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I love serving the Lord Jesus Christ-Yeshua Messiah, first and foremost and desire to be His servant. I enjoy studying the scriptures as it relates to history as well as current events and affairs be it politics,religion,business, etc. I find these things interesting as the scriptures revealed these times beforehand. It is my desire through these same scriptures that I enjoy studying to live holy,righteously and godly, for this is the purpose of God's word for our salvation. Though challenging in this day and time I accept the challenge w/ JOY and PEACE and intend on being victorious in FAITH by the GRACE of God through JESUS CHRIST-YESHUA MESSIAH!!!

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Studying God's Word in Spirit and in Truth.
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Studying God's Word in Spirit and in Truth.

Studying God's Word in Spirit and in Truth.

Biblical prophecy that interprets itself to continue to unveil the mystery of the beast as evidenced by such a nations actions. Politicians are nothing more than highly skilled liars for selfish gain

Deuteronomy 18:9-12. Biblical teaching against this paganist holiday. The celebration and sport of death and violence is nothing to mock, entertain or play with. Too many "real" victims of senseless acts of violence.

The lies of our government leaders that kill and destroy people.

Lies, the companion and counterpart to the violence in this civilized corruption.

Money a source of fuel for civilized corruption.

Corruption and violence plagues the earth just like in days of Noah.

Corrupt leader, police brutality, wars and warmongers; terrorist etc.

The life of Jesus Christ (Yeshua Messiah) as prophesied in the Old Testament hundreds of before being fulfilled in the New Testament