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In the Pickle Barrel

In the Pickle Barrel


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In The Pickle Barrel is a place to talk about politics,issues and events taking place in the United States of America and places around the world that affect this great country. Whether in the North, South East or West we face major problems. Small towns, big cities, industrial areas, the farm lands across this nation are struggling. In the Pickle Barrel is where the politics, social issues, or any topic that we as Americans should be concerned about is fair game. A long time ago, I decided I was tired of being a member of the "Silent Majority" I decided it was time to speak up and be heard. I have a mind of my own and the good Lord knows I don't mind sharing my thoughts. You may, or may not, like what I have to say; so be careful what you ask for. I may not always agree with what you say. However, thanks to our forefathers, the Constitution gives us the right of free speech. I believe in the Constitution and feel that we need to protect every line of it. Above all, I am an American, a South Carolinian and I am darn proud of it! Maybe by having an open mind and discussing the issues we'll find a way to get our so called Representatives of the People to listen to "WE THE PEOPLE". Who knows, we might even find a way to get out of The Pickle Barrel.

On-Demand Episodes

Yes the big day is here, we hope everyone is as excited for us as we are to make this move over to a 24/7 radio program allowing us much more time to bring many special on location broadcast and so much more. Today we will cover all topics... more

PROGRAM TIME: 8AM-10AM EDT Election 2016 will start of with a big bang tonight in CHarleston, SC as the GOP contenders gather for what I believe will be the best "Debate" to date. Donald Trump better be prepared for an all... more

PROGRAM TIME: 8AM-10AM EDT President Obama's SOTU address had it's moments (some not as bad as the others). In all honesty I feel he did a pretty good job at establishing his legacy. The GOP's decision to ask South Carolina's... more

PROGRAM TIME 8AM-10AM EDT Lovers and haters of President Obama will be watching his final State of the Union Address to Congress (and the rest of the World). Don't know about you, but I have a regurgitation bowl ready just in... more

PROGRAM TIME: 8AM-10AM EDT Another Monday and the craziness surrounding the POTUS election continues to grow. Trump bypasses big event in South Carolina giving other contenders a day in the spotlight and at the mic... more

PRGRAM TIME 8AM-10AM EDT Isn't amazing how fast time flies by? Seems like yesterday we were talking about the Iowa, South Carolina and New Hampshire GOP ticket selections being 18 months down the road. During the same... more

PROGRAM TIME: 9AM-10AM EDT One does not have to have an Ivy League degree to know 2016 will be giving us a ride more frightening than any roller coaster ever made! From the 20167 Presidential Elections, the rise and activity... more

PROGRAM TIME: 8AM-10AM EST Remember this famous movie promotion: "Just when you thought it was safe to get in the water..."? This comment just about descibes the 2016 Presidential Race. Politicians in every corner thought it... more

PROGRAM TIME: 8AM-10AM EST There is not a name under the sun that has not been thrown out to define politics and politicians. If so many people hate the politics/politicians are so hated and distructed, why are we all involved in this... more

PROGRAM TIME: 8AM-10AM EDT Holiday vacation is over and we are back "In the Pickle Barrel". No better way to start the New Year of 2016 than reviewing 2015 and anticipating our future in 2016. President Obama will go bonkers while... more