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This show is about "Celebrating Life,Prosperity and Unlimited Potential. It's also about Creating the life we want with the right attitude, a proper thought system, and inspired action. Discovering new ways to develop love, forgiveness, and gratitude. Have an inspirational product to share with the world?, and you would like to be a guest! Please call us at 215/922-3580 or email us at And always remember: You are wonderful in every way imaginable!

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Today I will be having a wonderful discussion of the beautiful book "Potions and Paper Cranes" by Lang Fang. Joining me in this event is Lian Gouw. She is the Founder and Owner of Dalang Publishing. This is the company that has reproduced and translated into English this fascinating book. Along with us will be listeners from Ethiopia, Brazil, Singapore and many other countries. This is a story set in Surabaya, East Java, during WWII and the boiling point of the Indonesian Revolution. The reader is given an inside look at the turmoil that plagued every-day life in Indonesia. Those who read this book will be moved, touched and be lead to feel Gratitude for the life and freedom that they now enjoy. For more information please visit
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Living your best life is fun and exciting when you know how. Join Darien & Darius as they talk with Inspirational Speaker and Entertainer, Wambui Bahati as she shares with them the steps needed to build a life of health and success.

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Best-Selling Author, Life Coach & Inspirational Speaker Byron Katie will share with us her wonderful process called "THE WORK." Byron Katie's interview begins about 10 minutes into the show. Learn how this teaching can help you end your... more

Life Coach, Inspirational Speaker, and all-around great Lady Lori Hamann, MSE will share with Darien & Darius and the world, the wonders of the Butterfly Experiment.

New thought Minister Rev.Keesha Mayes aka(Coach K) takes part in a delightful discussion with Darien and Darius about the Joy of living and Abundant Life.

SPECIAL GUEST Co-Host Micheal Carr BSW Join Darien and Darius in an Inspiring discussionon on how having the Attitude of Gratitude can have a great impact on your ability to manifest your desires.

Public Speaker,Poet,Writer,Profesor of African American History "Dr.JMc."(pronouned Jay Mac)of "Gramlin State Univeristy"will share with us some of his views on LIFE and The African-American Experience.