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Professor Reddix-Smalls Con Law II, First Amendment class is in the process of launching a radio blog show. The purpose of this show is to facilitate discussions within the community, primarily the legal community, on issues relating to the First Amendment, Freedom of Speech.

On-Demand Episodes

Larry Dempsey & Cassandra Patterson discuss First Amendment implications of the Moral Monday protests.

Featuring: Attorney Irving Joyner Hosts: Molly Brewer & Meredith Darlington

This week's radio show will explore the constitutional repercussions of mandated contraception insurance coverage. Does this violate the First Amendment guarantee of freedom of religion?

This show will discuss the First Amendment in the context of the book released by a Navy SEAL, entitled "No Easy Day". Hosts will consider whether the book is protected speech or unprotected due to the government's compelling interest in... more

This episode will address the First Amendment implications of D'Souza's documentary, Obama's America 2016. Is this film an expression of art or character assassination?

This episode will discuss the First Amendment implications of Facebook postings. Is this protected speech?

We will be discussing cyberbullying in the context of if school systems have any recourse to combat cyberbullying that occurs off campus without infringing on the first amendment. Students first amendment rights while on school premises... more

This episode will focus on subjectively and objectively offensive media advertisements and how the law protects, or fails to protect, the media outlet and its intended audience.

This show will discuss the constitutional underpinnings of the right to disseminate hate speech.

Hosts will discuss the recent uprisings and unrest in the Middle East in response to an anti-islam youtube video and how the First Amendment is balanced with national security issues.