OF THE HORIZON. His main goal with this show is to bring out a perspective on a 'hodgepodge' of subjects while connecting the horizon between the known and unknown. You'll wanna stay tuned to the in-depth analysis of many things that will be discussed from a balanced Biblical and relevant standpoint.

On-Demand Episodes

James Hodges gives his take on the tragedy surrounding the attempted assassination of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. Some interesting facts and perspectives will be shared that is not reported on the mainstream media.... more

James S. Hodges shares an eye-opening account of how history is repeating itself in America. You don't want to miss this informative and controversial episode. Live chat and taking phone calls!

James is at it again dealing with recent breaking stories in the news. He will give his insights behind the stories of Atheists/Agnostics knowing more about religion than religious people according to a survey. Also President Obama's comments... more

This is a continuation of Biblical analysis concerning addictions. Part 1 is already available in the archives. Live chat and taking your phone calls.

This is a continuation of this topic. James touched on the subject of Schizophrenia in the first part and will give an in-depth Biblical analysis of this 'illness.' Live chat and taking your phone calls.

Hodges will be interviewing, Lea, from Calgary Alberta, Canada. Lea is a new born-again Christian and will be sharing her testimony and asking James any questions that are most likely on the minds of new converts today. Join us at... more

Hodges will discuss the Biblical relevance of the emotional/mental disorders of our day. He will expose that there were people in the Bible who would be diagnosed today as Bipolar and Schizophrenic due to some behavior patterns... more

We'll be discussing the root of all addictions. An in-depth analysis you don't wanna miss! Live chat and taking your phone calls.

In-depth analysis that will clarify what is going on in today's news events. James S. Hodges has a shocking update on something he hasn't seen reported involving the upcoming elections in November and more. You don't have to like politics... more

James S. Hodges will give the Biblical foundation of dreams. He will discuss three basic categories our dreams fall under revealed to us in the Scriptures. This will exalt the truth of God's Word over misconceptions and falsehoods of psychics.... more