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In the Pickle Barrel

In the Pickle Barrel


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In The Pickle Barrel is a place to talk about politics,issues and events taking place in the United States of America and places around the world that affect this great country. Whether in the North, South East or West we face major problems. Small towns, big cities, industrial areas, the farm lands across this nation are struggling. In the Pickle Barrel is where the politics, social issues, or any topic that we as Americans should be concerned about is fair game. A long time ago, I decided I was tired of being a member of the "Silent Majority" I decided it was time to speak up and be heard. I have a mind of my own and the good Lord knows I don't mind sharing my thoughts. You may, or may not, like what I have to say; so be careful what you ask for. I may not always agree with what you say. However, thanks to our forefathers, the Constitution gives us the right of free speech. I believe in the Constitution and feel that we need to protect every line of it. Above all, I am an American, a South Carolinian and I am darn proud of it! Maybe by having an open mind and discussing the issues we'll find a way to get our so called Representatives of the People to listen to "WE THE PEOPLE". Who knows, we might even find a way to get out of The Pickle Barrel.

On-Demand Episodes

PROGRAM TIME: 8AM-9:30AM Today we will take a look at several citizens who are facing issues that need answers. The answer to these issues will decide who gets their vote. Is it true? Are the GOP leadership and big time... more

PROGRAM TIME: 8AM-10AM EDT Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. After a week's time off air, it is time to get back to the mean, rotten, scandalous, cut-throat, wonderful game of politics! Where better to begin than looking at the... more

PROGRAM TIME 8AM-10AM EDT America and the rest of the world are wrapped up in so much conflict it is hard to take it all in. The war getting the most attention at this point is ISIS vs the World. A close second is the the mainstream... more

PROGRAM TIME 8AM-10AM EST Have you been looking for something to help you weed thru the field of GOP presidential primary candidates? It appears the light is shining on national security. Sadly, the terrorists attacks in Paris and the... more

PROGRAM TIME: 8AM-10AM EDT This weekend's Paris attack by ISIS terrorists prove terroism is not under control. Could the terror attacks become a major setback for Donald Trump and Ben Carson? Over thirty States are on record... more

PROGRAM TIME 8AM-10AM EDT The Syrian refugee issue has become a very hot potato that could turn into an explosive situation. As Governors across the country declare they do not want these people in their States an equal number... more

PROGRAM TIME 8AM-10AM EDT The beautiful city of Paris suffered a devistating attack by Islamic terrorist ending with over a 100 dead and 100's in serious condidtion. Europe and the rest of the world have been waiting,... more

PROGRAM TIME: 8AM-10AM EDT "You are a cold blooded, non-compassionate Republican!" "Take, take, take you blasted liberal!" "Oh, I don't know. They are all about the same." "Yes, I believe in free speech; but you can't say... more

PROGRAM TIME: 8AM-10AM EDT Partison politics has been around since the human race began. Our founding fathers acknowledged "all men are created equal". They also knew all men were different by nature. In their wisdom of... more

PROGRAM TIME: 8AM-10AM EDT ORDER OF THE DAY: Thank a veteran for his/her service. Another, and a little bit more focused, debate is now history. What did we learn about the candidates? What did we learn about their knowledge... more