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Shalom Shalom Welcome to the online radio program of Israelite Heritage Organization. We are a group of Hebrew believers in Yah the most high through his son Yahoshua the messiah. We are dedicated to bringing the forgotten heritage to the forgotten people. Our organization is comprised of Israelites from around the world For more inforamtion about who we are, please check out this link Israelite Heritage only goal is to restore the truth of Yah's word back to his people first, then to the nations. The Israelite Heritage Radio Network, is comprised of six weekly shows. We broadcast from Sunday - Friday. Our shows are 'THE ISRAYLITE WAY, THE ELDERS SPEAK, WISDOM MAIDENS, BLESSED HANDMAIDENS, SPIRITUAL WARFARE & RUACH RHYTHM RADIO. These shows will cover many different topics especially biblical and historical. we'll also cover current events to show how they relate to prophecy.

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The I. H. Elders will be speaking about how we should be listening to Yah with learning and understanding His Word. Yirmeyah 44: 15) Then all the men who knew that their wives had burned incense to other mighty ones, and all the... more
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Relaxers were there in our childhood, and are here in our adulthood. Perms became that first love Mama could no longer keep a secrete, she would now share it with us. We grew up with it and in a way we watched it grow. From just... more

We will be discussing being prepared in the event of an emergency. We will speak about important supplies to have, when we should get our supplies together, and what situations are considered emergencies. This will be a call in... more

Join us for another freedom of Information radio show. Find out what's happening all around the world in news. This is a live call in show 914-338-0980

Today speaking the word show, will feature a new word of the week entitled 'THE DISCIPLINE OF YAH'. Why does Yah discipline us? Is this a good thing or bad? What does it mean to have him discipline us. Tune in today at 5:00pm cst... more

Join in on the discussion tonight as we talk about the importance of supporting and participating in the work of Yah. Why is it that when we were in church we worked hard to spread the false Gospel of God, but when we come to Yah we... more

Was the Civil Rights movement a step in the right direction or did it do more harm than good. Join us to discuss what the leaders of this movement were about and how the decisions from the past impact us as a people today. Our special... more

We are blessed to see a generation that our biblical forefathers (and mothers) longed to see. We're in the process of raising children in Yah from birth and they are by far a very unique and intelligent generation. As the heads of... more

Please join us and call in with your show ideas. What do you want to hear about? We are encouraging our listening audience to call in with current events and with possible show topics. We want to know what is concerning our Hebrew... more

Join us today for another episode of the freedom of Information show here on the IHRN. Don't forget this is a live call in show, join us @914-338-0980

Tune in to todays speaking the word show. We have a brand new word of the week for you. It's entitled Be Encourage. In this hour, we must keep one another encourage to continue the fight no matter what. Satan is always in our way trying... more
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