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In The Pickle Barrel is a place to talk about politics,issues and events taking place in the United States of America and places around the world that affect this great country. Whether in the North, South East or West we face major problems. Small towns, big cities, industrial areas, the farm lands across this nation are struggling. In the Pickle Barrel is where the politics, social issues, or any topic that we as Americans should be concerned about is fair game. A long time ago, I decided I was tired of being a member of the "Silent Majority" I decided it was time to speak up and be heard. I have a mind of my own and the good Lord knows I don't mind sharing my thoughts. You may, or may not, like what I have to say; so be careful what you ask for. I may not always agree with what you say. However, thanks to our forefathers, the Constitution gives us the right of free speech. I believe in the Constitution and feel that we need to protect every line of it. Above all, I am an American, a South Carolinian and I am darn proud of it! Maybe by having an open mind and discussing the issues we'll find a way to get our so called Representatives of the People to listen to "WE THE PEOPLE". Who knows, we might even find a way to get out of The Pickle Barrel.

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Showtime 8AM-10AM EST: Join me "In the Pickle Barrel" as we discuss the Indiana "religious freedom law". We will also take a look at Political candidates who have slammed Obama-care and all things about it; however, they have... more

Jump "In the Pickle Barrel" this morning at 8AM-10AM EST as we talk about two totally different topics! 1. what is NOT happening on the issue of Illegal Aliens. Where's the debate? Is this a too controversial issue to discuss this time... more

8AM-10AM EST it is Manic Monday "In the Pickle Barrel". Join BIl Pickle and Monday co-host Susan Minck as they take a stab at reading the crystal ball. Who will actually file for the big race and who has a chance to win the the right to... more

Join me "In the Pickle Brrel" at 8AM EST- 10AM EST as we take a look at issues of the week that may not have made your radar. Do you know the USA is suffering due tothe lack of immigration? Finally, some bipartisanship in both the... more

Jump "In the Pickle Barrel" at 8AM-10AM EST for some serious discussions on growing oncerns. Many people feel the United States and the rest of the world are facing iminient danger of collapse, at least attack. Are the statements we hear... more

Does this sound familiar, Tax and Spend? Somewhere at sometime I remember hearing this phrase. As you drive through States all across the country you will see gaoline prices for your vehicle at prices anywhere from $.10-$.26 more per... more

Jump "In the Pickle Barrel" at 8AM EST- 10AM EST as we dedicated the morning to the slugfest to get our country's budget under control. The Conservative Right is trying it's best to get a Balanced Budget Amendment passed. The Liberal... more

Join my Monday co-host Susan Minck and me on Manic Monday. Showtime 8AM-10AM EST. You can be part of the conversations by entering the Chat Room or join us LIVE ON AIR by calling 855-236-2486. Monday is your day. This... more

Jump "In the Pickle Barrel" today at 8AM-10AM EST to find out why you don't tell Bill, "It can't be done." Just two days ago a Chat Room guest, in response to a comment by Bill, said there is no way you can find ten years of bad press on my... more

Jump "In the Pickle Barrel"at 8AM-10AM EST for a very special Thursday program. Several "young guns" will be joining me live in the studio for a roundtable discussion on their involvement in the political process. I noticed... more