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Inspirational Corner Online is an extension of our weekly broadcast produced locally by your host Keturah Jones. A program designed to motivate and inspire your daily lives.

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This episode will continue from where we left off on last week. The problem isn't that God hasn't heard your (my) prayers, but rather, his delay in your situation is simply for the glory of God! When he does come through you are going to know... more

Greetings! Tosay on the program I will discuss delayed answers to prayer and the meaning behind the silent experience. Follow me on Twitter to continue the conversation. The link is: Visit Facebook... more

Greetings! Continuing from were we left off on last week talking about: The Promises Of God. In this episode we will focus on the subject entitled: "Hope For A New Day! Vist the website: more

Greetings! In this episode we'll continue looking at the book of Haggai. Last week we learned that neglect and passiveness towards God lead the exiles into proverty! Today I'll be focusing on the "Promises Of God". In chapter 2, we see... more

In this episode we will discover why God has made some to put their money into bags that have wholes. We will see why Haggi, the prophet confronted the people after exile concerning their ways. In this message you will discover the power in... more

Greetings! In this episode I will be talking about how to twart the distraction of temptaton. We will take examples from the book of James, Matthet and Luke. Three things will be discussed and that is: Looking ahead to see what is being... more

In part two of the subject "The Year Of Jubilee" I'd like to explain further the meaning behind the message. On last week I proceeded to explain the revelance of this event to the lives of the believer in the 21st century and discovered... more

Greetings! The year of Jubilee is scheduled for 2015. In this episode we will discuss the mission of Jesus and see how Luke, and Mattherws ties together with Levit. 25:8-55. Jubilee is the season when all debts are cancelled and everything... more

This episode will be the last segment of the lesson. I have just a few more comments concerning the events behind the secene of Mark 11:17. The truths have been startling an riviting; Isa. 56 and Jere. 7 revealed events that will take... more

Greetings Friends! On the broadcast we will look deeper in to the meaning of the Motive behind Jesus cleaning the temple and declaring that my house shall be called "The Hous of Prayer." In this lesson you will learn hidden truths behind... more