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Did Moses and Solomon Exist? What Methodology should we use to determine if these men actually existed? If you did find out they did not exist based on the evidence how would that change your outlook on your belief system? Join me... more

Today on Theology Thursdays we are discussing the upcoming debate/discussion "Did the Exodus actually Happen?" Colonization through religion. We also talking about every day solutions that can help us out on a daily basis. Unity is it a pipe... more

Today's guest Jamaican Elder Tony Cousins look into the history of the Maroons, Bedward and De Laurence. Why are De Laurence books banned in Jamaica?

Sexual Abuse an issue we hate to talk about until it affects us. Join me today as i look at the history of abuse within the community.

Why should we as a community allow Dr Ali Muhammad to teach and continue to promote pseudo positions which are not true. I will be going over A00 Haplogroup, Ica Stones, Davenport Stele, Potontoc Stele, 1.5 million skull in Argentina,... more

On today's Show we will be discussing how we can boost your credit score through tradelines; Credit Repair; Funding; Group Economics; Financial Freedom; and buying an Abandon town which is a project we are working on. Plus much... more

Tomorrow's Show will be about Bridging the Gaps in the Sisterhood. This topic will surround other topics such as: Sister who are being Counterproductive which bare's no fruit; How can we unite as sisters with so much jealousy and envy... more

Today we are talking about Evolution from an African Perspective, Astral Projection, Origins of the 7 day planetary week, 65 million year old pyramids, Were the native Americans Africans?

Throughout my years of studying the doctrine of Hebrew Israelites Prophecy seems to be their trump card as far as sticking with the doctrine. Daniel, Ezekiel, Isaiah, Jeremiah and Dueteronomy 28 vs 68 is used to claim their presence here... more

Today is our first Episode of the Celebration of Black Kings Appreciation Month. We will be discussing the Past and Present Contribution and Greatness of Our Kings from many different sects(Kmt,RBG, Hebrews, Islam, Nuwapians, African... more