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It's Not Me, It's You


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Relationships and dating from the opposite sex's point of view.

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Join me and my guest host Kim as we discuss why men and women feel it necessary to play mental and emotional games with each other. It's happened to all of us, so let's find out why.....
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This week's topic is dealing with co-dependency of someone else. Why do we get needy and clingy? Great topic for this week.

Join me as we discuss the warning signs that there might be something wrong with the relationships. Once you recognize the signs, you can fix the problem before something heartbreaking happens. Let's call it preventive maintenance. :)

Join the amazing Jacqi Michaels as we talk about the secrets to being single and happy. Jacqi has her opinions, for sure!! :)

Join me as I discuss the "Qualities of a Relationship". The good, the bad, and the ugly will be talked about and some dissected. Call-ins will be welcome!

Join me as I interview Kip Kirby and John Seal and discuss how to find love a SECOND time. This is the final installment of the "Soulmate Series".

Join us as we look into how to find your soulmate and discuss if such a person actually exists. Should be a very interesting show.

Tonight's show will cover two separate topics: "Is There Such A Thing As Too Much Sex" and "Should You Get Back With Your Ex?" Who knows, we might combine both into a 3rd topic. Join us!

This week we will be discussing the green-eyed monster called jealousy and how to deal with it in a healthy and manner. Join us!

We will share and discuss 45 ultimate tips for living a better life and having better relationships as found on Many of these are for men but many apply to women as well. Tune in and see what they are!!

Join us as we discuss randome topics such as: Friend Zone, Dating after 40, Cheating and Social Media. Callers will be welcome!
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