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Theology Thursdays. What role does your religion or belief play in the liberation and salvation of the black nation. Ferguson/Chicago what are your solutions for these ongoing issues? White Supremacy or Curses what is the root to all of this today? Join me on or voice your opinion by calling 3478269457.

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Urban Community Financial Empowerment Show . I'm honored to have as our Special Guest the President of Atlanta Cause Marketing, Ms. Marilyn Pearlman. Ms. Pearlman runs the oldest Public Relations firm in Atlanta. Atlanta Cause... more

Are we able to build our own Black Wall Street today in 2014? All the technology we have can we develop a network that will allow us to support our own.Tuesdays are all about building a brotherhood amongst blackmen. Are we... more

Today on my Radio Show I will be discussing health and politics also the Virtual Wall Street . At 8 pm I will be debating Zion Lexx . Topic is the Torah a history book? Also you can log in or call in at... more

Today is a Special Radio Show. We are talking about Rape and Molestation. A very serious topic . We will be playing a Special testimony about a former Rape victim. This is a special show dedicated to all the women who have ever been... more

Join us today we are discussing Facebook and the conspiracy to silent Pro Black Groups ......Join us at 6pm 3478269457 or

Urban Community Financial Empowerment Show . I'm honored to have Attorney Bernard H Coleman from the Coleman Law Firm. We will be discussing Crowdfunding: What's legal and what's not? Can people solicit investors using... more

An open invite to all members we are talking strategy and solutions for us. Craig West, Latisha Mega-attitude Floyd , King Yeshiyah , Charles Ajani , Lamont Hart , Omar Aah-nu , Linda Keita . Join me today at 3478269457 Or... more

Today on Your Health and You I have council man from Oakland Mr Moore. We talking politics, police shootings, health and men. Prostate, Colon, Heart, Obesity issues. Call in 3478269457 or .... more

Join us on Relationship Fridays with Azalea and Garfield A Reid of (Call in 6-8pm at 1-347-826-9457 press 1) to talk. Today is What is appropriate behavior in regards to social media when in a... more

Every Thursday is Theology Thursday. Last week we proved the merneptah, Kurkh stele and others were mistranslated. This week we talking about when the bible was composed/written. When were books like Isaiah, Jeremiah, Daniel... more