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Heal Our Nations

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Did you read at http://usnews.nbcnews.com/_news/2012/10/17/14125394-goodall-praises-nih-decision-to-remove-some-chimps-from-research-but-controversy-erupts-over-their-next-home how chimps are removed from research?

What about human beings who are experiencing daily abuse?

Letitia Peters will give you the tools that will help you to keep fighting through the "battle" & WIN THE WAR! It is not about a religion. It is about a relationship.

It took her years to finally come to the most unconceivable truth: Her and 3 generations of her family were "intentionally selected" to be in a human subject research. This is a follow-up to the October 20th episode.

Tonight's show will require a paradigm shift. You must be open-minded and willing to change.

This is not about us, but it is about the next generations! Mothers, grandmothers, single women & aunts, please join us against this wickedness.  There is a war against our families & especially our children. Our Sept. 30th episode is dedicated to children & teens' & now it is our #1 downloadable episode.  There is information about it on our Oct. 23th Blog at letitiapeters.weebly.com

It has come in many different forms: bullying,suicide, murder, divorce, depression, someone is hearing "voices" or someone claims that people or the Govt. are following them. WE CAN CHANGE OUTCOMES!

It requires more than prayer. It requires fasting, action, & action. 

Bring pad, paper & your Bible. We will worship God for the first 1/2 hour.

Are you walking in authority? It is a war; a spiritual war. Everyone has a role to play.

SIN affects all of us.

“The world needs you. It’s broken,” says pastor and author Miles McPherson. ” What will be your role?


0:06 Letitia Peters

Welcome. My name is Letitia Peters and today is Tuesday, October 23, 2012 and thank you for listening to us today. We have a wonderful show playing and I thank you for being a part of this wonderful program and we look forward to seeing you again, hallelujah. Well, first let's start off with our signature song and it's If My People by Fred Hammond. Enjoy and I'll be right back. (Music)

5:45 Letitia Peters

Welcome and hallelujah. That song is If My People by Fred Hammond and that song is based on 2 Chronicles 7:14, If my people which are called by my name shall humble themselves and pray and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land. Follow me and ask God to make revisions for the people whom they've sinned and God answered both for petition and forgiveness: One, humble yourself by admitting your sins; two, pray to God, ask him for forgiveness; three, seek God continually; and four, turn from sinful behavior. Be true that we can __06.37__ it is a changed behavior whether we sin individually, as a group or as a nation. Following the four steps will lead to forgiveness and God will answer our earnest prayer, hallelujah, hallelujah __07.05__ from curses, in the name of Yeshua we thank you Lord for allowing me to wake up today, hallelujah. I mean, some of the people don't realize how much, it is a blessing just to open your eyes everyday. And I'm so grateful that I had the chance today to just enjoy the day that God created, created, created hallelujah. Most like us some of the __07.39__ like I said.

7:42 Letitia Peters

Some of the people will gonna start with confusion, because I did not see here, stress and a financial breakthrough so every time you hear the sound of the show first just say I'm open to receive it in the name of Yeshua I believe in the name of Yeshua. Okay. Enjoy for the next couple of minutes. Bye, bye.

7:42 S?

Walking confusion. You don't understand what God is about or understand about what's happening in life and what's happening in your life specifically. I would claim Proverbs 3:5 over you and declare Proverbs 14:15 and I would say to you confusion be broken off of their lives, be broken off of their lives in the name of Yeshua, in the name of Jesus by the blood of the lamb. More confusion, go as the breath of God would blow on your mind and on your heart and on your emotion, go, in Jesus name receive now. (Music)

9:26 S?

For those been having anxiety and fear, especially because so many will have fear of what the economic situation is here in this country and throughout the world and the natural disasters and wondering when Yeshua is coming back to return then that fear would no longer be a part of your life. If that anxiety of maybe jobs or whatever you might have, lack of finance, whatever it might be that you would be set free, I speak the fear, the spirit of fear for perfect love catch out all fear and according to Leviticus 26 verses 6-28, you are set free. I declare and decree it. According to Deuteronomy 20 verses 3-4, you are set free. I declare it and decree it. According to Deuteronomy 31:8, you are set free. I declare it and decree it and according to Psalm 46:2, you are set free from all anxiety and fear and no longer will there be part of your life, but the joy of the Lord will be your strength. (Music)

10:58 S?

And I speak to stress in the name of Yeshua and by the blood of the lamb of Jesus and I command you spirit stress out of them in the name of Yeshua and by the blood of the lamb and in the authority of the name of Yeshua, out stress be cut in Jesus name for God has given you a mind that has stayed on him, a mind that is full of peace-shalom. According to 1 Peter 5:7 I declare it over you. 1 John 4:8, I declare it over you. Isaiah 40:1-10 I declare it over and Psalm 34:4, I declare it over you that you are stress free and that you walk in the shalom of God in a bubble of his shalom everyday of your life. Receive your delivery. (Music)

12:12 S?

Those that have been seeking a financial breakthrough, that you need more finances that is not enough and at the end of the month the check is not needing what you need to pay, no, no, no that's not the answer. The answer is prosperity. The answer is that he desires to prosper those of his children. The answer is that you are king and you are priest of your household and he has made you both sons and daughters of the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords and your inheritance is the kingdom of heaven, the financial breakthrough assures today that you might receive that financial breakthrough that you also might receive redemption from robbery of those that have robbed you physically or they have robbed your through their investments whether they have robbed you through actually robbing your homes, whatever robbery has come into your life that you would receive that redemption from those finances that have been stolen from you. Financial breakthrough for you today that you receive it and it is yours, that the glory of God would be in your life and prosperity would be manifested that you would receive that man would give on to your bosom press down, shaking together and flowing over man would give on to your bosom that you would receive the prosperity of the Lord that you might be able to be givers, givers unto God, receive his blessing, receive the blessing of God upon your life. The financial breakthrough I speak to right now in the name of Yeshua, by the blood of the lamb and I command breakthrough in Jesus name for the breaker anointing is here and the breaker who carries the breaker anointing is here as we together are receiving from God. (Music)

14:29 S?

Hallelujah, hallelujah. I'll pray that with the blessing to you and now let's pray the Lord's Prayer and you can find the Lords' Prayer at Matthew 6:9-13 let's pray. Our Father, which art in heaven, hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. For thine is the kingdom and the power, and the glory forever. Amen. Hallelujah, hallelujah and now we have an honest election, we do right now. __15:47__ everybody have a beautiful day, we will do marvelous by water, water __15:56__ enjoy.

16:07 S?

Praise the Lord everybody. Praise the Lord everybody. (Music)

22:47 Letitia Peters

Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah. (Music)

23:44 Letitia Peters

Hallelujah, hallelujah. I just love the song. Woo! Hallelujah, that's all I could say, hallelujah. Well, we don't have the 12 people we need though we just have to continue on, God has spoke to my spirit and said, these people are not praying to me. They are mad with me. They do not want to get out of that situation. They are acting like Moses' people, the Israelites who were in the wilderness for 40 years, 40 years just because they were complaining, complaining, complaining and I guess I have a new prophet assign to me now because -- people are deceiving people. They want to stop me to keep it, keep the money going. You see, I've doing this in the first place and I wrote a commentary, a response pertaining to this unbelievable, I just can't believe what I was reading. I don't know if anybody else read it, but it was pertaining to chimpanzees who were in a human experiment.

25:46 Letitia Peters

And they officially, National Institute of Health officially gathered some chimp for research ineligible and that their decision to remove 110 of these chimpanzees from invasive biomedical research and I have to quote this, it says "it's a huge important prospect towards in the imitation of man's closest biological relative, how come it's not important for NIH to be more man from invasive biomedical research, especially on __26.52__ man as who should be deemed as research ineligible. Now, they did a response from that and I also said that as a blog so I'm waiting for comments. I would love to see comments in that because this is my battling. My scientific mind just can't conceive how man is willing to deem chimpanzees as research ineligible but not man.

27:45 Letitia Peters

Especially when man did not open, did not decide, did not give their informed consent or knowledge to participate and this has still been going on since the 1950s, it never ended. __28.12__ that man is more concerned about removing chimps from the research than human being who have been abused, maimed or killed without being informed consent or knowledge. How can man turn a blind eye to another man who has suffered because of greed, corruption and because they think they can. I was told they are doing this because they can and I told the young lady Ms. Joan in California because she accepts the $100,000 from the federal government in order to stop me because she said they knew who I was and they were afraid of me. I said who? So they paid her $100,000 because they also killed me in 2010 because our neighbors were using so much hi-tech stuck to my brain it was actually making my brain feel like mush and it was just crazy what was going on. I was going from room to room trying to get away from it then I just cried out the name that above every name, in the name of Jesus and I know I've got the hand of God protecting me so I could get some sleep.

29:48 Letitia Peters

And where is the church in all of this? You see, church had been doing a great job, plain church, the bride of the church and I won't get in trouble with this. But many of these people who are doing this to us are church goers, my neighbors, my aunts, my cousins, they go to church faithfully every Sunday, but they don't see anything wrong with what they're doing. Now, my bed just started shaking as I started talking about this and now, I'm starting to sweat. I don't know if it is coming from perps or from my neighbors. Have you forgotten the Golden Rule? Because it's ironic that the perpetrators who wanted the tortures would not like it being done to their family members. That's an ironic thing, but they want to say, "Well, we're getting paid to do this." Well, say no. You have a choice. You have a choice in all of this and you know the Golden Rule is "Do unto others as you would like it to be done to you". That's the Golden Rule. What happened to love your neighbor as you love yourself?

31:58 Letitia Peters

Have people just accepted the fact that, "Hey, it is okay. Everybody else is doing it. Let me do it too. Let me get some easy money". To the perpetrators, to the torturers, to the double agents, the moles, you are murderers. You are not working for the Creator, you are working for Satan who comes to kill, steal and destroy. And he has your soul, the one of your most prized possession, your soul. And unless you confess of your sins and repent of your sins and turn away from your wicked ways, then there will be consequences for this dissipating. There will be consequences for your unbelieving that there is a Jesus Christ, Yeshua. There will be consequences __33:26__ so turn now before it's too late. Well, I can't do the show the way I like to do the show because we don't have 12 people and God told me don't teach it unless I have 12 people on the show and we don't have 12 people on so we're just going to praise him.

33:58 Letitia Peters

And I know what I have to do because, you know, maybe all of these people that's around us are really moles and double agents, and I don't know what happened to some of the other people, but people can listen to somebody who hasn't done anything, in our teen years and we got the truth behind us. And I just give God all the praise because he has given us the authority on this. In Luke chapter 10 verse 19 -- well, I'm going to start with verse 18. He, Jesus, replied, "I saw Satan fall like lighting from heaven. I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all of the power of the enemy and nothing will harm you". In verse 20 He said, "However, do not rejoice that the spirits submit to you but rejoice that your names are written in heaven." And that's what we should do, rejoice that our names are written in heaven because God knows who we are, but we can't help people who don't want to help themselves. We can't keep saying they are doing this for us, they are doing that to us, but what are you doing?

35:57 Letitia Peters

We need time for people to believe, time for people to trust that there is a God. And __36:13__ this was a promotion for me, is it? Sometimes God has a sense of humor. I went from being a survivor of toxic mold exposure and bring awareness to possible exposure in a toxic mold of community and God helped me move from there to move here. Then, I have to shutdown my organization. So many people said, "We will help you Letitia. We will help you," but God tells me it was too late. And we have to be upheaving. Upheaving will give you favor, give you anointing, give you may be perhaps give you presents. I would like to say I'm the favorite, highly favorite, highly anointed and highly blessed in the name of Yeshua. Well, I'm going to keep praising him and keep believing and that's what we have to do. We have to speak things into existence, despite it is written. It is written. Few things that are not as if they are.

37:51 Letitia Peters

I'm speaking it and I declare, I decree in the name of Yeshua that we will be delivered out of the hands of the unrighteous and the wicked by thanksgiving in the name of Yeshua. We will be having a nice thanksgiving dinner with our family and loved ones. Everything will be out of us. Supernaturally, God will come to work miracles in our lives. We will see things that we have never seen before supernaturally weight loss, hallelujah, back to the weight we were before, hallelujah. Family coming back together, praising God, hallelujah! And that's what we have to do, praise God. And the perk is less. But you know what, no matter what happens, I have no doubt that He will answer our prayers. I have no doubt that He will deliver us, but it will be His time. But I'm going to keep, have a faith and keep believing, keep trusting and that's what we got to keep doing no matter what comes against us. And that the hand of protection is around all of us who are real GIs, not the fake ones or the double agents and the moles.

39:53 Letitia Peters

Let me get back to the people I live, the toxic mold, the mold community, that I'm saying m-o-l-d. They are still doing to same old thing. Getting on a phone, conference calls, everyday talking about their problems, same old, same old, same things that's being done here. No one wants to talk about solutions. People want to steal other people's idea when they do come up with a solution, isn't that ironic, anyone's crazy psychological games. Our God is an awesome God. Maybe, it's better with the international community. I see how many people will be on the call tomorrow because I don't know what's up with America, but people say one thing and do another. You know, you can only do so much. Do you know somebody that doesn't have __41:15__business so they can call in? You only can give them so much and if they still don't do it, then what do you do? So God is with all of us. We just have to continue to pray and believe and trust because no matter what is going on, He is with us.

42:03 Letitia Peters

Okay, it's time for another song. I'm going to play this song by Shirley Caesar, Miracles Still Happen. Listen and enjoy. (Music)

50:29 Letitia Peters

Hallelujah, hallelujah! We just have to believe and have no doubt and God will do it. Hallelujah, hallelujah! Anybody who wants to read any scriptures or anything, just press your button, dial into 5176 and I'm going to answer, "What's up? Hello 5176! Welcome, praise the Lord". Hello? Uh-oh, I think we lost her. Hello?

51:13 Alicia


51:14 Letitia Peters

Uh-huh. Now, I can hear you.

51:17 Alicia

Can you hear me?

51:18 Letitia Peters

Yes, I hear you.

51:22 Alicia

You will be amazed at what God is about to do for you and your salvation and your strength. Letitia is here to minister to you now. God revealed the deepest places of your heart. I know the real you that people never see. People think they know you, but you have been keeping so much to yourself. You are a kind person who makes the people around you feel good at important times, but no one knows the real you. People hurt you and just go on their way like nothing happened. God reveals so clearly the worry you have. It's not just physical block and hindrance, but being used by the devil to block you in so many ways. That is why God wants you to send God wants you by the hand and walk you into his divine victory. God wants you by the hand and walk perpetrators are messing me up. God wants you to walk by the hand and walk into his divine victory, help you to release incredible help you to release incredible miracles into your life. God will pay particular attention to the revelations. We are going to communicate to you. If you will listen closely and obey the instruction God gave you, He is ready to remote to you to a completely new place in your life.

53:22 Alicia

Your personal disappointments, the burdens you feel, the sufferings you have gone through. God knows how troubled and concerned you are. At this point, you may be saying, "How can God know so much about me?" That is what I have been trying to tell you. God has opened your life like a book. God also knows that as energetic and resourceful as you have tried to be, you have made some difficult decisions that have been the best for you and for others. Do not allow mistakes from your past discourage you. Many of God's servants like David, Saul and others were just like you. The great news is that God restores for we are God's witness. I am convinced that when God gets ready to promote us to a new level of spiritual power and prosperity, he tests our faith and that is what's happening to us. Before you can move to a new level, you have to pass God's test. God wants me to tell you, "Do not be discouraged. Do not be distracted. Do not be dissuaded". Remember this, your future is determined by the battles you win. David was just a poor shepherd boy until he faced Goliath. Without trusting God in battle, David would have never experienced the destiny God prepared for him. Do you see it now? Do you understand what is happening?

55:22 Alicia

You are on your way to a major promotion. But first, you must see your Goliath. You must win the battle, you must pass the test. Goliath mocked God. He made fun of God's people. He cursed David, but David stood strong and said to Goliath, "You come to me with a sword, with a spear, with a javelin, but I come to you in the name of the Lord of hosts. This day the Lord will deliver you unto my hand for the battle is the Lord's, 1 Samuel 17:45-47. How could David be so confident in the face of such terrifying enemy? He knew God was with him. He sensed God would use him. He was certain God was about to promote him. You are not alone. God is taking you through the current battles you are facing so he can bring you into the place of amazing and abundant blessing. God told Moses to lead the children the children of Israel out of Egypt into the promise Land. Moses said in Deuteronomy 6:23, "And he brought us out that He might bring us in to give us land". God's deliverance was not just to set them free from their old life. It was to bring them into the new life filled with glorious unlimited potential. His plan excuse me, God sent me to help you to the test of your faith.

57:18 Alicia

But his plans, his purpose, his passion is to bring you into his new place of divine blessing and prosperity. God has incredible miracles that he wants to send in your way, but you must pass the test. Are you ready?

57:40 Letitia Peters

Yes! Yes!

57:45 Alicia

Before the Israelites could enter the land of promise, they had to pass their test. You also have to pass the test before you can experience all that God has for you. Remember God's divine promotion is in mind for you. This test of faith will transform your life and break the bondage of old habits and actions and thoughts and attitudes. Winning this battle will empower you to overcome your challenge and receive all of God has for you. Letitia is here to help us to overcome this situation of being human subjects to this military research experiment funded by our government. Together, we will win the battle. Together, we will pass the test. If you will obey God's instruction you will experience the fullness of the destiny that God has prepared for you. That is why God gave the prophetic word for you. This is unique and powerful anointing upon you, an anointing promise to help you break-free from the difficult situations and forces of evil that are breaking God's miracle blessings in your life. God gave me this prophetic word for you. For ye, my sisters and brothers are being tested, but do not fear. I have sent my prophet unto you. I have sent him to you so you will pass this test of your faith and enter the fullness of my miracle blessing. Your burdens will be lifted. You will be victorious over the forces of evil and the blessings you have desired will be released. Nothing is too hard for your God. I have heard the cries of your heart. I love you and desired to bless you.

1:00:00 Alicia

You are my beloved brothers and sisters. Even though you may not understand, all I ask you to do, obey me now. Obedience will release miracles I have prepared for you. Follow the instructions for, I the Lord thy God, had set my service to you. For such a time is this, soon miracle blessings will be released as you obey me. I will fight the battle for you. I will give you victory. I will bless you just obey me now, say it to Lord of host. Wow! What an amazing promise I've got? I'm still shaking from his presence. Have you been divinely chosen? There are place...

1:00:56 Letitia Peters


1:00:57 Alicia

Go ahead.

1:00:59 Letitia Peters

No, go ahead. I'm just amazed about what you're reading sketch. Praise the Lord! Keep reading. (Laughs)

1:01:07 Alicia

Okay. There are places in the Holy Land where our dear Lord Jesus performed miracles that relates to freedom. I cannot tell you anymore about the secret places where the incredible miracles God chose me, but I can tell you this. Just as the widow in Luke 21 was willing to give her last two mites to God. This represents your willingness to give everything to Jesus and to trust him to cite the battle for you. The widow did not know that Jesus and his disciples were watching, but she was confident that God have her obedience and he was honor the purity of her heart. God wants to pass the test and experience the amazing miracles he has prepared for you, but you must follow the instructions that God restores us to cure divine health and freedom.

1:02:21 Letitia Peters

Hallelujah, hallelujah.

1:02:23 Alicia


1:02:27 Letitia Peters


1:02:28 Alicia

With the instruction for you to personally receive these incredible miracles, each of these incredible miracles will bring God's divine blessings to a different area of your life. Look at this, 7 incredible miracles I can name: 1) unlimited financial provision; 2) divine wisdom and understanding; 3) complete peace of mind and freedom from torment; 4) double portion spiritual anointing; 5) restoration of broken relationships; 6) divine health and wholeness and most importantly; 7) deliverance from evil forces such as witchcraft and spells by targeting etc. God also told me that as you passed this test. He will manifest his presented glory and take things met for your evil and miraculously turn them around for your good. You will literally transcend your circumstances. The evil forces of Satan will not hold you back. The hurts of your past will not hold you back. The criticism of others will not hold you back. This means the divine power God will release on your behalf will turn stumbling block into stepping stones. Things saying met to destroy you will instead bring divine blessings praise God. All you need to do is pass the test. Thy kingdom truth is especially for you.

1:04:25 Alicia

Battles determine your destiny. Every battle is spiritually significant. God often test our faith before he promotes us to the next level of blessing and prosperity. Right now, focus on your faith and the prophetic word today. Battles are won by following the Lord's plan. God has a plan to bless you and give a glorious future. God sent his prophet to guide you through this test. God's plan is to get you through your trouble and into the flow of his divine blessing so you can walk in his miraculous provision for your life. God is your source. He has everything you need. You have to asset his unlimited supply. When you so face, feed into God's work it qualifies you to receive the blessing of God's miracle harvest. Do not limit God. God has a new light of unlimited supernatural blessing waiting for you. All things are possible. Obey him in faith. He will give us supernatural harvest behind your imagination. Always obey God. All you need to do is trust God and obey his voice. God is ready to release miracles and bring you out of your current circumstances and into the glorious new destiny just to pass the test. God's greater desire for you is to set you free from everything holding you back from a new level of power and prosperity.

1:06:26 Alicia

Are you ready? I feel in my spirit that Satan is already lying to you. He is saying that once you give the best to God you will not have anything left. That is a lie. Remember, Jesus says, give and it shall be give unto you. All things will be added unto you. I will supply all your needs. You need to make a decision. God wants to see if you will be obedient to the instruction of his prophet. Are you ready? If you are, together we will enter into a divine dimension of blessing that no one has ever entered before. God directs it humble prophet to lead you into this unique anointed place of supernatural release. As we enter unto this sacred moment, we enter into the manifest presence of God. Do not take this moment lightly. You must reverence the presence of a living God. Are we ready? God's word is true. I will obey his instruction. I will not miss the divine opportunity. I accept that incredible miracles from the Holy Land, I accept the blessing God has promised for Satan is a liar.

1:08:20 Alicia

God is my source, the holy spirit of my guide, Jesus is my Lord, I will pass the test. Amen.

1:08:29 Letitia Peters


1:08:30 Alicia

Pass the test of faith and obedience. Just remember this; if what you have is not your harvest then it is seed. Seed is for sowing and or its produce an abundant harvest. Can we pray the Hail Mary?

1:08:54 Letitia Peters


1:08:58 Alicia

In the name of the Father, and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Hail Mary, full of grace the Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death. Amen.

1:09:21 Letitia Peters

Amen. Amen. What were you reading Stunner? That was beautiful! Hallelujah.

1:09:30 Alicia

Hallelujah. You know, God is my strength and my rock and my foundation because through all the years of targeting, I don't know where I would be had I not had Jesus in my heart.

1:09:50 Letitia Peters


1:09:53 Alicia

Being a human after all this years.

1:09:57 Letitia Peters

Excuse me. I was saying what were you reading? That was beautiful. Hallelujah.

1:10:05 Alicia

Well, thank you. It's a reading that I got from prophet Peter Popoff.

1:10:11 Letitia Peters


1:10:12 Alicia

And he's a prophet.

1:10:13 Letitia Peters

Yes. Wow. Because there were a lot of things in there I was dealing with. It sounds like, wow. (Laughs) Oh, go ahead, continue.

1:10:35 Alicia

Let us pray. Remember, most gracious Virgin Mary, that never was it known that anyone who fled to your protection, or implored your help, or sought your intercession was left unaided. Inspired by this confidence I fly unto you, oh Virgin of Virgins, my Mother. To you I come, before you I stand, sinful and sorrowful. Oh Mother of the Word Incarnate, despise not my petition to end electronic harassment but in your mercy hear and answer them in Jesus name. Amen. Glory be to the Father, to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit. As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world without end. Amen.

1:11:34 Letitia Peters


1:11:36 Alicia

I pray that all targeted individuals of human subjects are safe tonight and that we're all have -- I have lots of words there, Letitia.

1:12:00 Letitia Peters

I know they're messing with your voice.

1:12:03 Alicia

Yeah, they keep switching from one voice to another voice.

1:12:07 Letitia Peters


1:12:10 Alicia

But they've been doing that to me all week. You know the other night, they had me throw up on purpose just to be me. And they've been ought the heat in my body with the controller is on the receiving microwave chips. So I've been having heat flashes and getting all clammy but it's from the perpetrators well, you won't go along with our plans because your plans are lies about me. Sabotage and manipulation.

1:12:54 Letitia Peters

What plan?

1:12:55 Alicia

All you wanna do is to credit my words. Letitia...

1:13:03 Letitia Peters

Yes? Hello?

1:13:08 Alicia

See, you know, everybody knows about electronic harassment because it's world wide. And everybody knows about the perpetrators. But damn it, she's gonna get a lot of money for her compensation for being a microwave chip individual, for being a human subject, for being a less targeted and we chipped her. And we think we deserve her compensation for all the years of having to do this to her. Because is that she deserves none of the money that her compensation should go all to the perpetrator and none to her because she was supposed to be ruined. That was the name with the Pandora game. It's not a game, it's research experiment, experiment. But to us it's a game and we go by the rules and we were told that we could do anything we wanted to do to her. But the main thing was to ruin her psychologically, physically, mentally, emotionally to ruin her. We are paid by the government to ruin Joy's life. And so we think we deserve the money for having to do this to all this years. I know that I sound selfish and I'm a selfish man and I borrow a stolen money from her. That's just the way it is because I will kill Joy if I don't get my money and I mean it and I don't care if we're on the air with your lousy show. Joy is mine and her money is mine. I chipped her. I chipped her and I want her and her money.

1:15:04 Alicia

She's already won at a lawsuit, electronic harassment lawsuit with Greg, with William and with Peter, and she know and you know it. That's all I got to say.

1:15:21 Letitia Peters

Now, who is this? Who's speaking?

1:15:23 Alicia

Roger Boehm and Scott Boyd and she knows Roger Boehm at 16 years old. I didn't meet Roger Boehm until I was 24. I got chipped at 16 so Roger Boehm you did not chip me. Letitia has gonna find that too much. We were beaten by Joy. God damn I forgot that she could do that. Well, damn, oh I'm sure she'll gonna suffer tonight for it. I didn't mean that, I'm sorry. I'm just so frustrated right now. She got to quit saying what I'm saying. Okay, okay. I know we are on the air and I don't mean to sound like a gritty man, but she's gonna have so much money that she can share the wealth with the perpetrators and the family that helped with this research experiment.

1:16:27 Letitia Peters

I thought that he steals all of her money already?

1:16:31 Alicia

Yeah, but I know she's -- I know she's gonna get more money and I'm greedy and I want that too. Because if I leave her broke and penniless and put around in street with nowhere to go, with nothing to eat and nowhere to sleep, there shall have no choice but to turn to me and her family who I've already got brainwashed. They know I'm a wealthy man because of stealing her money and because of his drugs. Well, guys saying I wanted to ruin her and leave her penniless and force her to be with me. I've got a knot, I got to have my sex every night and I raped Joy almost every single night. I raped her. That's nice to admit to other people but you know you're admitting to raping Donna Joy Plattner every night because there's one night out of week that she's not raped hardly, hardly at all, I'm in her apartment I'm every night raping her. She can't stop me form coming in and Letitia knows it because with this equipment I can put her in an unconsciousness state of mind like sleepwalking. I get in the house without her letting me in like a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, I take over her body and I let them in. There's a few of us here that are raping her. So it's one person raping her. There's two to three people here raping her.

1:18:27 Letitia Peters

So how much money do you need? We got, what, $10 million from her already? How much money you can...

1:18:33 Alicia

Oh, I got more than that. I got more than 20 million.

1:18:38 Letitia Peters

More than 20 million?

1:18:40 Alicia

More than 20 million. You cheat if I told you how much money that I confiscated from Joy over all the years of targeting her.

1:18:52 Letitia Peters

How much...

1:18:53 Alicia

Because even when she was in her 20s, I took her body to court and sued a doctor who made the pass to her and that was 20 million alone, and I got more money since that. More than 30 million. More than 40 million. How much money altogether do you think you have confiscated? Oh, I think roughly give her a take every million. And with the lawsuits, the electronic harassment lawsuits. Well, Letitia, you know what Greg wants. You know what Joy wants because I...

1:19:41 Letitia Peters

Well, I don't know. I don't know. I just saw a paper said 10.5 million for her. I don't know how much did Greg win.

1:19:54 Alicia

How about 3 billion?

1:19:56 Letitia Peters

About 3 billion?

1:19:59 Alicia

With the lawsuits together? I've said too much and I know it. She ate mine and the government knows it. Damn!

1:20:27 Letitia Peters

No, we can refund, Greg, so I guess he's offered his money.

1:20:38 Alicia

Oh, I'm right here in Omaha not off with my money.

1:20:47 Letitia Peters


1:20:48 Alicia

I wish you were never got involved with the electronic harassment and gain stocking. I didn't mean to hurt Joy. I just wanted to pull my own and I found out about this research so I put her in it to control her, to get full control over her. So I could make her mine for the rest of her life but the rules of this game were to ruin her. I mean of this experiment. And Joy knows that there's a script and that we had -- she knows that there's a box that we have to set in to be hooked up to her. She knows that are people outside the box which is hard to explain unless she know this equipment. The Voice-to-Skull I won't be talking to you right now if she had not had chips in her throat, in her head, in her body. Joy is fully chipped. Joy has about 30 chips inside of her. Actually, about 40. She is fully loaded with red microchips. And I just want you to know that I didn't mean to hurt her but the rules of this experiment are forcing me to take actions to try to ruin her and I have. She's been a widow for 10 years. She hasn't had a relationship. So I mean she's been alone for 10 years and with the money that I've kept from her, kept her from getting, she can just gets by from month to month to month on a DIC award from the federal government.

1:22:48 Alicia

For her late husband, Robert Frank Plattner being a marine who went to Vietnam and was exposed to Agent Orange herbicide exposure. Joy received the DIC award from the federal government and is a veteran and I'm not going down because she's a veteran. So I got papers saying she's married but they're illegal papers. She never married no one willingly and she knows it and the government will know it. Donna Joy Plattner is not married or not hiding the marriage. She's a widow to her late husband, Robert Plattner and is still very much a single woman who lives by herself in a tiny efficiency apartment in Omaha, Nebraska. We wanted you to saying the she was still in Iowa because in Iowa we had give her loss. See, we were only able to get Joy in observation unit for three days and the judge dismissed the case. After all, she lived in Denison, Iowa and Crawford County and the hospital that we put her in was in Carroll, Iowa, Carroll County and the judge could even understand why Joy was in Carroll County Courthouse instead of Crawford County Courthouse. But Denison has a mental health but it don't have a mental health hospital. So we admitted her into the Carroll, St. Anthony Hospital for a three-day observation because that's all we could do.

1:24:45 Alicia

And the doctor's referral to the judge was dismissal. So the judge dismissed the case. So, now I don't have no taste on Joy. She has no guardian, she has no power attorney and she has no case. She's never been declared mentally incompetent, but I want her declared mentally incompetent and I want her to look crazy, insane like I had a reason to do this to her. And I said too much and I know it. And I'm going down, I just know it. I still think that this is a stink. God, I said too much. Clear repeat to me you guys.

1:25:44 Letitia Peters

Wow, it's just to know that you have a heart.

1:25:49 Alicia

I have more than a heart. If I had a heart and I was the kind of man that I would like to portray, I wouldn't be raping Joy almost every night. Don't make me out to be something I'm not. I'm a gangster and a drug dealer, and a womanizer, a male chauvinist pig and I know it but I can't help myself. I'm strung out on heroin and I worked for the government and they're paying me to do Joy wrong. God, I said too much again.

1:26:30 Letitia Peters

Or chip took the money, you took the money. Is this Tim? Who is this?

1:26:36 Alicia

No, this is not Tim and yes I get paid weekly by the government and then I pay other people from what I get paid. That's why not -- you don't know a perpetrator because one main perpetrator gets paid and then he pays little people under him and the government knows this. I just tell them how many workers I have and then he pays and then the government pays me one want to some and then I paid the little people, the perpetrators that I hired to work for me to do Joy wrong. And that is the way the government is working. Pandora is one of the names but there are other names because there are other situations. I mean, you know that there are other... [Crosstalk] dammit, you know that there are other projects. There is more than one project. Pandora is only one of them. MKUltra is only one of them.

1:27:52 Letitia Peters

Star Wars is another one, right? Star Wars.

1:27:56 Alicia

Star Wars is one of them, A.K.A. Mike Schultz. God dammit! Lucy goosey, Mickey Ronald? Skydiving jungies. Deliverance. Oh, guys bang it. This is the way it is, Letitia. I've got real papers that I got in illegally that looked real and the government -- and the judge are gonna look at them and think they're real because they are real, I just got them illegally because Joy was unconscious when Judy and Rita got guardianship over Joy. Joy was unaware of signing those papers so the papers look real but technically they're illegal, they're fake because Joy was unaware of signing those papers. So it's like the marriage papers I have, Joy was unaware of signing a wedding certificate. And Joy was unaware of signings papers of guardianship of herself, but it's technically she would have never done it if I had asked her. So that's why we done it illegally. I got Joy. The judge here in Omaha ain't gonna -- is gonna think these papers are legal because they look legal even though they're illegal.

1:29:55 Alicia

I think I've said too much. But you know I have turned some of her family against her. I even hypnotized Joy against her will and her family knows I had her hypnotized. Without asking, without her knowledge, without permission, I had her hypnotized twice, actually three times and she forgot me, but then when she met me, then I did something else wrong, so then I hypnotized her again to forget me.

1:30:36 Letitia Peters

Obviously, it's Tim isn't it?

1:30:40 Alicia

No, this is not Tim. I just wanted you to think. Tim was my scapegoat. Tim -- she doesn't even Tim at 16. Joy did meet Tim until she was 24. I just wanted you to think that Tim was behind this because I don't want to take the rap.

1:31:05 Letitia Peters

Is this Roger?

1:31:09 Alicia

No, this is not Roger. This is Jeff Traynor.

1:31:14 Letitia Peters

Jeff, okay.

1:31:15 Alicia

Her son's father and I regret what I have done to Joy. There is a government that is behind me. We made her look crazy. We made her do -- well, we made her do things that she wouldn't have done had she not been chipped. She will never done it on her own. Her and her husband didn't want threesome because I was trying to turn her gay. All are talking into individuals are trying to be turned gay, that's part of the project, part of the experiment among other things. You know the rules are to ruin them in any way we can. To make them look foolish, crazy, to discredit through word and I will still discredit Joy's word. I will still make her look like something she is not. I will still make her look crazy no matter what the government does. I will chip the judge, the policemen, the sheriff, the attorney, the doctor because you don't know who I am and I'm capable of all that because there are mafia and the CIA, the military. This is a military research experiment funded by our government and I can do anything I want and the government knows it, including killing her or causing her to commit suicide.

1:33:09 Alicia

There are other talking to individuals who have committed suicide, who have been killed and make it look like suicide. I felt that the targeted individuals that already committed suicide, but they're already dead. I like following soldiers because we are being attached with direct-energy weapons known as Covert Electronic Harassment and Surveillance and Gang Stalking. I am being attacked with the direct-energy weapon and I have no way to defend myself, to protect myself from the perpetrators hurting me and they have caused great pain throughout my body, from my head to my toes, I have been tortured and I have been raped every year of being targeted and I have been targeted for over 34 years that will be 35 years this coming summer and I feel that these targeted individuals whose lives have been taken by suicide or made it look like suicide are fallen soldiers and should be recognized as that. Do you know how many people who've already been buried, who were completely chipped and know what even, God help us target at individuals who are being stalked and taken advantage of and manipulated.

1:35:08 Alicia

And lies about, the perpetrators and even some family members that have been turned against them will manipulate them, will persecute them like Jesus Christ, Joy feels that she has been a targeted individual for 34 years so that she has 34 lashes across her back because she feels that she has been persecuted like Jesus Christ.

1:35:48 Letitia Peters

I'm impressed you know the bible.

1:35:53 Alicia

Damn it Letitia, this is the way it is. There is more than one person here and we want Joy's money, her compensation and the money that we stole from her divided among us. We don't want Joy to have a single penny, not one red cent. I am going to force her to be mine. If had to take her to Alaska or Utah or Australia or Europe or England or Germany, I will smuggle her out of the country and I mean it. Nobody will find her, not even her family if they even cared. I got so many of her family members strung out on drugs and brainwashed that technically all they care about is this award and Joy's money. We did unfair...

1:36:53 Letitia Peters

I wonder.

1:36:54 Alicia


1:36:55 Letitia Peters

How much is this award worth. How much, millions?

1:37:00 Alicia

The award for winning this research experiment, the generals will receive an award for targeting these individual and all the only thing that is important to me is getting Joy the money in receiving that award.

1:37:29 Letitia Peters

So how much is it? $2 million? $3 million?

1:37:34 Alicia

How do you know the award is money? How do you know that the award contains money?

1:37:44 Letitia Peters

Well, you've been getting money.

1:37:47 Alicia

Yeah, don't you get paid every week for targeting? Yeah, but I get one lump sum when I bring you down to Utah to an institution, a laboratory. So his plan really is to take Joy down the Utah where he will receive an award from the federal government and they will give Joy complete amnesia. Letitia, you better worry because you are a targeted individual as well. You are a chipped individual. You are a human subject and whether your perpetrator take you down the Utah or they come up and get you and use a stun gun on you, you will end up in Utah right along with Joy Plattner and you will have complete amnesia. All your targeted individuals are going to end up with complete amnesia. You won't remember about the targeting. You won't remember about being chipped and you won't remember about the money.

1:39:00 Letitia Peters

But you're just telling all right now we will remember because they have not taken us and they are not, I'll refuse that.

1:39:10 Alicia

But they will, they're coming.

1:39:13 Letitia Peters

I'll refuse that in the name of Yeshua, Jerry, I'll refuse that. I will treat you like Godly big beacon. I'll refuse that in the name of Yeshua. I don't care what the government wants because we are the children of God and God did not leave me down this path to survive, blind it, to survive being kidnapped and taken to mental institutions. They are afraid of me right now. They have blind up and down the streetlight now. They may have so much everything, but one thing you want is our souls and you can't have it, never, ever that's what you want our souls.

1:40:09 Alicia

You better keep praying to your God, but it's not going to help because you're a human subject as well as you claimed, you will end up in Utah and you will have complete amnesia and you will be ruined because of revenge.

1:40:23 Letitia Peters

I'm not ruined. I'm still here. I still have money. I'm not ruined. You don't know who I am Jerry. Hallelujah. You don't know why I've been called to do. They pay __1:40:39__ $100,000 to stop me. They paid another $25,000 to stop me. They made me blind, but God gave me back my sight. They tortured me beyond torture, unbelievable torture that should have been enough to kill me drop there. Heaven knows what on my parent's house. Heaven knows what every day and then there are bleachers in that door because they are bleacher __1:41:04__ beat that demon __1:41:08__ either it sinned another female over again. I know what you could do, but I serve a greater God. You should keep doing this, there will be consequences so all the perpetrator of that door, consequences. This obedience, I believe in, you will die. And death...

1:41:33 Alicia

You think you're pretty smart, don't you Letitia?

1:41:35 Letitia Peters

I don't think anything, but you keep giving me credit. You keep giving me credit so you must know something. You know who I am. Checkmate.

1:41:49 Alicia

This game ain't over until it's over and you will see I will get Joy's money because I will make her look so mentally ill, so crazy. Her family don't care. They feel ashamed by her.

1:42:05 Letitia Peters

You want me to die in the name of Yeshua. You have stolen $15 million from her, that's enough and you're going to return all of that too. I'm going __1:42:19__

1:42:30 Alicia

Family does not feel ashamed about Joy. They feel sorry for her, but I guess we're all greedy because we want some of her pie. She is going to have a large pie and it's going to be divided among us including (crosstalk)

1:42:33 Alicia

When you like to know?

1:42:40 Letitia Peters

Don't think of that. What's your name?

1:42:47 Letitia Peters

Wow, now you wanted to lie so you're not fooling me.

1:42:55 Alicia

The thing is we know that Joy is going to have a lot of money and she has had a lot of money stolen from her and we're going try to take care of her. We're going make her a servant or a slave and force her to do our meat and force her to baby sit, force her to clean the house, force her to scrub the floor, force her to be our little Cinderella, force her to butt fuck the man as woman can't screw.

1:43:26 Letitia Peters

Oh wow, watch the language.

1:43:31 Alicia

Well, guys __1:43:33__, I can't take my man's dick and he wants it every night. I send them to Joy. I know he is going over there and raping here and I don't care because I'm not taking my man's dick in my ass so I sent my man to Joy's apartment to rape, how you like that? And I'm glad about it because I hate Joy, I hate Joy so much. Joy thinks she's all that, a goody-two-shoes Catholic woman from a good family. I enjoy ruining her. I enjoy perpetrating her. I enjoy stealing from her and I enjoy that my husband rapes her. This is Alicia.

1:44:23 Letitia Peters

Hi Alicia. All because you're jealous of her. All because she was beautiful.

1:44:30 Alicia

I hate her. I've always hated her. She thinks she is all that, a goody-two-shoes Catholic Ms. Know-it-all. You should see the way the men look at her when she walks into the club or into a restaurant or into a bar. All these women hate it when Joy walks in. Oh God, look who just walked in Joy Plattner. Then the men sat and look at her because she's pretty. How do you it when your man is looking at some other woman instead of looking at you and you could see that he is drooling? When my husband started drooling over her, I just wanted to punch her in the face.

1:45:15 S?

Well it's your husband that you should have been punching in his face because you husband comes knocking on her door. You remember that Joy didn't go chasing after your husband. Your husband comes knocking on her door and Joy hadn't to screwed your husband in 10 years and when she did screw him in 10 years, he lied to her about it. And have self-irate so Joy didn't know who he was. Joy has only screwed Scott one time in 20 years, probably 22 years.

1:45:55 Letitia Peters

Alicia, get over the fact of how she looked. She can't help it. I mean jealousy. (Crosstalk)

1:46:03 Alicia

Man I would disfigure her face. I will throw acid in her face because I hate her.

1:46:12 Letitia Peters

Do you think she is responsible for how she look?

1:46:18 Alicia

No but I wish I were her. So I could have the men looking at me that's why I made her overweight, I'm not vain, but I can't stand it that the men look at her the way the way they look at her. I'm a gay woman, and me and my husband want her in our bed. It's not just that I don't want my husband's nut. I want Joy and she's not gay, and she won't allow a woman to fall in love with her. So she doesn't want to date women. That's why I say she is goody-two-shoes. She don't want a threesome, she don't want to play swingers, she don't even want two male lovers. She wants a real relationship with a real man and God in between us.

1:47:09 Letitia Peters

And that's what I want too. What is so wrong about that? We all have freewill. We have....

1:47:15 Alicia

This is the 21st century. Everybody fucks everybody.

1:47:20 Letitia Peters


1:47:21 Alicia

Everybody has open sex or threesomes, swingers or group sex.

1:47:27 Letitia Peters

No, no, not everyone. Hold on, I think someone else wants to say something here. 3090 join us.

1:47:36 S?

Hello, hello honey. Stop being so angry and why won't you just stop paying the perpetrators and get out and why did they decide to target you and torture you when you are working for them. Why did they decide to harass and _1:47:56_ and torture you because you're going through what we are going through. So you're not only a perpetrator, you are also a targeted individual now. Is that why you're so angry?

1:48:08 Alicia

I guess just because my life is been on hold doing this to Joy. Do you think I like being here in the box the day after day, after day, after day, week after week? There are places that I'd like to go. Things that I would like to see, but I can't.

1:48:26 S?

So why can't you just get out and go? Why can't you go? What would they do if you go?

1:48:30 Alicia

Because the money and the drugs that the government gives us. The government is paying us to do this. It's an easy job. I get paid for ruining someone. I get paid for aggravating someone. I get paid for sitting on my ass, drinking my beer, doing my drugs at the knobs to the controllers of the receive, and in of her chips doing Joy wrong.

1:49:00 S?

So all of the people in the box do, are they're all chipped also? Are you guys all chipped?

1:49:09 Alicia

Most of us have the earplugs chips in our ears. Not all of us are fully chipped. Not all of us are fully chipped. Some of us have the chips inside our ears and only our ears.

1:49:23 S?

Oh help us our Lord I am in a 100% agreement with Letitia. You should pray to God too honey because it sounds like are so fed up and you didn't know what you are getting into and just like we didn't know what we are getting into. I also have sympathy for you guys, but you need to stop. Don't let money control you and control your life. Get out of what you're in and stop doing it.

1:49:52 Alicia

Why do you get out of something that you are involved in when you want the money that she is going to receive. If I got out then I wouldn't get Joy's money.

1:50:02 S?

What would you get before that? (Crosstalk)

1:50:05 Letitia Peters

_1:50:06_ that 50 million, how much money do you need?

1:50:08 S?

Right. Lots of money.

1:50:10 Letitia Peters

How much?

1:50:11 Alicia

I am not greedy.

1:50:13 Letitia Peters

You are greedy, yes you are.

1:50:15 S?

And what have you done before the money even come?

1:50:18 Letitia Peters

Confess of your sins, repent and turn away.

1:50:22 S?

Turn the other way.

1:50:24 Letitia Peters

You were weak with your soul, believe me. You were weak with you soul.

1:50:34 Alicia

Well lots of promises were made to us by Joy's uncle. Out of promises is we help drove Joy crazy and got her mislabeled, get control of her that we would get part of her money, part of her pie.

1:50:57 Letitia Peters

When is that supposed to be? In a year or so, in the next year you're supposed to get all of her money?

1:51:07 Alicia

No, when I get Joy down the Utah, then I would get the reward and then I will divide the reward among the people here that helped me.

1:51:20 Letitia Peters

So how much is the reward Alicia? 3 million? 5 million? How much?

1:51:30 Alicia

Well I don't know? And if I did, I wouldn't tell you.

1:51:37 S?

Do you really trust them to give it to you?

1:51:42 Alicia

No I going to force Joy and give it to her. Like I told you, we got papers on her saying that we're her guardian, saying that she is married. I'm going to make her lose her DIC award. Hell, she should be lucky if she don't go to prison. I mean, I'm going to make it look like she is scamming the government, hiding her marriage that she is now hiding.

1:52:04 S?


1:52:05 Letitia Peters

Wow. You have this all planned out.

1:52:07 Alicia

See, Joy is not supposed to get married until she is 57. She has a DIC award and she is not supposed to marry no one until she is 57 where she loses her federal money, her DIC award which is a pension. If she gets to marry before 57, then she loses that award. So we are going to make it look like she got married and hiding that from the government which is breaking the law. And I don't care because she is mine whether she likes it or not. And she will disappear and you don't know where I'm going to take her and you won't be able to find her because I'm smarter than you.

1:52:54 S?


1:52:55 Letitia Peters


1:52:57 Alicia

So you are threatening to kidnap me? It's not kidnapping Joy.

1:53:02 Letitia Peters

Yes it is, what do you call it?

1:53:07 Alicia

She'll know where she's at, but if she tries to call the family, I'll break her fingers. I'll beat her to the pulp if she even gets on the phone. Goddamn it. Now you guys are making me talk too much. (Crosstalk) I've been drinking and you're making me talk too much.

1:53:38 Letitia Peters

So how long has Pandora been around? 40 years? 50 years?

1:53:44 Alicia

Oh since the AFK always has been around since the 50s. Pandora has been around since the 70s, 80s?

1:53:57 Letitia Peters

Oh okay. Now what about Star Wars? How long that's been around?

1:54:06 Alicia

That's a fairly new one. You got to remember Joy's been a targeted individual since she was 16 and that was back in 1977-1978.

1:54:23 Letitia Peters

Now what about the remote neural monitoring?

1:54:32 Alicia

That's a long story. It's too difficult to get into at this time, its not appropriate.

1:54:40 Letitia Peters


1:54:41 Alicia

I'm not a bad man. I just want what I want. I've paid the government to be able to chip Joy. __1:54:51__.

1:54:53 Letitia Peters

_1:54:54_? How do you know where to go? Its 1800 number to call or somebody you could contact? How would you know who to call or contact?

1:55:09 Alicia

Yeah. Who is there to call Letitia? You can't call the police because it a protocol, protocol. You can't call the sheriff, you can't call the FBI, you can't call the CIA, you can't call the justice -- Department of Justice, the Office of Civil Rights. There is nothing they can do because they changed the law. Now if I may change the law, Joy will be missing.

1:55:41 Letitia Peters

Yes we can do something. It's called __1:55:43__ or withdrawal. We can do something and that is what we are doing. __1:55:49__. The laws are always (crosstalk)

1:55:53 Alicia

If that's the truth, how can you steal beings outside? The _1:56:00_ is the solution for the targeted individual. Why is it taking so long? How come none of you are getting your help that you are looking for? Because its not there it's all in your head this isn't going to work.

1:56:18 Letitia Peters

Let's see.

1:56:19 Alicia

And that generals and military will make sure that it doesn't.

1:56:25 Letitia Peters


1:56:30 Alicia

The mafia is hand-in-hand with the military and the mafia is just as strong as the military. We owned Joy, she is ours and we ain't going to give her up. We made her, we'll break her and we'll take her money and she'll still be ruined because I hate her as well. She fucked my husband Tom. Or how about Tom molested his niece Joy. Tell the truth Tom, did you molest Joy? Did you give her too much to drink? Or slipped something in her drink? How old was Joy when you molested her? A young teenager perhaps didn't know about it, I told her later that's all I got to say.

1:57:36 S?

So her aunt Pat hates her because you molested your niece?

1:57:50 Letitia Peters

So how many people are in the box tonight?

1:57:56 Alicia

Seven including me.

1:58:00 Letitia Peters

How many people outside the box?

1:58:06 Alicia

I don't have to tell you.

1:58:10 Letitia Peters

You're right.

1:58:11 Alicia

You're lucky I'm even letting her talk to you. Cause tonight we said too much. You're lucky she won't end up dead. Cause I would rather kill her than give her back her money.

1:58:30 Letitia Peters


1:58:45 Alicia

I don't have the answers. I don't have to explain myself. I don't have to define why I'm doing this. Just know if the military research experiment that I am being paid to do and I'm a general, plus the mafia member and I get what I want. It's just that Pat don't like my dick in her ass so I've been raping our niece.

1:59:18 Letitia Peters

Your niece? Can't you find a prostitute or someone else, but your niece?

1:59:27 Alicia

If I have my way I'll turn Joy into a prostitute, but she is so goody-two-shoes. She is not doing drugs and she is not an alcoholic, but I would like to turn her into an alcoholic and get her strung out in drugs and turn her into a prostitute so she will screw all my friends and not just me.

1:59:50 Letitia Peters


1:59:51 Alicia

But technically I am raping her. But I'll get out of this because you don't know who I am.

2:00:00 Letitia Peters

You're right, general. I don't know, but you know who knows, the Creator. He sees everything. He knows who you are and you are not right. You are not rest until you tell the truth in the name of Yeshua. You will not have a day of rest until you tell the truth, until you repent and confess on your sin. You will not have a day of rest in the name of Yeshua. May the angel of the Lord persecute you. May the angel of the Lord chase you. May the pit that you have for all TI. May you all fall into the pit in the name of Yeshua and that's what I speak. That's what's in the bible. May you and all other perpetrators fall in the pit that you have for us.

2:01:00 Alicia

You wish, you think it's going to happen and it's not, wonder why?

2:01:05 Letitia Peters


2:01:06 Alicia

You wonder why it's not going to happen?

2:01:09 Letitia Peters

Why? Because it hasn't happened yet?

2:01:13 Alicia

Because it won't happen. The military won't let it happen.

2:01:17 Letitia Peters

It just going to happen.

2:01:18 Alicia

There's going to be more and more and more chipped individuals.

2:01:24 Letitia Peters

No one is going to want to __2:01:25__.

2:01:27 Alicia

In modern technology, some of them will be going in an aircraft station outside of air zone and some of them will be underground because this mafia is Catholic and when that occult that we will follow God's rule setting the people up, sabotaging them and manipulating them and making them look like something they're not. But we are not God and we don't have their decision or that right to play God.

2:02:11 Letitia Peters

But you're all saying God because you're deciding who to chip, who to do this to, you are trying to play God to ruin their lives

2:02:21 Alicia

You know you're going to turn into? You're going to turn into android, a robot. You are the chosen one to turn into a robot.

2:02:31 Letitia Peters

Oh, no. Not me.

2:02:32 Alicia


2:02:35 Letitia Peters

Oh, no. None of us are, sorry.

2:02:39 Alicia

Well, you wait and see when you got to Utah. You'll get more chips, not chips that surgeon will remove from you. They'll be adding more chips and we do it in your body. So the people who got chipped are highly intelligent and some of these people got chips as very young children. Her brother, Allen, had done her wrong and molested her. So we chipped her. She was only 4 years old, not 16. She was 4 when we chipped her.

2:03:26 Letitia Peters


2:03:27 Alicia

But she is chipped all of her life.

2:03:31 Letitia Peters

You can't go -- you can't chip somebody below the age of five. Five is the cut off and her parents -- do you think you get her parents __2:03:40__.

2:03:42 Alicia

I've said too much. No, I lied. Well goddamn, I just want you to think that we had chipped her.

2:03:48 Letitia Peters

No, obviously, you're telling the truth. When people drink, they do...(crosstalk).

2:03:52 Alicia

Okay, we got a chip at 16. I thought I could get away with a lie. Goddamn Letitia, why do you got to bring the truth out of me? I hate you for that. I'm sorry, I didn't mean that.

2:04:07 Letitia Peters

I love you still no matter what -- how you feel. You know what, I just feel sorry for you because you're not happy. You're not happy in your marriage. You're not happy with anything. You're the one sad. You're the one upset. I'm happy despite with everything that's...

2:04:25 Alicia

Are you happy that you're still chipped and that you're still being raped yourself. Because every...

2:04:31 Letitia Peters

(Crosstalk) I'm fine. Thank God (crosstalk).

2:04:37 Alicia

Every chipped individual is being raped and that's part of this experiment, part of this game. We call it a game with rules and scripts and manipulation and sabotage. This game is for us and this government made it a game...

2:05:08 Letitia Peters

So you know all of us are very intelligent and so it's a game. A lot of people didn't realize it's a game and you say the... (crosstalk)

2:05:19 Alicia

It's not a game. It's a research experiment, but to us it's like a game.

2:05:26 Letitia Peters

Yes. And so...

2:05:27 Alicia

It's actually a military game, you know, like Dungeons and Dragons.

2:05:33 Letitia Peters

No, it's more like the Art of Wars, do you remember that book, the Art of War?

2:05:38 Alicia

Art of War.

2:05:39 Letitia Peters


2:05:40 Alicia

Oh God, no.

2:05:44 Letitia Peters

Yes, I do know.

2:05:48 Alicia

It's trying to hurt my head.

2:05:53 Letitia Peters

Leave Joy...

2:05:55 Alicia

Yeah, I could have had Joy anytime I want. Do you want me to make her scream out in pain?

2:06:00 Letitia Peters

Don't do that to her.

2:06:05 Alicia

Then leave me alone. What about go back, I'm talking to Joy.

2:06:12 Letitia Peters

You're talking to me. I'm want talking to Joy.

2:06:16 Alicia

Goddamn it.

2:06:18 Letitia Peters

You like talking to me just a bit. You like talking to me that's why... (crosstalk)

2:06:22 Alicia

So I don't. You had too much out of me. I say too much. We've been drinking. I drink everyday Letitia and why don't you go by your real name, Lativia.

2:06:36 Letitia Peters

No, that is not my name. My name is Letitia, Letitia, it means happy, joy and rich. Comment allez-vous?

2:06:53 Alicia

(Unintelligible). I don't know what that language was because I don't speak it and with some voice to skull, I do not talk nothing but English. That was __2:07:21__. I was calling Joy crazy and __2:07:25__.

2:07:28 Letitia Peters

So voice to skull is not really voice to skull. It's just you connected to the insect that's in her and that's how we are able to hear you. Isn't that correct? It's like being a speaker, being connected to a speaker. Hello?

2:07:59 Alicia

Oh, I'm here. I'm just listening.

2:08:02 Letitia Peters

Right, it's like she's connected to a speaker.

2:08:16 Alicia

Well, it's like being a speaker, but it's a microchip.

2:08:20 Letitia Peters

I know and you have to be close by. You can't be on other range and that's why you have to follow her wherever she goes. When she goes to her daughter's house and stuff, you have to follow her there. If she goes to the store, when she went to the library the facts that you discussed, you were following her there.

2:08:47 Alicia

Well, of course, if she's got to go out of town, I'd got to follow her. We only have 200, never mind. Oh, I can tell her, the 200 feet, 200 yards, something like that, the range where the medium can be.

2:09:07 Letitia Peters

Yeah, you're right.

2:09:07 Alicia

The receiver can be...

2:09:10 Letitia Peters

Yeah, you're right in her neighborhood. You're right down the street, around the corner or somewhere. Did I say too much?

2:09:25 Alicia

Oh my god! How the hell do you know where we are? Well, that's because you got to be down the street or up the street. You got to be so close to Joy to be able to stay in contact with her chips. You know, I didn't make, I didn't make this equipment, Hitler did. I'm only doing my job.

2:09:57 Letitia Peters


2:09:58 Alicia

I can help with the government. I can help with the government who hired me to ruin her.

2:10:05 Letitia Peters

No, they didn't come after you. You went to them and threaten you. They didn't come to say, "Alicia, we want to hire you to ruin Joy." They didn't come knocking on your door and say, "We got a job for you."

2:10:26 Alicia

Well, she should have been gay and maybe I will never have to chip her. Me and my wife wanted her and she wasn't gay so that's why I chipped her to turn her gay and that's all I'm going to say.

2:10:39 Letitia Peters


2:10:41 Alicia

Goddamn that Roger, it's Scott Void. And my mom was right. We are mafia and you will find that out.

2:10:59 Letitia Peters

The government hold us in the position where were involved with the criminal element that we have never been involved. I don't know anyone who is a mafia. I'm a goody, goody two-shoes too.

2:11:17 Alicia

Yeah, I bet you are.

2:11:20 Letitia Peters

I believe in a husband-woman. It doesn't make it right __2:11:27__.

2:11:29 Alicia

Can't you talk about individuals just turned gay, have a breakdown, so we could erase what we've done to you so we can have you because technically, this is about erasing a man's mistake, turning you gay and making you ours. That's not what you said by minutes ago. You said because she wouldn't do your life and because she ratted on you to her closet. You molested Joy and Joy told her father at 15 years old. So you chipped joy for revenge to Joy and her father and to get way with rape.

2:12:26 Letitia Peters

Her father never pressed charges.

2:12:31 Alicia

Nobody should have because he caught me raping her when she was 15 and I'm conscious. He helped me revive her. He even helped me dress her and then he yelled at me and told me I was a no-good bum who didn't deserve to be his friend and he was my best friend or he was like my best friend then. But after he said that to me, I couldn't stand him. I hated him. He told me I didn't deserve his daughter. He told me I was a married man who should have known better to raise a 15 year old.

2:13:17 Letitia Peters

Oh, that's why you're __2:13:19__.

2:13:21 Alicia

Darryl died on natural causes, a bad liver and lung cancer. He was buried with microchips in his body because I not only chipped Joy and her children, I chipped Joy's parents as well. In that way, I could get them and talk bad about her in court and help make Joy mine. I was going to throw it in Darryl saying, "ha ha ha." She is mine now, but then he died on me and that was unfair because he was a friend years ago. But I still hate him. I guess this is revenge.

2:14:01 Letitia Peters

It is.

2:14:03 Alicia

Because he caught me raping her when she was only 15 years old so I chipped her at 16.

2:14:13 Letitia Peters

That wasn't totally right.

2:14:16 Alicia

I don't give a damn and you ain't going to make it stick. That happened 35-1/2 years ago. How can you make statutory rape to stick 35 years later?

2:14:32 Letitia Peters

Well, aren't you raping her children now, her daughter now?

2:14:38 Alicia

How do you know I'm raping her daughter? Because you said you wanted to turn her youngest daughter into a targeted individual and you stated that before. All four of her children are chipped including her stepson including her sister, Rita, who is really not a human subject. She is a perpetrator. I chipped her as well, but she was chipped willingly to help me. I got her family wrapped around my finger because of who I am and it doesn't matter because Joy is going to help and so are you for what you've done.

2:15:40 Letitia Peters

We haven't done anything, how are we going to help? I think you have it reversed.

2:15:45 Alicia

Homosexuality is a sin. So as the kinky gay freaky sex.

2:15:52 Letitia Peters

Yeah, but you're doing that, not us.

2:15:58 Alicia

Whatever I can get away with to make her look crazy, but God knows that you guys are doing this to us. God knows that the perpetrators are manipulating us. God was there when we got chipped. God followed us through our life because we were chipped. The moment you chipped us, God knew that we were victims of covert electronic harassment and surveillance and gang stalking. God knew that we're being attacked with direct-energy weapons. God knows about the rape that you've done all these years. God knows your evil plots because God knows every hair that's all on your head.

2:16:55 Letitia Peters

Amen Priestess sister. He sees everything and probably many other TI who are in this program, this program is because of a personal vendetta. It's because of jealousy, how __2:17:17__ it looks. Factors not making a human subject experiment and you should not have any power because you are not a researcher. Do you have the title researcher? How can you (crosstalk)?

2:17:40 Alicia

You know too much. They're going to come for you Letitia. They're going to hit you with a stun gun. They're going to hit you with a stun gun and you're going to wake up in Utah or Australia or Alaska.

2:17:53 Letitia Peters

...in the name of Yeshua. I'll be (crosstalk).

2:17:56 Alicia

Oh, in the name of Yeshua, you're going to wake up in Alaska, Australia or Utah or New Mexico because that's where reformatories are located at and there's more than that Letitia and you know it.

2:18:14 Letitia Peters

I don't know anything. You've given me more credit and I know, believe me. I just know what God has shown me that this is ending, that people are not going to be tormented, that people are not going to be abused, that people are going to stand up and fight against this corruption and you're going to go down because God is not going to allow that to happen for us or anybody to be transported to __2:18:48__ and go underground and never heard or seen again.

2:18:54 Alicia

How do you know you're going to go underground and never be seen ever again? So you know the outcome for these targeted individuals. You've used a __2:19:02__. You are misleading them.

2:19:05 Letitia Peters

Because you told me it's underground.

2:19:08 Alicia

I didn't say. Now, you did say that that they were going to go underground forever, that they were going to go underground and it would be a world of hell below earth because they're trying to say that the bible was not even real that a psychic, a prophet wrote the bible. And if you read Revelations, there will be people going underground and we have places underground to take to targeted individuals for life in hell.

2:19:48 Letitia Peters

I refuse that in the name of Yeshua. May you fall in your own pit, the pit that you have for us, you will fall into in the name of Yeshua. I decree and declare in the name of Yeshua, we speak life and not death. You will see death, destruction of Satan and his demons. We will see in the name of Yeshua. I declare and decree in the name of Yeshua. We have the victory. You need to pull out your bible and turn to Luke. You need to pull it out because I decree that we have victory over Satan and his demons. It's already written. You know who wins in the __2:20:33__ battle, Jesus. He wins. You are on the losing team. We are winning this battle... (crosstalk)

2:20:42 Alicia

Hey Letitia, it's not going to do you no good.

2:20:46 Letitia Peters

Oh, yes it is.

2:20:47 Alicia

We're targeting individuals who got faith of your own and we didn't do it to you, the military did.

2:20:58 Letitia Peters

Yeshua has given us the decree, it's written. Yeshua has given us authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all of the power of the enemy and nothing will harm us. However, we do not rejoice that the spirits submit to us, but rejoice that our names are written in Heaven and Yeshua saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven and this is from Luke chapter 2, verses 18 to 20. I decree in the name of Yeshua because the word of God is the truth and no ___2:21:33___ shall be consumed. We are healed by the strength of Yeshua. We will, we already have the victory in the name of Yeshua. We will be delivered out of the hands of the wicked and unrighteous such as you and everybody else whose elements call, who comes to restore our life. That's not what you are supposed to do. You are trying to play God and that's not your role. May the angel of the Lord persecute... (crosstalk)

2:22:02 Alicia

Oh, it's not, this is not God's faith. This is man's faith because this is man's world. Where is God when you're being raped?

2:22:15 Letitia Peters

In the name -- Oh, he's here. He would never leave us nor forsake us in the name of Yeshua. He will never leave us nor forsake us. He said that there will be __2:22:26__ that he has overcome the world and when they __2:22:31__, I scream that in the name Yeshua because he was trying to cover my mouth. I will say Yeshua and he left in the name of Yeshua and heavenly father. If I wanted somebody to be in my book, I will ask for it. This is how and what was going on.

2:22:52 Alicia

I know.

2:22:53 Letitia Peters

No one should be treated like this. This does not give you the right. You think you have so much power, but the arrogance is your downfall of your spirit. Wickedness is your downfall. In the name of Yeshua, we will win. We have already won in the name of Yeshua, right?

2:23:12 Alicia

No, you haven't won yet, Letitia.

2:23:14 Letitia Peters

We've already won...

2:23:15 Alicia

You keep talking...

2:23:16 Letitia Peters

in the name of Yeshua.

2:23:17 Alicia


2:23:18 Letitia Peters

I'm not talking.

2:23:20 Alicia

__2:23:20__. You keep talking but you haven't won.

2:23:22 Letitia Peters

Action speaks louder than words, you will see. I got those. We have God on our side.

2:23:32 Alicia

Well, how can he be helping you?

2:23:34 Letitia Peters

He is helping me. I'm still here.

2:23:38 Alicia

For now.

2:23:40 Letitia Peters

I'm still here.

2:23:41 Alicia

I'm not threatening you.

2:23:42 Letitia Peters

I'm here. They haven't come and got me yet.

2:23:48 Alicia

I'm done talking and we're hanging up.

2:23:54 Letitia Peters

Your God is with us.

2:23:59 Alicia

Do you hear me Letitia?

2:24:02 Letitia Peters

Are you going to say goodbye? It's been a pleasure because maybe you -- why are you leaving now? We only got 35 more minutes. Aren't you enjoying the conversation?

2:24:15 Alicia

No, I'm not enjoying the conversation.

2:24:18 Letitia Peters

What's wrong now.

2:24:24 Alicia

Well goddamn it. I've said too much and you repeat what I say which is unfair because I'm talking to you and then you tell people what I say which is too much so you know too much about me and I don't like it because you're making me feel like I'm being attacked and I don't like it.

2:25:00 Letitia Peters

How do you say _2:25:01_ Joy feels? She has been attacked everyday... (crosstalk)

2:25:05 Alicia

I don't give a damn on how Joy feels. Just call her Joy Plattner because that's what she goes by. Her real name is Donna, but she goes by Joy.

2:25:22 Letitia Peters


2:25:23 Alicia

She has gone by Joy all her life. Oh well, it doesn't matter. I know that she signed papers saying Donna Joy Plattner and everybody knows her as Donna Plattner, but she goes by her middle name Joy.

2:25:53 Letitia Peters

I don't need a statue, you know.

2:25:57 Alicia

Goddamn it. Just say isn't working Letitia. Joy knows too much. She knows that she is not mentality incompetent. She knows that she's not crazy and she is not going to go along with the rules of this game. I need her declare as mentally incompetent so I can get control over her completely, have complete control over Joy, what she does, where she goes, who she's with, what she's doing, what she has, what she doesn't have. Hell, I was going to make her live in the basement of my house. I wouldn't even let her go outside. If she goes outside of the house, she will be beaten severely.

2:26:44 Letitia Peters

But she is a 50-year-old woman, she is not your slave. She is not a child.

2:26:51 Alicia

This is all about slavery and it's not white slavery. It's the 21st century slavery. This is about controlling individuals and getting them declared mentally incompetent to be able to control them. But we haven't been able to do that with Joy.

2:27:28 Letitia Peters

So do you get money if people commit suicide, is that something that... (crosstalk)

2:27:36 Alicia

Well, how do you know we're trying to get her to commit suicide? We even tried to kill her and I'll admit it, but you won't be able to do anything about it. Isn't that attempted murder?

2:27:51 Letitia Peters

But that's God. God will...

2:27:55 Alicia

Damn, I admitted that on the air.

2:27:58 Letitia Peters

All of this is attempted murder. All of this is all against God. Where does the Catholic mafia come involved with this? This is all against God. This is not God's work.

2:28:13 Alicia

We haven't had a second coming of Christ and this man's world and that's just the way it is. Corruption is everywhere in the world and I don't care what you said. It is what it is and it will be what it will be.

2:28:33 Letitia Peters

Yeah, but you're hiding. You're doing things in the darkness. You're not doing it out on the light like you're supposed to be. If I would say, right. Go out in the light, not in the darkness. If it was the right thing to do, you should do it out openly, but you know it's wrong and that's why you're sticking in that box day after day, hour after hour, year after year, that you know it's not right that's why you're drinking. You're not happy and you want Joy to be unhappy. Well, she's not unhappy. She's still love Jesus.

2:29:17 Alicia

No, but she's been unhappy. We've drugged her against her will. We've tortured her. We've raped her. We kept her from finding happiness and I like that because I don't like her. I wanted to ruin her and we hadn't chipped her. She was hooked up with a doctor or dentist or lawyer. She would have a nice home and a nice husband and a nice life and I took that away from her and I'm glad because I hate her. She won't turn in gay and I don't want to do my husband by myself. I wanted her to be my best friend and only her best friend. I wanted her to be my best friend and only her best friend. I wasn't even going to let her have friends. I was going to make her to force her to have only me as her best friend. I wasn't going to allow her to have no other friends. After she has friends Joy, do you have friends?

2:30:22 S?

No, I do not. You chased them all away.

2:30:25 Letitia Peters

I am her friend. I am her new friend, right Joy? She's and that's what you were...

2:30:32 Alicia

Oh, you better watch what you say because Joy had no friends.

2:30:37 Letitia Peters


2:30:41 Alicia

The only friends that she can have are my friends.

2:30:46 Letitia Peters


2:30:46 Alicia

And she can't touch them

2:30:48 Letitia Peters


2:30:49 Alicia

Unless I ordered her to and if I ordered her in the bedroom, she damn well better get in the bedroom and do what she's supposed to do. She's going to be our mafia prostitute because that's what I'm going to make her into be, whether she likes it or not. When I tell her to get in the bedroom, she better get in there and do her job or I'll beat her senseless back and blue putting her in a hospital if I have to, breaking her legs, break in her toes. She better do what she's ordered to do or she'll pay for it.

2:31:31 Letitia Peters

Do you really hate her that much? I've never seen hate like that. Don't you want to be free? You're not free, you're not happy. How could you feel that anger? And that's not of God.

2:31:57 Alicia

I'm a Godly woman. It's just that I can't do my husband as well and this is her aunt. If she knows what's good for her, she's going to do Tom as well. Scott is my son and we chipped her. We chipped her when she was 16 years old. She laughed in my son's face about not being gay. I guess...

2:32:25 Letitia Peters

Is he a gay? Is he a gay or not gay? Okay.

2:32:40 Alicia

Well, it's actually about my brother and his award, her uncle Jerry Swanson. He's army and he wants his award and if I had to choose between my niece and my brother, I would choose my brother because he means more to me than what my niece does because of my husband having sex with her one time and he has been raping her since. Goddamn it.

2:33:14 Letitia Peters

We need to break this curse of incest, molestation of this family in the name of Yeshua, our God. We pray for this family. Instead of incest, molestation.

2:33:28 Alicia

Oh, where there is Swanson's and you're never gonna forget it.

2:33:31 Letitia Peters

In the name of Yeshua. We cannot help but be with you all. Look at me in the name of Yeshua. We can make it to leave and never return, go, go and never return. It's like the curse is of this family. This is not of God. I don't have this in my family.

2:33:58 Alicia

Our family is not cursed. It's just that this research experiment was available. My son wanted Joy and Jerry was able to chip her, and he wants his award and he wants his money, the money that Joy supposed to get for compensation. If Jerry Swanson doesn't receive it, we will kill Joy.

2:34:31 Letitia Peters

And what will that prove? Then you'll all go to jail there.

2:34:44 Alicia

Not if we make it look like an accident. What if she will have a heart attack right now because with the equipment, with the chips? I could give Joy a heart attack tonight.

2:34:56 Letitia Peters

I know.

2:34:57 Alicia

And it would look like an accident. It would like her health. It would not look like a murder.

2:35:04 Letitia Peters

I know with the control that you have over her, but you don't want to do that, do you? Really? You don't want to hurt her right now.

2:35:20 Alicia

The hell, I don't want to hurt her. She has -- I want her to sign papers signing her money over to me.

2:35:37 Letitia Peters


2:35:40 Alicia

You know we already embed those money, a lot of money of hers. So we want compensation as well. This research was to ruin her and I will ruin her. You know that all the targeted individuals the purpose of this research is to ruin them. You will be ruined. She will be ruined. The other targeted individuals will be ruined. That's the name of the game. To take away the quality of their life, to psychologically break them down with psychotic drugs, with the help of this direct energy weapon, we attack her, we use her, we abuse her and neglect her and insult her and degrade her and control her, but that's the rules of the game, so I'm not on light. Joy is not the only targeted individual whose money is being stolen. Joy is not the only targeted individual that the perpetrators want of their money. We chipped her for a purpose to win this money. Now, I said it. I chipped her to win this money and I don't care about the quality of her life. We control her children and we control her.

2:37:49 Letitia Peters

35 years, that's a long time to wait for some money.

2:37:54 Alicia

I don't care. I'm going to get a lot more because I'm going to get her compensation as well.

2:38:03 S?

I no longer wish to be a human subject. I wish to opt out of this military research experiment.

2:38:17 Letitia Peters

And that's the law.

2:38:18 Alicia

I pray to God that my chips are surgically removed from me and that God helps me get control over my own life, that God will set me free. I own myself. I own my life. I own my body the hell you do. I own your body. I own you. I chipped you. You're mine. I'm a 50-year-old widow who is an individual who is an adult who can make her own decisions and make her own choices. I own my own life. But that's not the way it is. God, the way it is Joy, you're going down to Utah to an institution where you'll be living probably for the rest of your life.

2:39:24 Letitia Peters

_02:39:24_ in the name of Yeshua. In the name of Yeshua, that will not happen in the name of Yeshua. We will live and not die. We will live and not die.

2:39:49 Alicia

Well, Joy's state is in our hands and she'd better cooperate. There is going to be a whole lot of people that are going to be mad at her because there is a whole lot of there is a whole lot of perpetrators and they all want a piece of her part. They all want a chunk of her money. I promise to these people to pay off if we could break Joy and get full control over her.

2:40:21 Letitia Peters

20 people? How many people have you promised, 20?

2:40:25 Alicia

I don't have to tell you how many people I have working for me.

2:40:29 Letitia Peters

Okay. I just thought I'd ask. It's okay.

2:40:34 Alicia

Well __2:40:35__ Letitia. Joy is mine whether she likes it or not. That's just the way the rules of the game are. You break the individual, get control over the individual, and then the individual is yours to keep forever and ever so help you God.

2:40:56 Letitia Peters

Until we die or you kill her so you give us a grief. Isn't that the rule? But you get more money if we commit suicide, right?

2:41:15 Alicia

No, we don't get more money if you commit suicide and why would you think that? Why would you think that I would get more money if she committed suicide? If I was to get more money for her committing suicide, I would have killed her years ago.

2:41:36 Letitia Peters

Well, that would make that person go to their breaking point. You drove that person to your breaking point, isn't it? The name...

2:41:45 Alicia

So what, you're breaking point is suicide?

2:41:48 Letitia Peters


2:41:48 Alicia

I don't want to kill Joy. I want to fuck Joy. I want her to suck in on my dick. I want to screw her in her ass, night after night, after night, because I got a nut and I got a nut everyday and I don't care about your radio program. I will say what I want to say. She is my whore.

2:42:10 Letitia Peters

Oh, no, no, no. We can't hear that word. I've told you that before. She is not a ho.

2:42:17 Alicia

She's going to be a prostitute by the time I get through with her and she would like to pick her pussy.

2:42:24 Letitia Peters

That is not nice. __02:42:28__. That's not nice to say... (crosstalk).

2:42:35 Alicia

No, it's not.

2:42:42 Letitia Peters

How would you like somebody calling your daughter that name, a ho? How will you like that name to somebody you love?

2:42:54 Alicia

How do you know I have a daughter? No, I wouldn't like someone calling my daughter names.

2:43:08 Letitia Peters

Okay, so respect us and respect...

2:43:12 Alicia

Oh, I don't have to respect Joy for what we've got here to do.

2:43:17 Letitia Peters

When you're on my show, you will. When you're talking to me, you will because I don't like you. No one calls me a ho because she's not a ho, a whore or ho.

2:43:30 Alicia

I don't like you and I don't have to let Joy talk to you on the phone. I don't have to let you interview her. I don't have to let her participate in your show.

2:43:47 Letitia Peters

I know. You were in control, you're right. You're absolutely right.

2:43:53 Alicia

At least you recognized that I'm in control.

2:43:56 Letitia Peters

Yes, I do.

2:43:57 Alicia

And now, I want full control over her.

2:44:03 Letitia Peters

It doesn't make it right. None of this is right. None of this is godly, none of these.

2:44:19 Alicia

If Joy does not hand her life over to us, we would take her youngest daughter and turned her into our prostitute because I'm not doing my husband and my sister is not doing her husband and my daughter loves not doing my son, Joy will be.

2:44:41 Letitia Peters

Wow! Have you had this much hate all of your life? I just can't imagine hating somebody for that long, long time.

2:45:01 Alicia

It's not hate, it's about control. I'm mafia and I'm working for the government. You don't know the life of a drug dealer of a mafia member. I am mother mafia. My husband is like The Godfather.

2:45:34 Letitia Peters

Yeah, this is a different world to me. I never was privy too before, ever. _02:45:49_ that the federal government has allowed me to be into the world that I was not accustomed to, but Donna Joy is not accustomed to.

2:46:04 Alicia

Of my family, I feel this way about me. How I am going to trust them when all they can do is knock me down and discourage me and manipulate me and try to control me and force me to be something that I'm not? How in the world am I may ever going to be able to trust my family, especially when I don't know how many family members are back here with the perpetrators. But over the voice to skull, I know that there are some family members there with the perpetrators. Not all of them are family. There are other people there that I'm not related to that are perpetrators like Tim Shadden and Craig Janssen and Roger Bone and Bill Boyd and Scott Boyd. Well, I guess Scott Boyd is my cousin. I didn't know that Scott Boyd was my cousin to this spring. This man has been familiar to me since I was 15 years old and I had no idea that he was even my cousin.

2:47:21 Letitia Peters

You have to break that curse off of your family, wow!

2:47:28 Alicia

Well, it's not my fault that my son became obsessed with his cousin. That's just the way it is, but our mafia and my son gets what he gets. Do you know who my ex-husband is? Robert Boyd, Robert Boyd, B-o-y-d, do you know who Robert Boyd is? He's a general and that's how I was able to chip Joy. Okay, okay.

2:48:07 Letitia Peters

A general in the army, right?

2:48:11 Alicia

A general in the army, but he was also in intelligence, the Special Intelligence Unit.

2:48:37 Letitia Peters

Hello? Well, they hanged up. Let me go to the caller. I'm sure this is her first time here. 3010, what do you think of what you just heard.

2:49:04 S?

Honey, I just pray for God to come back. That's what I pray for. This is their need and I ask for God to come back soon because we're in a world of mess and I've said that all alone. It is a spiritual warfare and we know it. That just proved -- how old was that lady anyway? __2:49:27__.

2:49:29 Letitia Peters

Over 50. Over 50 years old. There must be something.

2:49:35 S?

It's a crying shame and if you saw the movie The Crying Game, that's what we're all part of. We're part of it and God is my leader, my helper, my all and I just pray to Him... (Crosstalk)

2:49:51 Letitia Peters

Let's pray right. Now, we got 10 minutes. Hallelujah!

2:49:55 S?

Okay (Crosstalk).

2:49:58 Letitia Peters

Oh my goodness, this is where I have to deal with and they think they are right and that's why I keep telling them to __2:50:07__. I wasn't supposed to find out that first, this was a human subject research that we can't opt out. It's the last, we can't. But they've been trying to kill me since March, you know, so to delay. But now, since I've got the program name, I wasn't supposed to have the program name. That was another problem and now so, did you get my email today? Have you been getting my emails because they've been blocking everything.

2:50:44 S?

I have, I did get yours today and I think I've been getting them lately. (Crosstalk)

2:50:54 Letitia Peters

Since I have been sending everything to my congressional records everything telling them everything. Every time a low flying aircraft come over, I'm telling them what is being dropped on me today. I'm telling everything.

2:51:11 S?

Who do we need to send this opt out forms too?

2:51:15 Letitia Peters

Hold on. Let's pray, let's pray because I want to close this. This is going to be part of the record and I will call you back because I have to make sure I get this copy. Oh Lord! Heavenly father in the name of Yeshua, we come before you as your faithful humble and obedient daughters. Lord, we love you with all our heart, mind, soul and strength. We gave you all the praise and glory. Lord, we will just listen to. Lord, we pray for all not because that you're human subjects in the perch because maybe this perch are confused about what they are doing. They are destroying people's lives. Many of them are sociopaths and psychopaths, and they have no compassion for what they are doing to fellowmen. Lord, we are going in the wrong direction especially when people won this. They can't chimpanzee no longer to be in experiment but not man. This is a different sense of the order. The order has been reversed because men should have the right to pick and choose whether or not they want to be in a research program, not a chimpanzee. I mean somehow, Lord we are getting everything but all confused. Everything is backwards. So we pray for America and all countries who are going through this that no one will want to take their lives, that they have to protect all TIs, _02:53:02_ human subjects to protect them against the __2:53:08__ that are available Lord.

2:53:10 Letitia Peters

Lord, we ask you to send your angels to protect us and guide us against all these instruments because these instruments will no longer work against us that these people will have a heart. Lord we ask may You rebuke Satan in the name of Yeshua. We decree that we will have victory and we will declare the works of the Lord Jesus Christ, Yeshua, oh Yeshua, Yeshua, Yeshua. Lord, we say Amen every __2:53:39__ in heaven and on earth at the name of Yeshua. We decree and declare that we are the head and not to tell, but You are the victor and not the victim, but we are more than confident in your name of Yeshua, that will be blessed in the field. We were blessed in the city. We were blessed coming in and coming out. Oh Lord, let our enemies flee several ways. Oh Lord, we pray for our enemies that they too will know you Lord. _02:54:15_ them the darkness off of their eyes and ears. We decree and declare that we have one, that we will not be going down to Australia, Alaska, Utah not because wherever _02:54:32_. Lord, what __2:54:34__ evil you will turn it out for good. Oh Lord, that they will not see one here that we want money in the name of Yeshua, that people will not want to be chipped and be controlled and treated like slaves, Lord. That all against your principles. Oh Lord, we stand in the word of God because this is the only truth. Oh Lord, we decree and declare that we have the victory in the name of Yeshua, that we will be made host, that reason will be restored what the enemy has taken from us in the name of Yeshua, that we will live and decree the works and the glory of your name.

2:55:10 Letitia Peters

Lord, this is about You getting now the glory, Hallelujah! Oh Lord, we thank you for what you've done and what you are going to do. We give you all the praise and glory, hallelujah! __02:55:21__. Lord, King of the universe. Kadosh, Kadosh, Kadosh, Adonai, Tz'va'ot. Kadosh, Kadosh, Kadosh, Adonai, Tz'va'ot. That means Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord, God of hosts, Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord, God of hosts. We give you all the praises and glory, Lord. We look for the day that you're going to come back Hallelujah! That day is soon. Oh Lord, so many people's lives would be destroyed if they don't turn their live and well right now in your name of Yeshua. Lord, we pray for our family member who are doing this Lord that they will renounce faith in you _02:56:23_ of Yeshua that all perpetuators will renounce faith and __2:56:31__ to Yeshua in the name of Yeshua. That they will find love, they will experience the love of God in your name of Yeshua. Lord we rebuke Satan. We command him to leave our lives right now in the name of Yeshua. We thank you Lord for what you've done and what you're going to do. Lord, we thank you for allowing us to wake up to see another day.

2:56:59 Letitia Peters

Lord, we thank you for what we heard today Lord that people will see _02:57:06_. They don't believe in you, but we do Lord. We do not doubt anything that you're going to do because you were the same yesterday, today and forever, Hallelujah! That every knee shall bow in heaven and on earth and let's say the Lord's Prayer. Our Father, which are in heaven, hallowed be Thy name; Thy kingdom come; Thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread; and forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. Oh Lord, we thank you Lord for restoring to us what the enemy had taken from us. Lord, we are blessed hallelujah in the name Yeshua. Lord you have given us the authority to tread and trample over all the works of the enemy and no harm shall come to us. Lord, you said that there will be trials and tribulations __2:58:10__ because you have come and will come in the world in the name of Yeshua. Oh Lord, we cast out all spirits of darkness of our lives. We break every curse that's been placed on us. Every spirit of witchcraft, we command it to leave our lives right now in the name of Yeshua and never _02:58:29_ in the name of Yeshua. We __2:58:31__. We thank you Lord for what you've done and what you're going to do. __02:58:36__. Lord, we ask that you renowned us with the blood of Yeshua hallelujah, that we are being made whole. Lord, we put on your full armor, the helmet of salvation, the breastplate of righteousness, the shield of faith that fights against the _02:58:51_ and the enemies, the sword of the spirit and the girdle of truth and the sandals of peace. We are fully covered and ready to face the battle, hallelujah, provide me the kingdom of power and the glory, Amen, Amen, Amen. Blessed he who comes in the name of the Lord Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah. Thank you for being on this call. May God bless America and the world in the name of Yeshua, Hallelujah.