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This week on ISIS Paranormal Radio we have four great shows lined up.  On Thursday night we will be airing a special episode with author and paranormal investigator Mark Sarro at 8 PM ET.  On Friday night we are airing a 2 hour special with Dr. John Turner and Raymond Moody from 6 PM to 8 PM ET!  On Saturday evening we will be interviewing Ed Fulco, the author of the trilogy The Cosmic Seed.  The show will air at 8 PM ET.  Finally, on Sunday night we will interview Cheralyn Lambeth about her book Haunted Theaters of the Carolinas at 6 PM ET!  Join us for all of the live shows this week at:


Thursday 8 PM ET – Mark Sarro

Mark Sarro is the founder of the Chester County Paranormal Research Society (CCPRS). Born in Delaware, Mark moved to Pennsylvania in the winter of 1993. He spent nearly a decade living in Philadelphia, and eventually moved to West Chester, Pennsylvania. He currently hosts a weekly talk radio show on Para-X called Voices Carry Paranormal Talk Radio and he specializes in Instrumental Trans Communication research and paranormal investigations. He also runs an Internet television show called the ITC Lounge, which is a show dedicated to ITC research.

Mark is now a resident of West Chester, Pennsylvania, in Chester County, and he resides in a very old and haunted house which became a centerpiece for his first book, Ghosts of West Chester, Pennsylvania. He has co-authored Haunted Gettysburg with Carol Starr. Tonight he joins us to discuss his work, writing, and paranormal research.

More at: http://www.chestercountyprs.com/.

Friday 6 PM ET – Dr. Raymond Moody and Dr. John Turner

John L. Turner, M.D. is the author of Medicine, Miracles and Manifestations: A Doctor's Journey Through the Worlds of Divine Intervention, Near-Death Experiences, and Universal Energy; the book is a nonfiction work that explores Dr. Turner’s career as a surgeon and his spiritual quest as he became involved in the field of Integral Medicine. He is the first neurosurgeon in Hilo, Hawaii. Following his graduation from Ohio State University and earning his degree in Engineering Physics, Dr. Turner continued onto graduate school. About three years into his graduate studies, Dr. Turner received a book on Edgar Cayce called The Sleeping Prophet. The book changed Dr. Turner’s life, and he became excited about the existence of a spiritual world. Dr. Turner then decided to attend Ohio State University College of Medicine where he earned his M.D. Medicine, Miracles, and Manifestations is a work that examines how metaphysical events like telepathy, remote viewing, and life after death are verifiable manifestations and are events that occur when the human brain interfaces with the universal consciousness.

Dr. Raymond Moody

Dr. Raymond Moody earned his MD from the Medical College in Georgia; and his Ph.D, Masters, and BA with Honors in Philosophy from the University of Virginia. He trains hospice workers, clergy, psychologists, and other medical professionals in all aspects of his work. In his private practice, he has also helped thousands of people who are coping with dying and the death of their loved ones. Dr. Raymond Moody is a world thought leader in the subject of near death studies, and he, in fact, coined the phrase “near death experience.” He has authored more than eleven books on the subject and his most famous book, Life After Life has sold 13 million copies worldwide. The book has recently been re-released for its 25th anniversary edition. Dr. Moody continues to captivate the public with his pioneering work on what happens when we die. He has appeared on Oprah, MSNBC: Grief Recovery, NBC Today, ABC’s Turning Point, Donahue, the Sally Jessy Raphael Show, Geraldo, and The Joan Rivers Show. Tonight, he will join us to discuss his most recent work, Glimpses of Eternity, which will be released in September and is a culmination of his latest findings. It is a book that will give the reader profound insights into this topic; insights that have not been revealed to the public before. Dr. Turner, and Dr. Moody will also be talking about a new venture called, Tours of the Afterlife, the science of the NDE, and the persistence of consciousness beyond the death of the physical body.

More at: http://www.lifeafterlife.com/

More at: http://www.johnlturner.com/index.php

Saturday at 8 PM ET – Ed Fulco

Henry Edward Webster is a pseudonym for author/publisher Edward Philip Fulco. Mr. Fulco welcomes the controversy the subject of this trilogy brings to the public. He has little patience for UFO fakes, public and private debunkers, government cover-ups, or misinformation programs. It is Mr. Fulco’s hope that The Cosmic Seed Trilogy will excite the public interest in alien abductions and the UFO phenomenon. He welcomes questions about aliens, government involvement, UFO sightings, and people’s reaction to the subject.

More at: http://www.thecosmicseed.com/

Sunday at 6 PM ET – Cheralyn Lambeth

Cheralyn Lambeth is a professional costume, prop and puppet builder for the entertainment industry, whose interest in the paranormal stems from her experiences at the various (haunted) theaters where she has worked. A graduate of the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, she then went on to study costumes and wigs at The Juilliard School, and began acting as an understudy on John Leguiazamo's Off-Broadway show Mambo Mouth. From there, Cheralyn continued to pursue work in the television and film industry, and her professional credits include the television series Dinosaurs! as well as such feature films as The Muppet Christmas Carol, The Patriot, The New World, Evan Almighty, and Leatherheads. She also spent several years with Paramount Production Services, creating Star Trek props and costumes for such interactive attractions as Paramount Parks, The Star Trek Earth Tour, and Star Trek: The Experience, as well as for other Paramount properties such as Titanic: The Movie on Tour.

In addition to her behind-the-scenes work, Cheralyn continues to pursue acting, and has worked in various television commercials along with the films The Patriot, Leatherheads, and most recently Blood Done Sign My Name. Television-wise, she has worked with One Tree Hill, and also appeared as a principal character in The History Channel's Isaac's Storm.

Currently Cheralyn lives and works in Charlotte, North Carolina, and has been gaining experience as an active paranormal researcher and author. She recently completed her first non-fiction ghost book, Haunted Theaters of the Carolinas, and is finishing up a second titled Ghosts of Greater Charlotte, both soon to be released by Schiffer Publishing (www.schifferbooks.com). In addition, she has formed the Carolinas Paranormal Research Association (CaPRA), a small group dedicated to researching various phenomenon, and blogs about her experiences on her official blog.

More at: http://www.ghostposting.blogspot.com/.

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