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Are you ready for real news and talk that provide real information? Well get ready to be IN THE KNOW. IN THE KNOW is a monthly show that tackles today’s issues through discussion with experts and professionals who not only know their field, they also know our community. For more information about the show, or to offer suggestions, contact our Producer, Danae Aicher at Check back here for information about our next show.

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What did the funding of the Department of Homeland Security have to do with Immigration? Who is the Republican Presidential candidate front runner? Are we handling the ISIS crisis properly? Why is former Mayor Giuliani considered relevant? Is the FERGUSON situation a federal problem? All of these topics and more will be handled on our Political ROUND TABLE!
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While the political season is heavily underway and all the talk is about the economy, the Black community has a lot more than money on the line. Our health is at issue and is, quite literally, a matter of life and death right now, given... more

Letting GO of the Past! Black Greek Lettered Organizations and HAZING!

WHere is the Rage

Trayvon Martin's tragic death sparked outrage in this country. That outrage led to marches and protests, speeches and pontificating. Now that his killer is set to go to trial, what happens next? How do we stop a similar injustice from... more

IN THE KNO LETTING GO OF THE PAST PART 2: IS IT TIME? ARE BLACK GREEK LETTER ORGANIZATIONS STILL RELEVANT? Continuing our discussion of Black fraternities and sororities… Are we still relevant? Many... more

Some time ago, I posted a question about hazing and pledging in our Black Greek Letter Organizations and whether or not it's time to let it go. Many of you had so much to say about it, I decided to make it a show! So, tonight,... more

Yesterday's Super Tuesday primaries seemed to have whittled down the GOP field to just two possible Presidential nominees. Maybe even just one. Were you paying attention? Just how engaged are we in Republican politics? It's no secret... more

A recent survey of hundreds of black women around the country reveals that most say they're willing to date/marry across the color line. But the numbers show that only nine-percent of them actually do. Yet black men marry across... more

As we move into 2012, we kick off this year with an re-broadcast of our show, Celebrating Black Show. This show will serve as a lead in to next month's show focusing on 'Black Love and the Black Woman'. Get ready for a rocking new... more

A year from now, we'll all have to make an important decision...Do we stick with theCommander-in-Chief we have currently? or do we select a new one? On the next "IN THE KNOW", we'll talk with acouple of veteran journalists and... more
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