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Taking the time to share life's lessons. Life is way to short to try and share all of the knowledge acquired at the end of life. And as someone who has earned three degrees (Bachelor of Science in Biology, Masters of Public Health, and Doctorate of Jurisprudence) and has gone from working for the state, serving as a Naval Officer, working as an associate in a law firm, running my own law firm and becoming a judge, I want everyone to learn from my mistakes and lessons.

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Once you've got year one under your belt, it's time to start thinking big picture. But make sure you review your year..

How many of you have focused on getting someting in the short term without thinking about the long term implications?? Let's talk about the differences between Tactics, Strategy and playing the LONG GAME!

Unless you got great credit, loans that you can use, a spouse or family member who can financially support you, or the lottery, chances are, you probably have an extra job (i.e. side hustle) to generate revenue until your business takes off.... more

The reality is that we all have ideas and concepts that we think are brilliant. The problem is that we don't know how to defend them. Here's a few tips to help you defend your GREAT idea.

Everyone wants to be associated with the next big thing. Here are a few things to consider if you're trying to show that YOU are the next big thing.

How often do you find your being angry at being stuck in a rut? Sometimes, breaking that rut is just a matter of expanding your circle. We will go through a few ways you can get outside of your cycle

Too many times we focus on trying to expand our customer base or provide our services on a local level. However, you need to think about all of the things that you can do via podcast, youtube, webcast, or website that can expand your... more

I often engage in conversations with people about the usefulness of their college experience. Most people focus on the events and the friends. Very few focus on the classes. I'm curious. What did you learn from your college classes?

Let's be real. When you get to school, your priority is on 2 things; Studying and/or Partying (and not necessarily in that order). Graduation is a long way away and you are not even thinking about looking for a job until you get close to the end.... more
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