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GIVING YOU A VOICE. In Your Face Radio is a growing community of political activists on both sides of the issues. We are committed to giving everyone a voice.

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Progressive JD and Republican Gregg Zollo discuss the pitfalls and upshots of the Mormon religion .. If Romney is elected, how will his religion effect the country. GOP Candidates dissed from Virginia Primary. Are you FOR or... more

Tune in to angelic progressive JD, as she takes on that evil republican Gregg Zollo for Live coverage of the New Hampshire Primary!! GIVE IT A VOICE AMERICA!

Who will win in Iowa?? Coverage of the GOP Iowa Cacus! Tell us your thoughts about the 2012 Election.

Democrats v Republican. Can we all just get along? Join me, JD, and my *Republican* co-host Gregg Zollo, as we kick off our LIVE election season opener!!

Get out of our way Limbaugh the NET is commin' to gitcha! Till now, no net station has ever been invited to Radio Row for any inauguration. Join me and Downtown from Progressive Blend Radio as we KICK OFF our countdown to... more

Call to discuss your vote today. What did you witness at your polling place? Watching the returns LIVE on Blog Talk and In Your Face Radio. Can Obama pull it off? 646-478-5064. ALL NIGHT COVERAGE LIVE... more

The historic election is a mere 1 week away. Early voting and write in votes. Did you choose one of those? Are the polls right? The GOP is poised for a inside party civil war. In Your Face Radio is dedicated to giving you a voice! This show... more

Jabba the Rush is the first to get "THE MEMO" from the Nazi right and true to form yesterday he incited playing the race card. Nationalist/ Socialist Magazine is considering a cover that says "KILL THIS N*****" CALL TO DISCUSS -... more

With the election 3 weeks away and Obama surging in the polls, from the FCC to the Supreme Court, let's discuss the changes in DC of an Obama Presidency. Also, how will the GOP recover if the Democrats take it all? Dedicated to giving... more

Did Palin pull it off or is she still a dim light bulb for the GOP - TONIGHT the Town Hall Presidential debate. Will Obama keep his lead? GIVE IT A VOICE - 646-478-5064 - We're also live on www.inyourfaceradio.net
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