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Stress Release through Qi Breathing, Qi Gong and Qi Music.

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In the year 2000, Charles and his father Ken discovered Hemp Seed as the ultimate food source for humans and the Holmes family became pioneers and helped deliver the first hemp seed protein powder and discovering of hemp IS... more

Jarrad Hewett takes his audience on an adventure to explore not only the self and one's own creation, but the role of the self in the overall creation and experience of the universe as well. Most importantly, he empowers everyone to... more

Known as America's Leading Authentic Voice Doctor®, Norma T. Hollis is transforming lives across the country. She has studied people, the human spirit and spiritual energy for over 30 years. Spending 15 years in the professional... more

Dr Vasant Joshi Ph.D University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (Mich.) USA. M.A. Ph.D. M.S. University of Boroda. India. Dr Vasant Joshi was given darshan by Osho and renamed Swami Satya Vedant. e-mail: "I am... more

Dr. Kimberly J. McGeorge, ND, CNH discovered at an early age that she had strong empathic and intuitive abilities. Although had been practicing natural medicine, and at a national cliente, Dr. Kimberly experienced much tragedy and... more

The 3 Doshas: Vata [air +space (wind, movement)], Pitta [Fire + Water (metabolism, digestion)] and Kapha [Earth + Water (lubrication, protection)]. Each Dosha and element has ideal quantities, qualities and functions in... more

What can we learn from the Chinese Medicine about Stress Management and Longevity. Today we will learn about acupressure points you can press to release your stress, also about Chinese Herbs and Nutrition. Special Guest, Gabrielle... more

By bringing more Awareness to the many daily activities that we do mostly unconsciously, our bodies begin to wake up to Qi that is the enlivening force of life. The breathing exercises will bring oxygen to your brain, and the different... more

Most people are not aware of their breath, which causes a disconnection to their life force. When awareness is brought to this usually unconscious activity through the following iQ LIve Qi technique, it will activate your life energy as well as... more

Exercises for coming into the present moment and letting go of any stress, anger, anxiety and brain chatter. In Qi Gong we the teachers call brain chatter monkey chatter.
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