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Shalom Shalom Welcome to the online radio program of Israelite Heritage Organization. We are a group of Hebrew believers in Yah the most high through his son Yahoshua the messiah. We are dedicated to bringing the forgotten heritage to the forgotten people. Our organization is comprised of Israelites from around the world For more inforamtion about who we are, please check out this link http://www.hebrewisraelites.org http://www.israyliteheritage.org Israelite Heritage only goal is to restore the truth of Yah's word back to his people first, then to the nations. The Israelite Heritage Radio Network, is comprised of six weekly shows. We broadcast from Sunday - Friday. Our shows are 'THE ISRAYLITE WAY, THE ELDERS SPEAK, WISDOM MAIDENS, BLESSED HANDMAIDENS, SPIRITUAL WARFARE & RUACH RHYTHM RADIO. These shows will cover many different topics especially biblical and historical. we'll also cover current events to show how they relate to prophecy.

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Shalom. Peace and welcome back to BHYY Radio. Trust the Process - When change happens in our lives and it's not what we expected it to be, if it's difficult or challenging, we often look at it as a bad thing. In reality its not bad but is... more

The I. H. (Israylite Heritage) Elders will be speaking about the "Crafty Counsel" that has been held against the people of Yah. "Psalms: 83:3-8 3) They craftily plot against Your hidden ones, And conspire against Your treasured ones. 4) They... more

Today we will be talking about trustworthiness. How do we know who to trust? How do we learn how to trust? What truly is trust? Can we trust ourselves? How can we trust others? Yah willing, all these questions will be answered along... more

Mighty and Men of Yah will be discussing righteous correction and to be careful of who you let in your ear ways. Who you associate with determines the attitude you display and have with others? It displays what is on your heart. What does your... more

On this week's Spiritual Warfare Radio Show we'll engage our listerners with a common topic of being dedicated. To whatever ever cause you may have, dedication is the key. Whether it may be, obtaining wisdom and understanding,... more

Shalom and welcome back to BHYY Radio. We know that keeping secrets is not healthy. Now Neuroscientists agree, saying they now believe it's biologically better for us to confess our secrets. Its documented that holding onto secrets... more

Today we will be talking about goodness. What is goodness? How can we be good to each other, as well as ourselves? We will be discussing this as well as the usual things we do on this show like going over some definitions... more

The I. H. (Israylite Heritage) Elders will be discussing the rewards of the wicked sinner according to the Word of Yah. Pseudepigrapha, Volume Two: Psalms of Solomon 2:16 "For you have rewarded the sinners according to their actions,... more

Today we will be talking about kindness. We will be defining what kindness truly is, going over some scripts related to kindness, talking about how to be kind to others at all times regardless of who they are, and going over some true acts of... more

Mighty Men of Yah - How to deal with different personalities? This week we will be discussing - How to be a man of Yah when the world around you serves Satan? How do you deal with being set apart in a world going contrary to Yah's... more
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