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Italian Tomatoes

Italian Tomatoes


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Italian Tomatoes- a show about current events from an Italian-American perspective, pragmatic and skeptical. My politics are center-right, but I respect all points of view.

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The first presidential debate will occur on September 26. The debates will be moderated by a journalistic class with a firm liberal world view. They have grown very comfortable with the crony capitalism epitomized by Democratic... more

The Republican Party, in theory at least, has been a defender of free enterprise and markets for many decades. But the rise of the global economy, coupled with open borders and multiculturalism, has reignited old arguments on both... more

We pause to pay tribute to the murdered police officers in Dallas. Then a look at the politics of the week, dominated by FBI Director James Comey's announcement that the Bureau will not recommend an indictment of Hillary... more

Donald Trump is an unconventional candidate to say the least. Some conservatives are appalled at his heterodoxy, while some establishment Republicans are appalled at his style. So why did he get so many votes? Part of... more

It has been quite a week, marked by Britain's historic referendum on the European Union and new plots to derail the Trump candidacy at the Republican Convention. The fallout from Brexit will shake both British and European politics to their... more

The political primary season is often a frustrating experience - it's long, drawn-out, and governed by confusing rules. Like life in general, the outcomes are often unfair and certainly debatable. But the modern, voter-driven primary is... more

Tonight we drop in for the final hour of the GOP presidential debate, followed by live chat and phones for your reactions. Mitt Romney blasted Donald Trump today, another stunning development in the scorched earth strategy being... more

The South Carolina GOP primary has sparked the biggest display of fireworks since Fort Sumter, notably Trump's assault on the Bush legacy and the Cruz v Rubio slugfest. Tonight we see the results. Drop by as we review the results!... more

Crossover appeal is a key to success in America's diverse society. Tonight we take a look at the phenomenal success of the Supremes, the iconic 1960's Motown group. They helped to shatter the racial barriers of their day thanks in... more