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Jack Watts Live


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Join award-winning author Jack Watts, as he takes calls and discusses American heritage—where we are, where we are headed, and the pitfalls along the way.

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The 2nd Amendment isn't a platitude. It has teeth.

Iran, now free to develop nukes, thanks to Obama/Kerry, intends to destroy Israel. In fact, they promise to do this.

Although we have a myriad of real and substantive problems, we are going to digress on today's show to nswer this question.

The #1 constraint on Iran was limiting the amount of uranium they could have. Now, with the "unexpected discovery" of uranium, there will be nothing to stop them from going non-stop to produce nuclear weapons. When Iran... more

Race relations have not been this bad since the 60s. Iran has us over a barrel, and we can't seem to get our act together.

The American political scene has never been more interesting than it is right now. Join us, as we discuss issues few other dare to touch.

What are the Democrats going to do about Hillary? Nearly 60% believe she is a liar. And what are the Republicans going to do about Donald Trump? What we don't need is another narcissist.

Not since we had to fight a two-front war have things been so problematic. The problem is most don't realize it.

All Presidents make bad decisions—some more than others, but only a few make colossal blunders. The Obama-Kerry Nuke deal is one of them.

Let's talk about why our four Marines were murdered in Chattanooga. There's a reason why this happened. It wasn't "senseless violence." It makes sense to Radical Islamic terrorists—just not to President Obama or the... more
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