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GIVING YOU A VOICE. In Your Face Radio is a growing community of political activists on both sides of the issues. We are committed to giving everyone a voice.

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Congress gives the Constitution the axe. illegal wire tappings become legal. Bush gives the jihah sponsoring Saudi's more weapons. GIVE IT A VOICE!

Tillman - Friendly Fire or Murder? Justice HUMPTY DUMPY Roberts takes a fall. Puke Ted Stevens under investigation. What a summer!

Let's see how many GOP leaders will abandon Bush this week? With their political lives at stake the cut n run GOP will distance themselves from King Sociopath. Give it a voice!

What do pedophile priests and David Vitter have in common? King Bush gives America it's yearly dose of FEAR. Bush's legacy is coming down to the wire and it's dismal. Today more GOP are jumping the BUSH FAILURE ship. GET THE... more

NOT Another GOP scandal? Thank you Senator Vitter for once again proving what moral disgraces our GOP & Conservative leaders are. Just 5 Days left till the Music Dies. SAVE NET RADIO!

Libby the good soldier. This is what happens when you fall on the sword for yout King! 11 Days Till Net Radio is kaput. What a week!

Save Net Radio.org. Today is Net Radio's Day of Silence. In solidarity we are playing a pod cast of Craig Aaron founder of Savetheinetnet.com

Neo cons have immigration tunnel vision. Unless you mention "Sicko" - Watch their fangs appear!!

How do you spell VOTE INDEPENDENT? 27% approval for Congress!!

Dedicated to airing politically progressive & independent points of view by GIVING YOU A VOICE!
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