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Real Estate Investing talk show for all current, and aspiring real estate investors and entrepreneurs. We focus primarily on real estate investing for retirement. Open to anyone with an interest in all things real estate investing, or looking to enhance their retirement nest egg with real estate. If you're concerned about your retirement, looking for informative real estate investing information presented with common sense, and in "layman's terms," join us LIVE, Tuesday-Thursday mornings at 9 AM (EST) here at "Investor Zone Radio!"

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The home sale tax exclusion is the single best wealth opportunity that's available to the average American. It surprises me that so many real estate investors I talk with aren't aware of it! Join us LIVE on this episode to find out more how you... more

For as long as I can remember, the financial industry, aka the thives of Wall Street, have been pounding home the message that the only sure fire way to retire in financial comfort is to essentially give your money to them throughout... more

Many sellers and businesses have taken back first and second mortgages on property they have sold. Often these "notes" as they are called, are sold to raise cash. Due to the time value of money these notes are sold at a discount, and... more

It may sound strange, but you can sometimes make more money paying top dollar for a property, or even more than its actual value. Tune in and find out how and why you can sometimes Profit From Paying Top Dollar! We'll also talk about... more

When the crash came, investors found themselves holding properties that they never intended to own long-term. Many of them simply did not have the resources or the education and experience to maintain them, or turn them into positive... more

Real estate like just about anything else moves in cycles. Ocean waves, build, crest, crash into the shore, and then recede back into the ocean. Surfers understand that cycle and capitalize on them. Like a surfer who understands... more

Last week we talked a little about real estate options and the differences between the different types of options that are out there. On this episode we'll expound on that a bit and discuss the basics of real estate options - how they work, and... more

Options, what are they? How do they work? When should an investor use them? On this episode of Investor Zone Radio I'll talk about options, subject to's, and lease options. Options can be a great addition to your real estate investing... more

To the novice, the selling process appears straightforward. You find a buyer, sign the contract, close the deal, collect and cash your check. True, that's the process, but it is full of uncertainty because the "human element" is now involved.... more

**THIS EPISODE IS A "DO-OVER" OF THE 3/18/2014 EPISODE DUE TO THE POOR QUALITY OF THE AUDIO ON THE ORIGINAL EPISODE Profitable Rehabbing - listen and learn how to rehab a house! You have the house,... more