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Interior Alignment

Interior Alignment


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Interior Alignment® is a system of Feng Shui and Space Clearing created by Denise Linn! Join our hosts as they help you create a Home for your Soul!

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Nature is one of the most powerful forces available to us and for many thousands of years the indigenous groups around the world have communicated with mother nature, honouring its ability to heal a space or an individual. Flowers and their essences contribute to the miraculous power of nature. Tune in and join host Sharon Breslin, MTIA and Feng Shui Practitioner and Australian Bush Essence Production Manager, Kyla Mawson as she shares her extensive knowledge of working with these vibrational tools and how they can transform a space when combined with Feng Shui practises. About Kyla: Kyla works for Australian Bush Flower Essences and has been their Production Manager for the last 16 years. Kyla is also a practising Interior Alignment practitioner. Using her intuition and guiding people to connect with their own inner knowing, Kyla has combined her knowledge of the Flower Essences with Feng Shui to help people clear, align and grow. Kyla offers consultations for Flower Essences & Feng Shui and can be contacted on roomtoflower@gmail.com About Sharon: Sharon Breslin is an Interior Alignment Master Teacher practising in Melbourne Australia. She offers private Feng shui consultations, Space Clearing consultations and certification courses with the Interior Alignment School of Feng Shui from her studio in Albert Park. You can contact Sharon on http://www.sharonbreslin.com/ and www.lifestylejourneys.com
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Have you ever thought about why a certain color may be your favorite? Or, why you feel a bit more joyful or relaxed when walking into rooms painted other colors? Color affects us physically, emotionally and spiritually. Explore the many... more

The Solstice is an event that all native cultures noted and celebrated. This is when the earth moved gently from once part of the cycle to the next. It's the height of light or dark, and each has it's own beautiful influence on humans.... more

Animal totems, or Fetishes are more commonly associated with Shamanism, but did you know that they are also used in Feng Shui? If you would like to learn more about animal totems and how to use the energy of the totem to empower... more

Have you ever walked into a room and immediately felt your energy level go up or down? Are you interested in learning how to physically and energetically clear a space so it feels safe, comfortable and supportive? Explore the difference... more

In this second show of a two-part series, Master Teacher Bill Schwingel will continue the conversation on better understanding how Feng Shui can align our outer world, the spaces we live and work, with our inner world. By assessing our... more

In Interior Alignment®, we often speak about using Feng Shui to align our inner and outer worlds. That sounds nice, sure, but what does it actually mean? And what does our inner life have to do with Feng Shui? Join Master... more

Dreaming about vacation? Getting ready for your memorial Day vacation? (We have a few techincal glitches with the sound at the beginning of today's show... but by two minutes in we have things settled out!) Feng Shui and... more

Join Rainy Jordan and Laura Carucci as they continue their conversations on crystals and stones that uplift the energy of your environment. Laura Carucci is the owner of Zenmetry, LLC, is a certified Advanced Interior... more

In feng shui, the front door is an important factor in bringing fresh chi into your environment. It can make or break good feng shui in a home. There are many factors to analyze if you are trying to sell your home, designing a new home, or... more

During a full moon, it is a time of completion, a time of taking action and a time of moving forward. It is also a time when emotions can run high and many believe this is a direct influence of the moon. The moon is seen as a Grandmother... more