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Author and radio personality, James L. Paris, discusses news, politics, Bible prophecy, UFOs, conspiracy theories, survival and preparedness, and a wide array of Christian financial issues. Paris' popular books are Executive Order 11110 - Did The Fed Kill JFK, How To Pray For A Financial Miracle, And Exposing The Ponzi Masters.

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http://www.christianmoney.com On this episode Jim discusses the federal court ruling that makes carrying a gun in the nation's capital now legal. Why did Amazon stock plummet and Facbook stock skyrocket this week? One man... more

http://www.christianmoney.com Author Matthew Stein joins Jim Paris Live to discuss his book, When Technology Fails. Stein shares the real life consequences of an extended power outage, including the loss of cell phones, Internet... more

http://www.christianmoney.com On this episode Jim shares the amazing story of the 'Cool Cooler' and how one man raised $6.5 million for his idea using Kickstarter. The backstory on how the conservative media foiled the plans for a... more

http://www.christianmoney.com Dan Pilla joins JIm Paris live to discuss how to resolve IRS problems. Dan shares details strategies on how to make a settlement with the IRS, qualify for a payment plan on old taxes, offers in compromise,... more

http://www.christianmoney.com On this episode Jim discusses the wave of illegal immigrant children and the conservative backlash from Glenn Beck's 'welcome wagon' approach. Trump Plaza Casino to go out of business? Lyft halts plans to... more

http://www.christianmoney.com How to get student loan forgiveness by working for a non-profit for ten years. Income based repayment options and other strategies for lowering your student loan payment or even getting your student... more

http://www.christianmoney.com On this episode, Jim Paris discussing the following topics - Elton John says that Jesus would have approved of gay marriage, venture capitalist Tim Draper buys $18 million in Bitcoins from U.S. Marshall auction,... more

http://www.christianmoney.com On this episode Jim discusses the strange discovery of what some believe to be an underwater alien base near Malibu, CA. Elton John says Jesus would have approved of gay marriage. The top 10 best... more

http://www.christianmoney.com Ty Bollinger, author of Cancer Step Outside The Box, joins Jim Live. on this episode alternative treatments to cancer were explored. Also, what measures can be taken to lower the chances of getting... more

Full transcript available here: http://christianmoney.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/show2hour2.pdf Barrie Schwortz, one of the original members of the team tasked with analyzing and... more