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Whats in the Box

What's in the Box?


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Chris and Tristan talk pop culture, films and literally nothing else.

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You want an interactive episode you've got one! Fire up your YouTubes, dig out your DVDs and watch along at home as we're discussing select cuts from hot movies we love. It's our WITB editing special. Tristan reveals a few trade... more

Your regular slice of podcast pie is packed with the following non-edible filling*: -Rick and Morty. Chris and Tristan give their ‘opinion'. -Star Trek: starring not Matt Damon. -And an actual film made by actual filmmakers who... more

Your mission, should you choose to accept it (you will though won't you), is to listen to this podcast which includes: * Mission Impossible: Fallout of the cinema and tell your friends how good it is * Tristan rewatches the X-Files FROM THE... more

The podcast returns for a summer spectacular! Deadpool 2, Jurassic World: The Lost World Kingdom, The Han Solo film you didn't ask for... ...are all blissfully ignored this week as Tristan and Chris chat themselves into a Fincher/Nolan... more

Episode 14, Secret Cinema: Blade Runner and Netflix's-Jachie-Chan's-The Foreigner. Chris talks about Blade Runner, Blade Runner 2049, and more Blade Runner (IRL) and sees things you people wouldn't believe during Secret... more

Episode 13 The Avengers Infinity War! 10 years and 64 films later it all comes down to this...two-part cliffhanger to be concluded in 2019. Tristan and Chris are joined by old pal James, the biggest Marvel fan -and also the biggest human... more

The Ritual and the film everyone's talking about: A Quiet Place. It's a WITB horror spectacular! Tristan and Chris go camping in a witch and monster filled nightmare wasteland. With hilarious consequences. Most of the above was a metaphor.... more

From the people who brought you Steven Spielberg. Comes a film so leaden with Spielberg references it barely has time to tell a coherent story. It's the film Steven Spielberg didn't want anyone else to direct. This week Tristan and Chris discuss... more

Annihilation. Tristan and Chris are intelligent people making intelligent decisions. Unlike the cast of Alex Garland's latest box office hit. Also this episode: Our top films to watch on a Sunday/when you're hungover just like on a Sunday. On a... more

News! News! News! Zowie Bowie's Mute gets a bashing. Keven Smith lives! Netflix needs a win. Also discussed this episode: * Mindhunter reviewed! * Veronica reviewed! * The Unabomber referenced! Say, does anyone want a... more