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It Just Makes Sense is all about Common Sense Living. Join us to learn how to leverage your inner strengths and transform your entire life experience. By increasing your personal values, enhancing your communication skills, and mastering the decision-making process, you will be on your way to a stress-less life.

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Whether you realize it or not, there is a great shift taking place on planet earth. In this 60-minute interview, master teacher Jim Self will explain these changes in a practical, informative manner. You will also discover: how to shift your own... more

Jessica Ornter is the well-known producer of "The Tapping Solution" DVD. Not only has her life changed as a result of using meridian tapping, but she this incredible technique for healing in her work. Join us this hour as Jessica shares... more

There are something like 1500 healing modalities in the United States alone that all work to create positive changes in your life. Whether you're looking for more abundance, or an enhanced relationship, these tools and techniques are all... more

There is a great Abraham-Hicks quote that explains the two reasons why manifestations fail to come to fruition. In simple terms, either we're not in alignment with our goals. Or, our goals are no longer in alignment with the... more

When driving a car, speed bumps in the road indicate a need to slow down your vehicle. In life, challenging or adverse circumstances can require us to do the same. In this poignant episode, Stephen shares about his current situation with a... more

Focus is a wonderful tool that we can use to move toward our desires. Yet, it can be a double edged sword when we choose to focus on things that are unwanted in our life. As law of attraction points out, whatever we focus up (positive or... more

Let's face it--each of us as individuals are unique, and when grouped together into families, we're just as one of a kind. In that group, we have several sets of perceptions, beliefs, communication styles, and expectations. With all of these... more

Join Stephen as he interviews Sharon Carne, a Canadian musician, author, and teacher who has been in the field for over 40 years. Discover how sound can be used as a powerful force for wellness, and how sound can help us create... more

Many times people think of leaving a legacy with money or property. In this episode, STephen discusses the power of ethical wills, and how you can begin to leave your spiritual legacy now. It's our hope that you live a long, healthy, and... more

Happy New Year to all of you wonderful BlogTalk listeners!! Let's ring in 2013 with lots of amazing change!! It's Kym Coco here, in for Stephen Thompson this week, sharing with you my top 10 Principles for a great new year ahead! These... more