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Remaining Faithful to Your Idea-2- Neville Goddard-Lesson#5

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This is the most powerful teaching you have heard in your life. It is not teaching. It is training. It is discipline.  It is a path of consciousness.  It is a journey of Spirit.  It is a development of mind.  It is you constructing, building, co-creating with Spirit, with God, your 4-D Life.  It is your excercising your dominion over your own thought processes in order to bring forth the life you desire, the life you define, the life Divinely Intended for you, the life you live on the 4th Dimensional level, and which manifest it self on the 3rd Dimensional leve.  

Your best life will manifest when you learn to Remain Faithful to Your Idea. Your 4-D Life will manifest when you Remain Faithful to Your Idea of what your 4-D Life is.  Yout 4-D Life is already happening, it is happening NOW, right NOW, in the MIND of Spirit, and as you learn to allow it to vibrate within your MInd, in your Spirit, as your MIND, as your Spirit,  by Remaining Faithful to YOUR IDEA, you will absolutely see your 4-D Life manifest.  Why? Because it is the only life you will know, truly know, because consciousness is the only Reality.  And Consciousness is  the Creator, creating in you, through you, as you, in this world.  You are God expressing God-SELF in this world, no matter what you outward appearance may be, no matter what your outward circumstances or situation may be.  At a deep, inner Reality, at the level of Ultimate Reality, God-Reality, you are already what you desire to be, you are alreay doing what you desire to do, you are already having what you desire to have.  This is the true Truth, the Ultimate REALITY.  

This is your idea, your ideal, that which keeps calling you, keeps nudging you forward, keeps giving you life.  Now train yourself, discipline yourself, learn to Remain Faithful to Your Desired Life, Your Defined Life, Your Divinely Intended Life, Your 4-D Life.