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Lorraine HG

If This Old Table Could Talk


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Life as it comes. Guests and hosts have honest, fun, and growth centered exploraions of self, relationships, parenthood and life on a wide variety of topics. We share books, humor, guided meditaions, home remedies, family tradtions, stories about life and our personal growth with each other.

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Have you ever said to yourself, "I wish that would have gone differently!" Well, why can't it? We replay these things over and over in our minds. Why not do that in advance? Why not take visualization and really use it? Why not use that... more

Round two of this topic about agreements that affect our lives from backstage. These seeds were planted, more often by others while we were learning and growing, rather than consciously by ourselves. Yet we are the only ones who... more

With harvest all around us of amazingly fresh fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, berries and herbs why would we want to have a candy bar or drink an energy drink? What is the difference between food and medicine and poison? Why do... more

There are a lot of ways that each of us feel and see valor in our lives, our country and in each other. Let's explore those experiences together and become more aware of how the morals that we choose, the virtues that we decide to embody,... more

A woman in Germany, a monitarily successful woman with an education as a teacher and phyciatrist took on a year challenge to live without money to experience it for herself. After that year was over she decided not to go back to... more

Have you ever heard the admonition that you should never take your eye off the enemy? What about the saying "keep your eye on the prize"? How about the idea that you can wish something away if you do so hard and long enough?... more

Would you like to clear up your mind? Think more about the things that make you feel alive, give you joy and create growth? Well you are the gardener my friend and you must get in there and take a good look at the friuts of what plants are... more

Did you ever look at a piece of food and expect it to feel, tast or smell a certain way just from you looking at it? Did it ever surprise you? Maybe you were disappointed? Maybe you were caught off guard with how much it pleased you?... more

I mentioned on the last relationships episode the concept of mirroring for each other in our relationships with others. What you see most often in others is the reflection of yourself. I would like to hear your thoughts and experiences on this,... more

Have you ever watched a child who was just hurt show you what happened by hurting themselves again? If a doctor said you were sick would you want him to let you make yourself more sick with a treatment plan, or would you want to... more