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mr intel

intel outside with the works


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as our patriotic duty we here at the kush house have set up a special 'merica version of the I.O.W.W. and we are talking bout some of our favorite patriotic games so we have quite a list of the awesomeness thats as wholsome as apple... more

there is a game for everything now even inanament objects and also we will be disscussibg the new flash tv show so blink and vyou might miss it

well we are running low on beer panic will ensue for this reason intel must walk the treachorous path to the bar for more beerand then we will discuse some big news gaming news that is

the new borderlands 3 is comming out soon and intel wants to talk about it from the aspect that only a witless adult can muster up and an update on fear online beta test we will let you know if it is worth playing or leaving on the digital shelf

intel and the gang is back well 2 of us that is robyn and intel we are going to be doing a show as a duo we will talk with the other 2 later

memorial day time to sit back relax and have a nice BBQ hotdog or turkey dog and sit on your ass and listne to our special BBQ memorial day episode we got fun we got games we got booooozzzzeeeee so come on down to the kush... more

you heard right the chucklehead crew have a top 10 list and this one takes no prisoners you didn't ask for it so we are going to give it to ya anyway also news on F.E.A.R. online and how you can sighn up to beta test it and as the... more

tonight we will be going on about the vnv concert in philly (cool huh) and more on the bbq as the promissed date gets closer and we are going out on a limb here and try to summon from beyond the grave adian cane and grim grim from... more

the long lost atari E.T. game has been discovered and we know you have already heard the story now get the response from the chucklehead crew and also a mighty movie of morphin proportions is coming back to theaters get the scoop... more

for those who were never there there was a free show near the kush house which perked up intels ears so join us as we show highlights of the event as we do interviews live performace and ultimatly a review/final thoughts on the event... more