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Politics, Religion, Doing what's right

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Doing my best to help the Lord set the brushfires of freedom in the hearts of men and to restore America, God willing, to the beacon of freedom she was meant to be.
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In todays show, we'll be addressing whether or not Christians should be involved in politics and I play WI senator Glen Grothman's speech to the TEA party gathering in Sheboygan, WI on Sept. 3rd, 2011. Then I go on a mini-rant about... more

Today Arkady Faktorovich joins us again to talk about the duality of the Russian mindset. Politics, Religion and Doing What's Right. One Mom's perspective. Perhaps the Lord would be kind enough to set a few brushfires of freedom in... more

Today's topic is the critical shortage of injectable medications and the over regulation of drugs. We will also address recent attempts to "normalize" pedophilia. Politics, Religion and Doing What's Right. One Mom's perspective.... more

Today's episode is about rule changes for farmers and long haul truckers. Also a few rants on what else? the TSA and the folly of using political parties as an easy button. Yeah, yeah, rants are no fun for my listeners(all 2-3 of you-lol) but it's... more

Today, blogger Curious Lady rejoins us for a discussion of whether it's possible to like individuals who are gay while not approving of their lifestyle choices. Join the discussion at her blog here: Politics,... more

Today we have Arkady Faktorovich joining us again to talk about the history of the federal reserve. Learn the difference between fiat(imaginary money supported by our confidence in it's ability to purchase goods and services) and... more

Today's guest is Arkady Faktorovich. He is a Ukrainian immigrant who loves his new country and is working to inform his fellow Americans of the threats before us. Today he will be talking about the history of Russia's downfall and how it... more

Todays show starts with a reading of Job 28. That's because it tells us where to find wisdom and understanding. We'll also visit the idea of same sex marriage, Ron Johnson and a small rant at the end of the show. Politics, Religion... more

Today's topic will be the removal by Google of domain, operation gunrunner Mr. Obama's threat to Soc. security and a few odds and ends Politics, Religion and Doing What's Right. One Mom's perspective. Perhaps the Lord would... more

Just going over the news of the day after my planned guest was a no show. Israel as a state sponsor of terrorism, oil spill in Yellowstone, Elimination of chemical weapons stockpile and the oversight of an unknown organization of... more
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