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This show is about "Celebrating Life,Prosperity and Unlimited Potential. It's also about Creating the life we want with the right attitude, a proper thought system, and inspired action. Discovering new ways to develop love, forgiveness, and gratitude. Have an inspirational product to share with the world?, and you would like to be a guest! Please call us at 215/922-3580 or email us at And always remember: You are wonderful in every way imaginable!

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My guest today is Gina Vucci and she is co author along with Shakti Gawain of the new book "The Relationship Handbook: a path to consciousness and Growth. You are in for a very warm and good feeling show. Here is what Shakti Gawain... more

6pm(eastern) Bars, Taverns, Pubs, whatever you wish to call them, many people love them and many people hate the thought of them. There are those who consider these places as playgrounds for the Devil. Others have declared such... more

My guest today is Eric Maisel and he will be sharing with us a No-excuses, cut-to-the-chase program, for defining, training for & achieving your goals. As life gets busier and more complicated we crave something larger and more... more

Linda Carroll is my guest today. She is author of the new book entitled "Love Cycles". In this book Linda presents a groundbreaking model of the five natural stages of romantic relationships. 1. The Merge 2. Doubt and Denial 3.... more

Monday October 6th 6pm(eastern)This is the show we all need to hear. Today I have returning guest Nancy Anderson and she is joining me today for a fun conversation about the 3 characteristics of people who work with passion and... more

Today I will be having a wonderful discussion of the beautiful book "Potions and Paper Cranes" by Lang Fang. Joining me in this event is Lian Gouw. She is the Founder and Owner of Dalang Publishing. This is the company that has... more

My guest Mathew Fox is perhaps the greatest writer on Meister Eckhart that has ever existed. No one paints as broad a portrait of the master as Fox does in his new book "Meister Eckhart:a mystic Warrior of our Times" Though he lived in... more

Today I have a special guest on my show. I would like to welcome Lian Gouw who is the Founder and Owner of Dalang Publishing. This is the company that has reproduced and translated into English the fascinating book "Potions and... more

Intuition is not a gift in the sense that one person has it and the other person doesn't. We all have the ability to use our intuition, but in order to be actively intuitive-which means to be able to use it at will instead of by happenstance-... more

Hello there all of you wonderful writers. I invite you to take a delightful journey with me as I interview a very inspiring writer named Tina Welling. She is the author of the comforting and inspirational book "Writing Wild": forming a... more