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Real Estate Investing talk show for all current, and aspiring real estate investors and entrepreneurs. We focus primarily on real estate investing for retirement. Open to anyone with an interest in all things real estate investing, or looking to enhance their retirement nest egg with real estate. If you're concerned about your retirement, looking for informative real estate investing information presented with common sense, and in "layman's terms," join us LIVE, Tuesday-Thursday mornings at 9 AM (EST) here at "Investor Zone Radio!"

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In life there comes a time to reflect back on things and adjust certain aspects of your life to conform to the now and head into the future. The same holds true for Investor Zone Radio. This program has always targeted a different demographic... more

My book "Moneystorm!" will be released tomorrow afternoon (10/10/14), and I'm going to tell you what it's all about, as well as give you some information on how you can earn commissions by becoming an affliliate and helping us get the... more

One of the toughest things about getting started investing in real estate is saving enough money to invest. There are ways to invest with little money down, but you will still need some money to buy properties. Wholesaling real estate is a great... more

Although refinancing applications and approvals have taken a big hit in 2014, there are still some homeowners who can expect to get their refinancing approved despite tougher credit requirements. According to an MSN study, there are... more

No money or credit for your deal? No problem! Why not have a private investor fund it?? Private money for real estate deals is the best thing since the invention of the wheel! A private lender isn't going to be so concerned with your... more

The financial climate being what it is these days, funding your real estate investment deals has become more difficult and complicated, but it's still possible. It requires more creativity, and a little more ingenuity from you, the real... more

People frequentlly ask me, ?Is it a good time to buy real estate?? I've always answered that by saying, ?Yes, but it depends.? "Depends on what?" is the usual response I get. Well in order to make that determination, we have to first... more

Even though in my opinion (and many others would agree) the Wall Street crooks engineered the financial and housing meltdown, they remain unscathed by any of it. In fact, not one of them was even arrested - let alone sent to jail. To add... more

Probate is the legal process - overseen by the court - that includes determining the validity of ones will, gathering assets (including real estate), paying off taxes due, debts, the expenses of will administration, and then distributing... more

The home sale tax exclusion is the single best wealth opportunity that's available to the average American. It surprises me that so many real estate investors I talk with aren't aware of it! Join us LIVE on this episode to find out more how you... more