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james jordan

james jordan


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I love serving the Lord Jesus Christ-Yeshua Messiah, first and foremost and desire to be His servant. I enjoy studying the scriptures as it relates to history as well as current events and affairs be it politics,religion,business, etc. I find these things interesting as the scriptures revealed these times beforehand. It is my desire through these same scriptures that I enjoy studying to live holy,righteously and godly, for this is the purpose of God's word for our salvation. Though challenging in this day and time I accept the challenge w/ JOY and PEACE and intend on being victorious in FAITH by the GRACE of God through JESUS CHRIST-YESHUA MESSIAH!!!

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TOPIC: 1. Who opened the floodgate to lawlessness? 2. Free to know better 3. What religion I would choose if i was a religious person? 4. If you want good health, retirement, savings etc., then you want to be in Yeshua Messiah's... more

TOPIC: 1. We will Get REST 2. Satan is busy BUT God has said IT IS FINISHED 3. Be encouraged during these hard times. 4. God is able to make this alright(all right). 5. Don't despair because the prosperity of the wicked. 6. Endure until the... more

TOPIC: 1. The idea of freedom 2. Independence(who? what?) 3. America founding fathers. 4. Using your liberty(freedom) 5. Your constitutional rights. 6. Where the spirit of The Lord is there is liberty 7. Those who promise you liberty.... more

TOPIC: 1. The supreme court drunkards decision no surprise. 2. Of one blood God made all nations. 3. Woe to them that call evil good and good evil. 4. Woe to them that justify the wicked for reward. 5. Babylon symbolic of America. 6.... more

TOPICS: 1. A people with psychological disorder sickened by sin. 2. The imminent judgment of God against the gentiles. 3. Church shooting in South Carolina-hate crime or terrorist act 4. Albert Pike statue in the nation's capitol-Washington... more

TOPICS: 1. Men in high places troubling the world 2. The kingdom of heaven suffers violence-Matt 11:12 3. The definition of a conqueror 4. Conquerors use violence to get what they want 5. Founding fathers of America were conquerors... more

TOPICS: 1. Who shall separate us from God? 2. Men in high places ruling the world are ruining this world. 3. Making a mess of this world. 4. Sinful people make wicked leaders strong. 5. Begging, marching, crying, protesting to the god of... more

TOPICS 1. God's word said it would be this way-Isaiah 55:11. 2. Many powerful men have died but God's word is still living-Heb.4:12 3. Making sense of all this world's madness-Psalms 73:17 4. The reason America is a reckless... more

TOPICS: 1. Our goal should be to be saved when The Lord Yeshua The Messiah-Jesus Christ return. 2. America is a good "idea" but a bad reality. The wicked can't make good out of evil. 3. Violence and hatred(racism) is more... more

TOPICS: 1. Psalms 107 2. As Joshua had spoken to the children of Israel so may it be with us to "be strong and of good courage"-(Joshua 10:25) 3. Acknowledging times are hard but our God is faithful. 4. God will fight our enemies...even the... more