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Italian Tomatoes- a show about current events from an Italian-American perspective, pragmatic and skeptical. My politics are center-right, but I respect all points of view.

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Baby, it's cold outside! Winter has arrived early. As you shelter from the plunging temperatures caused by Global Warming, join us for a post-election wrap up. We will contemplate the results and the consequences, and take a look at other... more

Tonight we will discuss the midterm elections. Join our live chat to post updates on the races you are following. Will the GOP pull it off and take control of the Senate? Most of the governorships are also at stake. This election will decide if... more

This evening I will team up with the esteemed Cold Warrior, best known for his advocacy of as a means of transforming the GOP into an effective vehicle for constitutional governance. We will discuss the importance of... more

Join us for a celebration of our incredible country and its exceptional legacy. Yes, exceptional. The mind has enormous trouble with this term. Well, we all know the limitations of the liberal brain. Sit down with your favorite libation, your burgers... more

How can we approach Easter in a society that is not only secular, but ratcheting up hostility to religious faith? With the rise of aggressive and triumphant secularism, how does one sing the Lord's song in a strange land? And what is... more

We are having an unusually cold winter, and the global warming cultists are twisting themselves into pretzels trying to make observable experience fit their beloved paradigm. Tonight we will reflect on the realities of climate change, and... more

Join us as we bid farewell to an often frustrating year. We will drop in on Times Square for the festivities in New York, plus do a retrospective on the major stories of the year. 2013 marks the fifth anniversary of this radio show, so I probably... more

If at first you don't succeed, try, try again! We couldn't do our traditional Christmas Eve show because of the breakdown of the Blog Talk Radio platform. So, following the lead of, we will see if it can go right this time.... more

Tonight we visit that perennial favorite in GOP circles? Who is a RINO? What does he (or she) stand for? And above all, can he win the Big One? We'll look at the history of the Republican Party since the New Deal, and assess... more