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Teaching you how to get your new product ideas to market.

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Stephen and Andrew talk about taking action with your ideas in 2014. Not just setting goals, but taking action!

During this show Stephen and Andrew talk about how saying "no" can sometimes be the key to moving a deal forward to a "yes". Also... why you need to just move on sometimes and look for another deal if things aren't lining up.

Stephen Key and Andrew Krauss tackle the topic making phone calls to sell your idea. During this radio show a funny and spontanious analogy is made.

Stephen and Andrew talk about how to cut multiple deals with the same product.

The amount of money spent in the hotel and resturant buienssiness is many times larger thatn the dollars that are exchanged in the retail business. So why aren't more inventors inventing in this area? One of our students just closed a... more

Stephen and Andrew talk about what successful inventors do to license their inventions and what rookies do to shoot themselves in the foot. They use one of their students recent success's in licensing a shower curtain idea as an example.

Be a pro. In this episode, Stephen and Andrew will show you how not to be perceived as a wacky inventor.

Stephen Key and Andrew Krauss will show you "How To Protect Your Ideas By Ripping Yourself Off!" in thes episode.

Being social for inventors is important! Find out why social networking is important and also what not to do on social networks.

Learn how to have the right mindset, make the time and get the right advice.
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