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International Life Coach Radio brings together 15 Life Coaches from around the US and other countries to bring free coaching to the public in multiple languages!

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Premiere episode: Financial infidelity: Are you a cheater? Most women make good money but are committing financial infidelity or living in posh poverty! They figure debt is just part of living their 'fabulous, road warrior' life. But, did you know that your attitude about money influences your idea of an ideal family, relationship, occupation, business and even health? Becoming aware of your thoughts around money will determine whether your ideal life will thrive or just survive. Debrah Mathis, a professionally trained business and life coach, world-class leader, marketplace influencer, and energy leadership expert, specializes in life and leadership potential. She works with professional women who are leaders in their careers and families how to understand their attitude, feelings and actions or "E-Factor" about money, leadership and relationships. As a result, they have clarity and new perspective how to keep more of what they earn, get in sync with their core values, become effective communicators, and create holistic wealth. Here is a place where you can listen, call-in and talk to authors, leaders, local business owners, experts, and guests covering life topics from personal finance, relationships to legal and leadership. Being aware why you make the decisions you make regarding your money is the first step to making a shift to better decisions. This is a movement to evolve to a higher standard of living - one driven by values on how to succeed, partner with the right person, and not take things too seriously. It's time to rethink not only the way we manage our money — but also achieve the level of personal mastery. My goal is to grow a global tribe of courageous people who are ready to do the work and energize their lives and businesses to the next level! Premiere episode: Financial infidelity: Are you a cheater?
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