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Join James as he discusses Remote Viewing, Psychic Abilities, Relationships, Politics, Racial Issues, Family, Ancient Aliens, UFOs, video games, fast food, travel and anything else that floats his boat!

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Today's topic! Whatever I want

This show will cover some of the basics of Zionism. Please watch these two videos, preferably before the broadcast tonight. I will be taking calls tonight as well. I'd like to... more

An discourse about my development as a psychic and my awakening to the social, relgious and political reality that threatens to completely destroy the United States of America.

What is Cosmic Consciousness and why should we bother to pursue it? What benefits, if any, does it have? Tune in to hear James talk about this important, but often neglected phase of psychic development.

Join James and his special co-host Bella Magnolia, as they discuss the morally bankrupt career of one of the greatest psychic frauds in history: Sylvia Browne a.ka. Sylvia Celeste Shoemaker. Her career was marked by... more

Celibacy, in modern America, is a touchy and almost taboo, subject. However it's significance in the occult sciences has been acknowledged for Millenia. How does celibacy affect psychic abilities, higher states of consciousness and our ability to... more

Join James and his special guest host, Bella, for a show about Kitchen Witchery and how to create harmony in your home this holiday season! Bella and James will also touch on other topics of metaphysical interest. They will also be doing... more

Join James and his guest Bella to talk about Life Path Coaching, energy work, past life regression and soul contracts! Bella is a Tarot reader with three decades of experience, gifted Medium and Animal Communicator since childhood.... more

Join my guest Starr Scarpino as we discuss Psychic Protection and Energy Vampries! Starr is a Reiki Master, Medium and Clarivoyant. We will not only discuss psychic protection techniques but also be giving free mini-readings in the... more

Have you ever wondered where your loved ones go and what they might have to say after they leave life on Earth? Have you wanted validtation that a loved one continues to thrive in another realm? Gifted Artist, Psychic Medium and Grand... more