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What's the difference between Cain and Able? Cain murdered a righteous man. Evil has been murdering and hating the people of YHWH ever since. Still, we are called to love.

Now that the plants have been made Elohim can now create animals.

Faith = Divine Persuasion. It's a gift from YHWH, not something that you and I can come up with. Merry Christmas!!

The way God sowed His seed and reaped a family is the template for anything we do. Plus, we know are YHWH's children if we love other Christians.

Tonight's Vespers will be… different. (It's our first Vespers which has been pre-recorded, for one) We will celebrate our Savior's birth with a dose of Christ and Holy family centered hymns and carols from different centuries for soaking... more

God sets down the template of seed and harvest and then on the fourth day, He created planets for very specific purposes.

Haunakah is know as the Festival of Lights and the Feast of Dedication. The day Yeshua was celebrating Haunakah, He was at Solomon's temple, in essence, rededicating the "temple" from a building to our bodies as the temple of the... more

Day three - Elohim creates dry land by separated the "seas" into one place in order to scientifically plant life.

You're either of your father, the devil or of your Father Elohim. If you sin, Satan's seed is in you; if you do what is right, then God is your Father. As a Christian, YHWH has invested in you and there is a divine plan of His perfect will for your... more

Tonight we will contemplate Yeshua as the Light of the World through music and a word from Revelation 1 Musical artists include: Lily Band, Laura Rhineheart, Ruth Fazel and Heidi Baker, Julie Meyer, Jolynn Greenmen Vespers comes... more
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