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To Live is Christ


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The Body of Christ is scattered in these days, broadcasting online has become a way to connect with one another and share His Word. These messages are sent out in hope of edifying others in Christ. We have no control over the ads on this site and do not endorse them. Contact us by email at isaiahtwentysix@gmail.com Follow us on Twitter and YouTube. All Blessings. Blog - sojournerintheway.wordpress.com Twitter: @sojourner_paul "Come, my people, enter thou into thy chambers, and shut thy doors about thee." Isaiah 26: 20

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There are many things in life that you can be ambivalent about - things whose outcome won't really affect your life one way or the other based on your relationship to them - but when it comes to God, when it comes to facing the... more

We may, of our own choosing, reject the message of the Gospel, the glorious truth that Christ has died for us and that we are thereby given the offer of eternal life in Him, through His shed blood on the cross. Yes we may reject, ignore or... more

To many, God is either non-existent, or of no concern to their daily life - But if the Bible claims that the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom, what does that say about all those who neither fear nor know Him? This episode discusses that... more

Although Christ suffered here on earth at the hands of mortal men and women, and He was nailed to the cross for our sins - He still retains a reminder through the scars on His hands and feet and His side - Ever wondered why?... more

Knowing Christ is more than knowing His words, His teachings, His actions - Do you truly know Him, even better than you know yourself, or are you as the disciples when they said to one another - What manner of man is this? Join us... more

There are many who claim that they are anxiously waiting and looking for the return of our Blessed Savior - but are they SERIOUSLY displaying that desire in their words and actions? There is indeed an appointed time, and no man... more

Christ died, a propitiation for our sins, and has offered us life everlasting in Him - but what exactly does being saved entail and are you certain you understand what is required of you? We are most certainly not saved by works - it is all of... more

What does it mean to be 'born again' - an in-depth study of the reality of being born again. Jesus has told us that we MUST be born again if we are to even see the Kingdom of God. TO LIVE IS CHRIST

Does His Word have a place In you? Looking into the Word taking root within us, and discussion will also include the necessity of hearing the Word and the famine of the Word in these days.

The first episode of 'To Live is Christ' - An on-going series with Br. Paul sharing from God's Word - the Holy Bible, with the sole intent of edifying the body of Christ, and glorifying His Holy Name. The cross of Christ is our salvation, our... more