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Interior Alignment® is a system of Feng Shui and Space Clearing created by Denise Linn! Join our hosts as they help you create a Home for your Soul!

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Use the colors your wear, the colors in your space, and ever the color you use in your work to enhance the energy of what you are doing, and support your abilities, as well as give the impression and 'feeling' of what you want others to experience. In this show we will concentrate on the ways to use color in an indoor space, and how to choose the perfect colors from the millions of options! About LuAnn: LuAnn is a Master Educator of Interior Alignment®, and an active member of the Interior Alignment Foundation Council. She has been teaching Interior Alignment since 2003, and a full time consultant since 2002. She has worked closely with Denise Linn in providing Interior Alignment® programs, and other events, and works behind the scenes with Many of Denise's online offerings. She is passionate about helping people find joy and inner harmony in their lives. For more information and to connect with LuAnn, visit
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Did you know that sound vibrations can be used for healing and to clear the space in our homes? Sounds, whether we hear them or not, produce vibrations that affect both us and our surroundings. We can use bells, drums,... more

Bringing the Four Elements (Air, Water, Fire and Earth) into your home can be simple, and yet have a powerful affect on your home and your life. Whatever you are looking to create or bring more of into your life, you can do so by by... more

Are you sensitive to the way a space looks or feels? Do you enjoy creating changes in rooms and gardens, and noticing how things 'feel' after your change? Do you love being of support to others, in assisting them release old... more

Join Rainy Jordan and Laura Carucci as they continue their conversations on crystals and stones that uplift the energy of your environment. This week we will be airing a previously recorded episode titled Stones to Ramp Up... more

Spending time in nature can reduce our heart rates, relax our bodies and help us to get to a calmer, more peaceful state. While even a few minutes outdoors can help us to reconnect with nature, many are looking to build even deeper... more

Host LuAnn CIbik (Master Educator of Interior Alignment) Shares with you four key ways to create a ahome for your Soul. Interior Alignment uses this as a basis of how to create homes that uplift, support, nurture and inspire! Learn easy to... more

Another show from our Archives, One Room Feng Shui with Terry and LuAnn This week, LuAnn Cibik MEIA will be joined by Terry Bowen AIA as they discuss One Room Feng Shui. If you only have a small space or just one room like a... more

Check out one of our shows from the archvies, Empowering Feng Shui -- Creating a "me" space. Host and Master Teacher of Interior Alignment Bill Schwingel shares how to create a space just for you. He'll share ways to create not just a... more

Join Rainy Jordan and Laura Carucci as they continue their conversations on crystals and stones that uplift the energy of your environment. This week Rainy and Laura will be talking about stones and crystals to use for Spring cleaning.... more

Learn lots of ideas on how to boost your life with feng shui for spring! We will talk about feng shui ideas to create and celebrate New Beginnings for you and your loved ones. Start fresh! Be creative! Let's have some fun clearing the old, to ring... more