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Interior Alignment

Interior Alignment


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Interior Alignment® is a system of Feng Shui and Space Clearing created by Denise Linn! Join our hosts as they help you create a Home for your Soul!

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Lots of clutter can make you feel limited, chaotic and just depressed! It can even have detrimental physical effects. It can cost you time, money and energy if it is not addressed. So why not simplify your space? Why not de clutter and redesign to help balance your life? Join us for some practical ideas on how to start letting go of the clutter and move towards redesigning your new space to experience a fresh perspective! Belina Costa and Nancy Sharbach are co founders of design2HARMONY, a design business that incorporates the system of Interior Alignment with contemporary interior design practices. Belina is a long time member of the American Society of Interior Designers and a practioner of Interior Alignment and Nancy is an active member of the International Feng Shui Guild and a practioner of Interior Alignment. Their goal is to ?Create balance between your inner style and your outer surroundings?. They can be reached at design2HARMONY.com Interior Alignment is a Feng Shui and Space Clearing system that embraces a holistic, intuitive approach bringing together the best of the mystical traditions of the East and native cultures around the globe, and the practical modern methods of the West, uniquely combining the principles of Feng Shui, Space Clearing, sacred ceremony, healthy homes and the power of intention.
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Are you in your dream job? Is your life journey in alignment with your desires? Is your career flowing towards Abundance? Is lack of creativity holding your career back? Having balance in this area of the Gua can open doors that will propel... more

Moving Home is a big deal for most of us. Choosing an agent to work with who is understanding and compassionate to your feelings is important and having a list of "do's" and "dont's" to assist in creating an environment that aids in the sale is... more

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Being connected and in alignment with nature can produce many benefits in your life including feeling healthy, happy and peaceful. The best indication that you are in alignment is your ?feeling?. When you are feeling good that means... more