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Politics, Religion, Doing what's right

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Doing my best to help the Lord set the brushfires of freedom in the hearts of men and to restore America, God willing, to the beacon of freedom she was meant to be.
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Today's show is dedicated to Holocaust survivor Fela Warschau. A brave woman who not only survived the Holocaust, but did all she could, in the face of animosity and death threats, to see that it was remembered.... more

Today we are looking at the social compact between the people and their government.When can it be considered to be broken and what happens... more

Today we'll be talking about civics and how our essential nature may interfere with doing our civic duty. Politics, Religion and Doing What's Right. One Mom's perspective. Perhaps the Lord would be kind enough to set a few brushfires of... more

We are once again joined by Arkady Faktorovich on todays show to hear about his experience in coming to America. It is accounts like this that remind me how fortunate I am to live in America and how important it is to restore our republic. I... more

Todays show is looking at the March 16th Executive Order: National Defense Resources Preparedness This order basically legalizes slavery in the United States along with claiming sweeping power over every resource in the nation.... more

Todays show will talk about Sen. Glenn Grothman's Bill and the foo fa-rah that has accompanied it.The bill says it requires "the child abuse and neglect prevention board to emphasize nonmarital parenthood as a contributing factor to... more

Today we examine the word "faith" as it is used in Hebrews 11:1. "Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." Who will you be voting for? Are you demanding that God provide a msm/major party candidate... more

Today's show ended up being a bit of a rant over the betrayal of American Troops by the usurper sitting in the office of the president. Politics, Religion and Doing What's Right. One Mom's perspective. Perhaps the Lord would be kind... more

Drug shortages for the essential treatment of certain cancers continue. Today takes a look at the shortage of methotrexate. What I want to hear from congressional candidates. What is going on with all these billions of dollars of... more

Today's show talks about Mr. obama's visit to WI, a fire in Hawaii,The value of the truth and why it is important to find the truth of whether or not there is a God. Politics, Religion and Doing What's Right. One Mom's perspective. Perhaps the... more
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