Its Detox Time with Knowledge

Its Detox Time with Knowledge


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Show inspired to restore your health, peace and body backed by scientific research of greatest physicians of all time. Renew the mind with truth and knowledge and watch your health and whole life change!

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I've been transitioning and now holding all raw food intake for 83 days . Its been a very powerful healing, transforming journey that will inspire you to change and heal your body and soul with raw garden of Eden foods.

Ive come a long way in almost 7 months of transitioning to a raw food diet and on my 40 day path to healing and wellness. Deeper detoxification, improved eyesight, teeth rebuilding and gaining muscular strength. The power of natural raw... more

Up to 3 hours of your live health questions answered and hopefully some of my former client testimonials. Get a wealth of knowledge from 17 yrs of nutritional research and experience of various foods all in an easy phone call or skype in!

17 years of research and nutritional study and I found more keys to restore normalcy to the blood sugar ailments. I present quotes backed by science, actual blood sugar testing on my own and logic and reason to uncover the other half... more

Hear about my journey returning to more raw food diet since my youth and how its changing my daily life. The natural raw foods have the highest energy possible and nutrition. Do you want more mental clarity, more energy, don't want to be... more

Fasting is it bad or good? How long should I fast? What is the benefits of fasting. As an experienced faster of 4 yrs I will get into some teaching on what fasting does and how it helps accelerate the healing of the body.

Where is your immune system? The intestines how can they keep me from being sick? These questions and more we will answer. We get into the function of them and how it can restore your health by detoxification and restoration of nutrition... more

Why should I be in the sun? How much sun should I get? What is vitamin D and how much do I need. This and more we will cover on this show. The power of the sun bring calcium into your bones normalize your health and give you... more

What is fat and its purpose? How much fat should we consume? Is all fat created equal ? These questions and more we will discuss on the truth about fat. So many misconceptions about fat and that we need to consume way too much to be... more