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It Takes A Village

It Takes A Village


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"It Takes A Village", is the new healthy relationships magazine created by the 906mutimedia team of Lynne Walker (China) and Robert L. Bell (Rob B). It’s a compilation of stories, articles, interviews, poetry, and healthy recipes.The articles and stories in "It Takes A Village" talk about life, love,and healthy relationships. The show is a spin-off of the magazine and our goal is to use radio as a vehilce to help promote happy and healthy relationships between couples, families, and communities. Help us by sharing your, thoughts, experiences, stories, and topics on the subject of healthy relationships.

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You love your mom and family. When it comes to your welfare they always have good intentions, however sometimes they have a tendency to cross the line. How do you tell them to stay out of your business without severing family ties? Join... more

You noticed that your girlfriend is so happy with her new friend. The courtship has been short and you haven’t even met him yet. She’s having dinner at her place and tonight is the big night,. When you arrive and see who it is……..

In a civilized society why are we letting our children down. They are being abused at an alarming rate and we are doing almost nothing to protect them. There are a multitude of programs in the world dedicated to shielding them, yet they continue... more

Are companies staying loyal to their employees or do they cut you off at the knees when its time to go. Is downsizing a factor, or does your salary come into play when it time for companies to eliminate you. Conversely should you stay... more

Do you have to have a college degree to be a success? From the time we start school until the time we graduate from high school we are taught that we MUST get a college degree. It will define our success and place us in a position... more

Violence has increased in the US at an alarming rate. Homicide has become the second leading cause of death for persons between the age of 15 to 24, and the leading cause of death for African Americans in this age group.Less then one... more

Do you get mad when your friend spends more time with his/her partner? Are you hating on their relationship? Why do you get so upset? Are you jealous? What if the tables were turned could your friend handle it? Join Rob B and China as... more

Do you accept people who are gay? One of the main reasons people are afraid to come out is for fear of being judged. Why do you judge. Are you afraid to expose your children to the lifestyle or gay marriages or is it religion? do you really care... more

Ahhh, jealousy. This question has affected humankind for eons. Jealousy is a universal emotion in humans and has been observed in babies as young as 5 to 6 months and in every culture around the world. Even though this emotion is so... more

We make relationships to enjoy life. Our primary objective in a relationship is to connect with another person and derive physical, emotional and mental joy. A relationship teaches us many things about life. What about self-development and... more