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Jack Trytten

Jack Trytten & "The G Point"


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Jack Trytten discusses the G Point, the essential factors that turn companies into Growth Machines: customer knowledge, customer loyalty and a true understanding of the values that drive your customers' buying decisions.

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Marketing is about customers and products or services and promotion. But culture is an important part of how you create great marketing. And in a service business it's critical. 1. How does culture play a part in marketing? 2. How do... more

When doing marketing research, you can learn almost everything you need to know by simply talking with your customers. But, do you talk to your customers as customers, prospects or simply as people? And what should you ask? And is... more

A discussion on strategy vs tactics when building a Growth Machine. Business people often confuse goals with strategy and strategy with tactics. It’s important to know the difference, particularly with marketing. This will include: Defining a... more

One of the most obvious differences in Growth Machines is in their sales forces. Growth Machines have strong sales teams that focus on helping the customer buy. Today’s discussion focuses on these differences and how sales and... more

Many markets require marketers to rely on distribution to reach the end user of their product. Is distribution friend or foe?

How companies manage customer service is a quick tip-off as to whether or not they are Growth Machines. And how many of us have been exasperated with phone systems that increase frustration, rather provide service. Many firms... more

The development of too many promotional tools start out with the phrase, “Hey, I’ve got a good idea!” That usually leads to a bad idea. During our Blog Talk conversation, we will explore where should you start when planning promotion... more

Many companies define themselves by what they make or do. We make basketballs. We’re a car rental company. Others define themselves by their industry. We’re a bank. We’re in chemicals. Unfortunately, neither of these... more

Most marketers call their product – at least the generic name or category name – by what it does – air compressor, comb, shoe, CD, fastener, etc. But the customer isn’t buying what it is or what it’s called, but what it can do for them. Way too... more

You may think you know your customer but you don’t. So many CEOs think they know their customers but are unable to answer the critical questions about them. Typically CEO’s rely on the sales team or sales figures to give feedback on the... more