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Presentation on Corporate status and social responsibility. Are coporations people? What is the status of corporations in our society and do that have legal, moral, or social obligation to the societies in which the locate and operate?... more

This presentation delves into the secret societies, brotherhoods, sisterhoods, etc. their goals and purpose. Why to we have brotherhoods and secret socities? What are their function in Slave-Master culture? Join us as we address the issue... more

The presentation seeks to frame, in a different way, the concept of reality, the unknown, the unseen and metaphysical world. What is real? what are the metaphysical and spiritual realms? Join us as to delve into the UNKNOWN!

Today we explore our nation's entry into wars behind an unprovoked attack on our couintry.

A presentation that attempts to clearly define the difference and interplay of race theory and culturalization. Here we will address the issue of racial origin compared and contrasted with individual cultures. Join us as we explore racial... more

This presentation will examine technology and its used in our society. Technilogical development in cultures with a foundation of war, conquest and enslavement takes on a role and direction of developing tools of war, conquest... more

This presentation examimes the history of education in the U.S., Europe and other nations built by slave-master cultures. We examine and compare the Educational system and priorities of slave-master cultures today, yesterday and... more

This presentation examines the history of War as an essential element in the slave-master culture. Perpetual war, and standing armies are shown to be essential in cultures who's history is one of civilization-building thru war,... more

This presentation takes a look at the Debt, yours, mine and those of the world. This time we look at the commerce of Debt, so we see, for instance, for whom is debt an asset, a solution, and for whom is debt a liability, a burden? Join us... more

This presentation deal with the immigration issue and the Labor market. Who benefits from the continued flow of immigrants into this country, and who suffers? The biggest issue around legal and illegal immigration is its effect on jobs... more