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This show is about "Celebrating Life,Prosperity and Unlimited Potential. It's also about Creating the life we want with the right attitude, a proper thought system, and inspired action. Discovering new ways to develop love, forgiveness, and gratitude. Have an inspirational product to share with the world?, and you would like to be a guest! Please call us at 215/922-3580 or email us at darimar2@aol.com. And always remember: You are wonderful in every way imaginable!

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My guest today is Jalaja Bonheim, PhD and she is the author of the book "Aphrodite's Daughters". And we are discuss whether or not a woman's sexuality can influence their spirituality. In her book she takes up on a fascinating journey of exploration as she invites dozens of women from a wide range of spiritual traditions and backgrounds to tell the stories of their sexual experiences. Many of these stories carry a message of truth and honesty. Some of these stories are happy and uplifting. Some are shocking and brutal. And then there are those that are just downright sensual. Its a book that some say should be read by anyone male or female who is on an inspirational path. Visit Jalaja at www.sacredego.com
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