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Autoimmune Disorders Overview

  • Broadcast in Health



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IMMUNE HEALTH SERIES:   Autoimmune disorders are exploding, and no one knows for certain exactly why.  Although there is no doubt that an increasingly toxic world plays a major part. Hundreds of thousands of new chemicals have been introduced into the environment. Psychological and emotional stress in our world today has also increased dramatically.

Autoimmune diseases arise from an overactive immune response where the body attacks its own cells, mistaking something normally present in the body for a pathogen.  The government public health site tells us that autoimmune disease can affect anyone and that they are the leading cause of death and disability, affecting more than 23.5 million Americans. The good news is that international research is uncovering a number of products and medicines (natural and lab created) that have significant effects on the immune system. The bad news is that these products are typically used in a random or “shotgun” fashion without considering the dynamic complexity of the immune system, not surprisingly, the results are often disappointing.

In this interesting overview Bobbie talks about the different approach taken by IRW Health Clinic where treatment programs are individualized based on the most sophisticated immune assessments available, such as T-Cell subsets, B-Cell Subsets, natural killer cell function and more, that probe deeply into immune system functions and dysfunctions.