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Shalom Shalom Welcome to the online radio program of Israelite Heritage Organization. We are a group of Hebrew believers in Yah the most high through his son Yahoshua the messiah. We are dedicated to bringing the forgotten heritage to the forgotten people. Our organization is comprised of Israelites from around the world For more inforamtion about who we are, please check out this link Israelite Heritage only goal is to restore the truth of Yah's word back to his people first, then to the nations. The Israelite Heritage Radio Network, is comprised of six weekly shows. We broadcast from Sunday - Friday. Our shows are 'THE ISRAYLITE WAY, THE ELDERS SPEAK, WISDOM MAIDENS, BLESSED HANDMAIDENS, SPIRITUAL WARFARE & RUACH RHYTHM RADIO. These shows will cover many different topics especially biblical and historical. we'll also cover current events to show how they relate to prophecy.

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The I. H. Elders will be speaking about how we should be listening to Yah with learning and understanding His Word. Yirmeyah 44: 15) Then all the men who knew that their wives had burned incense to other mighty ones, and all the... more
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Today will be our last show on blogtalk radio. We will be moving to talkshoe radio starting Jan 7, 2011. Today we will be giving you important info as to how to find us on talkshoe. If you would like to continue to listen to IHRN: Blessed... more

How the hebrew woman went from the mothers of this world to the harlots of socitey.How the femenist movements broke u, the curent structure of our homes, vs. what the structure should be. Tonight we correct some BIG,... more

Shabbat Shalom Family, were gonna have an open discussion on tonight's show. Please call in if you want to chime in (914)338-0980

What does it mean to have a clean heart? How can we make surethat we make / keep our hearts clean? What are the dangers of not having a clean heart? This weeks show topic is from our youth panelists so this should be a good one... more

What exactly is the "Holiday Spirit" is it something from Yah, or man made? What are it's origins, and most important should we be giving ourselves over to it? Join us Friday December 17th as we discuss this topic. As always feel free to call... more

As we prepare ourselves for a time of self sufficiency, we also need to prepare our children. We previously had a show: "Mothers prepare your children." Today we will extend that conversation focusing more on the deprogramming of our... more

What do the movies Metropolis, Cyborg, Universal soldier, The Terminator trillogy, and T.V. series, Serrogate, the Matrix trillogy , and more like these have in common? How about T.V. series and music videos with the same theme? What... more

What is all of this wiki-Leak stuff about anyway, who's responsible and most important what's the significance of all of this supposed "leaked information"? Join us on tomorrow as we discuss the latest on the topic, wanna chime in... more

It is important in these times to stay abreast of the events going on today. We will look over some current events, some of which pertain to us sistas. Join us @ 914-338-0980

Why is it that in todays society, it is so acceptable to be gay, fiminine, bi, etc? What does scripture say about this? Is this a natural evilution or by social design. This is a call in show, so lets dig into in Ysrary! Shalom and Yah bless!
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