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Be in the Know-Organic & Healthy Food Deals & Steals

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Meal planning seems like one more thing you don't want to add to your to-do list, right? 

Listen in every Thursday-before you head out to the grocery store.  We combine all the grocery store weekly sales and highlight sales on healthy, organic and gluten-free food.

Now, you don't have to run around to all the stores, or sort through the papers-listen to Be in the Know-Organic & Healthy Food Deals & Steals

*Weekly sales focus is on stores in Hawaii although the coupons are national


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Good Thursday to you, it is the Deal Thursday. You are calling at the Deal Reveal on Thursdays. So, every Thursday you can check that on our website, which is msuncommonsense.com, m-s-u-n-c-o-m-m-o-n-s-e-n-s-e.com, and that is where we are talking about where to find organic food, healthy food, deals, and coupons and hopefully you compare with the manufacture's coupon with an in stored _00:54_ and that is where you are going to get the savings up to 60% off at some point. And we really try and find all of those sources for you so you do not have to ramble through the newspaper and ramble through all the different coupon sites but there are -- because there are a ton of couponing sites. And when I am talking about extreme couponing or hoarding and that stuff because we do not have a big enough pantry to do it and we also really want to be specific on the product of food that we are buying for our family. So in this case, we are only purchasing certain items and when they come on sales, when we purchase that but we do not just buy anything that is on sale in any given time. So it is a little bit different but the whole concept is food to nourish your body not just because it is a deal. And how do we figure out what is the nourishing for your products and food by or first to best to buy a whole food, whole grain, leaf processed package foods if possible. But we have been fortunate today that there are a lot of healthy foods that are packaged, pre-packaged and slightly processed. So we have come a long way so all process foods are not typically going to be unhealthy so we are going to try and demystify those sort of foods and teach you what to look for, what are the red flags all on our website.

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So, we are going to change this concept the call like I said. The Deal Reveal Thursdays and you will be able to find coupons of a gluten-free organic food like I said. We count at the concept of making a weekly radio blog, web blog show. Because sometimes, people just do not have time to read another blog. And this way you could either be in a car on your way to work or on a way to lunch, on a way -- wherever you are going, you can just listen to some of the deals that we found locally in Hawaii, in Oahu to be specific. Hopefully we will be able to gross out to other islands as we expand, but we can only expand if we get listeners and followers that would say what they want this. So, if the demand is more, we would be happy to move in to different cities and states either. So, the idea is to really think outside the box and to have organic and healthy food fit into a budget. So, it is not just throwing money away. Because you really can save a lot of money on your grocery bill and buy healthy food at the same time. If you would like to call in, we would love to hear your ideas, maybe you have some shopping ideas or some other sites that you have found organic coupons and deals. You can call in at 467-165-105 or you can chat if you are too shy to call in. Why do not just give us a chat on Blog Talk Radio. You can log in through there and start chatting. You can use the #blogtalkradio as well and everything will come up. Should be on our studio so I will be able to chat with you live. So if anybody is calling, please call now because we have a short show.

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In the future in June, we are going to change the show into interviewing companies and other stores on the sales. So we are going to change the format of the show in June but we are only going to have -- you know 1 or 2 more shows this month and while moving into a different format. So, this is all just a learning -- you know project. And we are going to change as things go on. So, I am going to start with some big calls out in the beginning. Mambo Sprouts has their May messenger out with lots of great coupon that you might want to just take to look at because I see a lot as you compare with in store sales. So it is a really good mark for couponing, organic couponing to be exact. It is also gluten-free month so take advantage of that. So it is going to be a lot more things on going on sale for gluten-free month. There are a lot of great brands now that you can get gluten-free food. So take advantage of it. I want to start with Down to Earth. Down to Earth is a great health food store located in Honolulu. They have a lot of great deals and they also have super saver flyer deals and those are months long. So right now we are in the April and May that is going to be coming out with their June and July pretty soon here. So if you go unto our website, Ms. Uncommon Sense we will have the Down to Earth sale flyer that you can click on directly. And that will leads you directly to what their sales are. But I want just to call out a few things that if you are going to stopping by there and you would like to try something new. And you would always want to try and maybe if it was going to go on sale. Well right now, there is a great sale on some Biokleen laundry liquid.

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I know there are a lot of people that want to -- you know maybe they are having some issues with some of their laundry soap so they just want to have something cleaner, I know we do. There are a lot of family members that have really sensitive skin. So getting a cleaner that has less or as little as possible chemicals and other additives in it would be a big deal. So if you go -- Common Kindness is a great site as well. Common Kindness and Mambo Sprouts are two organic couponing sites that I go to all the time to look for different deals that are happening and then I tear them in the store sale and you get a great deal. So from Common Kindness, there was a coupon that was available in it still valid until June 30th. And that is save a dollar off of any Biokleen laundry product. Well, you compare that with the Down to Earth there is a sale on that right now for $12.39. That means you could get it for $11.39 and that is 64 oz laundry liquid. It is normally $14.99. So you can see the deals so you can start just racking up and if you just take a little bit of time to plan ahead. The other callout is Rudi's Organic Bakery organic bread. So this organic bread is $4.99. There is a coupon available for that as well under Mambo -- actually under my website under Ms. Uncommon Sense. We have a Rudi's coupon there. So originally this product is $6.29, you will get a further discount which will almost be about 50% off at organic bread. So take advantage of that, the coupons are on our website now under the deal and it will be under our website for as long as it is available.

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Check there and visit those stores for idea as well because I see some stuff that is on sale currently but they have already sold out a bit. I went there at the other day and they did not have it. So, really get on top of these sales and deals because they do not last long, especially that we know that consumers want clean and healthy food. There is another idea that I found, a coupon that some people would just throwing this away. And I did not realize but there is a coupon in the -- 75 cents inside the box of organic and gluten-free cereal. And the company name is Erewhon and they have great -- you know crispy brown rice gluten-free organic cereal. This go on sale occasionally all through. If you compare this coupon with an in store sale they have, that is a great deal. And you can use that as many times as you buy the product, there is a coupon inside. So do not throw away the product. You look inside and make sure you are not throwing away money. The other callout, we are going to move to Times Supermarket in Honolulu. They have -- really starting to increase in their organic and natural healthy living section. I am seeing a lot of new products there every week. We want to see more than _10:08_ product. _10:10_ organic milk on sale right now half gallon for $4.99. So if you go on our Facebook, you can click on a post that I wrote about organic dairy milk and it talks about something called dairy scorecard from The Cornucopia Institute.

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They give you some inside scoop from different dairy practices. This is a -- putting transparent view of what is happening at the farm and where they get their cows and how many acreage of green pasture that they get to loam on. Stuff that matters if you are really interested in and making sure that the food is nourishing at its best for your family, for your young children, for yourself, for people with autoimmune disorders and it is a really interesting concept. So I would recommend going to our Facebook directly uncommonsense and you can click on organic dairy milk on the post that leads directly to that article that I wrote. And it also lists a coupon for a dollar off for the same brand called Heritage Organic Milk. They have a great score on The Cornucopia Institute series scorecard and it is also on sale at Times. So Times is offering great organic products it is offering on sale. You pair it with this coupon and you are going to get that for the price of a conventional dairy milk. Take advantage of it. You want to see the difference that's maybe -- you know there is something that you want to try and this is a great way to try it when it is on a great sale. So take advantage of it. Go to our Facebook and you can go directly to this site. And like us on Facebook because then you will get all the updates that we are sending out and all of the different times. Every Thursday, we are going to have all this deals so make sure you catch in with us. And we are also going to highlight some of the fruit today that they bring in. The pineapples are always the great, Mali pineapples $80.90 a pound. Their local produce is getting a lot bigger as well, the cantaloupes 129 a pound local, they are grown locally, the greatly of getting some local produce in your diet and in your menu if you can take advantage of that.

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If you do not have time to go to your local farm this of course is a great way of bringing convenience to you. The other great thing whole food does have their daily or actually weekly sale out for sale flyer, take advantage of it. There are some exciting things going on there. I put it on our post as well so you don't have to go and search around for all the different sale flyers because there are a lot of sale flyers around and sometimes it is just takes up way too much time and energy to find out to drive to different store or to get internet savvy to call up what the sales are, but if someone can be look for you and you can save up to 40% off of your grocery bill, it might be a good idea and that is what Ms. Uncommon Sense does. We pull everything together so you don't have to. To check out their weekly sales we are going to post it on our site and take advantage of it. You can click directly on their deals through our website it is called Whole Food _13:58_. So you can click directly on it and then they will give you everything there is organic gluten-free bread took on sale, their organic apple, that is on our Dirty Dozen list, organic apple is very important to buy organic because it is the environment to working group.org report. So we hope that you will stay tune to us subscribe to us, like us on Facebook and connect with us so that we know we are talking to somebody. I think you will be excited when you start to get all those savings, you will see, it's worth it, especially when you know it is going to nurse your family and you're gonna get a deal. So we will checking with you next week.