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This channel is about helping others live through there days and nights. Its not about me its about helping the people get saved get healed and delivered in the right mind set today. . Now more than ever we need Prayer and Alot of times I hit prayer before i come because GOD IS ABLE THis is for the people who don't like to journal and want to take action NOW not later not tomorrow and not next week. . This show will help you learn the techniques through your week. .

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this month we are talking about fear vs faith and this special guest I love having special guests because they can share something that we don't usually know This young lady and I have been talking for a couple of months and we have chatted but never have talked any more until a month a go and talked about what needs to happen This young lady is teaching people techniques she has been teaching most people strategies that really has great success she is a business advisor and a business strategist if you would like to email me its always jaimesjournal@gmail.com
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All month long but this vision conference is gone! Sad to say this other guest that i am bringing on to my platform is shairing her dream or vision. she is a chief Wellologist at Pure Nuphoria Bed & Breakfast Vision has to have a time where... more

He is out of Texas and he is a wealth of information there are times in life when you have information and you don't have nothing to talk about on these shows But this man is a man who always has information and always has time to make... more

This Conference is going to be awesome and you dont want to miss it There are times when vision is not place properly in your life today and we have to learn how to make things more prosperous in our lives today Vision is not just for you... more

Jaimes Journal Network is about making and breaking experiences as usual This conference is going to be awesome I am offering a six week series on VISION you will learn step by step on how to use your vision on a every day plan this is... more

Our special guest has been on here before and he is a musical guest He is a preacher and teacher of the word as well. . He can sang if you ever saw him sang you don't want to miss he preaching and most folks are gifted to sang... more

Vision how do u get thru your day with no vision in your life? How do you even press thru your day? There are things that happen and did you not know that this is the ninth month and birth begins in the ninth month so what do u... more

Vision is something we all need it is not just for me it's for everybody vision is something you should have all the time every day it is not something u do on occassion vision who is struggling with vision who needs more vision steve... more

she has developed a relationship with me over a period of time. . she is awesome at what she does and i love her spirit and the things she does on a day to day basis we chat about things But God is going to help us through the things we... more

Angela Cassel is from the John Maxwell team and she does everything she is a motivational speaker she is certified Teacher Trainer, Coach and Mentor at John C. Maxwell and she has been married since Dec. 2009 she does it all... more

Vision is something we need on a day to day basis. . and now more than ever we need it than yesterday when i was growing up There are times when we seem to not find out way when we tend to dose off of what needs to be done in... more