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Discussion about the current affairs, crisis, entertainment and poltics thats goin on around us

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If you saw the Rage of Solange towards Jay Z on the elevator you'll be thinking just like the rest of the world... Why the hell is she attacking him in such a manner? Clearly her rage is not that of a Sister in Law... Was that the rage of a... more

How do you feel about same sex couples? How does it look to the public? How does it affect the children? Is it socially accepted today? Listen to the show and hear the public opinion about it and hear how the Host gives his insight about... more

Unprotected Sex is very popular today so say statistics ... Good Sex is addictive --- and diseases are rampant! Why are you risking your life for the pleasures of sex? Why wont you use protection and save your life? The show is based on... more

UNDER AGE DATING IS A WIDE SPREAD REALITY!! Are you gulity of dating someone underage/Not legal? Do you know someone that is dating an underage person? What makes people date someone under their age...

What Men Do in the Dark and who they do it with, you'll never know!! The revolution of Bi-Sexual Men, nothing like you've seen before in American History.... Tune in today to hear some of the reasons Men became Bisexual and... more

All of us have dity little secrets in our SECRET BOX.. Call in today and tell some of your most darkest moments..... Shock the world and make them shake with your crazy story


The life style of TRANSEXUALS, TRANSGENDERS & CROSS DRESSERS is a topic many of us would love to know about because of the wide spread reality of it thats before us everyday... This topic is sizzling hot and very intresting to know... more

How to become a SUCCESSUL MUSIC ARTIST is the million dollar question and the dream of millions!! Tune in today at 7pm to learn strategies that the Professionals & Arist have used to climb the ladder in the MUSIC INDUSTRY.

Are you a SOCIAL NETWORK JUNKIE? Do you spend most of your day on TWITTER? Are you on INSTAGRAM every hour? Does FACEBOOK notifications sync with your phone? If any of these apply to you then you're a... more