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Inspirational Corner Online is an extension of our weekly broadcast produced locally by your host Keturah Jones. A program designed to motivate and inspire your daily lives.

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In this less we will see how merily acknowledging that you recognize God's request to remember the Passover can release the blessings of God in your life an family. Plan to listen and learn this Saturday at 12 noon ET. Website:... more

Greetings in that precious and wonderful name of Jesus! Today on BlogTalkRadio, I'll continue from where we left off on last week, on the subject of the Feast Day's! We spent several minutes understanding the meaning of the... more

Its Passover Season and today on the program I'll discuss briefly the 9- Feast and the meaning. This is a series that will run in 3 parts (approximately). Tell a neighbor, tell a friend to listen Live at 12 pm ET. Don't forget to follow on... more

Faith that grows is the focus of the episode this afternoon. The fulfillment of faith found in James 2:23 is reveal in the bible thru patterns of promises and fulfillment. According to James, Genesis 15:6 and 22:12-17. In Genesis, Abraham was... more

In this episode the focus is on finance. As you know, we've just finished a series on Tithing and Leadership; but today I decree and declair my Faith for your finances. We will be looking at several scriptures from the book of IICori. that... more

Greetings! Minister Kish Lucket will conclue the series on Tithing and the Priest. Plese listen to part 1 of Over Throwing Babylon, Victory 2014, and Over Throwing Babylon pt 3, Continuing Winning, and OverThrowing Babylon in that order so... more

Today on BlogTalkradio, I'll be continuing the talk from last week "Victory In 2014." We'll look at success God's way thru the followign scriptures: IICori. 8, IICori 9 ICori, and a host of many others. Don't forget to watch the TV... more

This segment is the last part of our conversation entitled: Over Throwing Babylon. The objective behind this program is to raise awareness, and strengthen your belief in God's financial system--the Kingdom, which is: God's way of... more

Last week the lesson continued from part one with a different subject heading for the title, but the same content in the later half of the program. In this lesson we will continue using the original title "Over Throwing Babylon part 3." Visit the... more

The subject of Financial Breakthrough will continue from the subject talked about on last week entitled: "Over Throwing Babylon." We will look at the Victory for 2014 in the area of Finances, etc. I labored in prayer for a word concerning... more